Best Track Lighting Kits & Buyer’s Guide

I hope you agree with me when I say:

Track lighting is one of the most effective, fun and stylish way of adding accent lighting or task lighting in any room. 

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that “Good” track lighting system to meet your needs isn’t an easy job.

That is why I have created a list of Best Tracking Lighting Kits 2016.  After researching online and spending hours reviewing these track kits, I have shortlisted the top 10 kits which you can buy right now. If you are interested in lighting automation, you can make your track lighting even more useful by using smart light bulbs.

10 Best Track Lighting Kits

Obviously, these track kits are not for everyone as some of them are a bit pricier.

However, in this list of 10 best lighting kits, we have tried to include a good mix of budget friendly kits that are excellent as well.


1. Nuvo TK354 Round Back – The Best Track Lighting Kit 

Cheap price, stylish design and convenience – the Nuvo TK354 Brushed Nickel MR16 Round Back Track Lighting Kit  has all the credentials necessary for the number one spot.

Launched in 2005, Nuvo Lighting has become one of the best lighting companies in a short span of time. There are two things companies need to focus on when coming up with a track lighting kit; energy consumption and design.

Now, the reason why track lights have gained substantial fame throughout the years and have gone from just something you see in one fancy part of the room to every room, is because of these two things. The TK354 kit is a model example of a perfect track lighting kit.

The track measures at approximately four feet and the dimensions are 48×5.5×4 inches. A floating power feed canopy is included in the kit. There are a total of three track lighting heads on the track i.e three bulbs can be connected with the track. The required bulbs are 50-Watt MR16 GU10 base 120-volt halogen bulbs which are not included in the track. It is made of metal with a beautiful and elegant brushed nickel finish and it weighs a mere 2.2 pounds. Another special feature worth mentioning would be that the device is UV Listed. All in all, this is a cheap yet beautiful track light which would definitely add flare to any room they’re inserted in.

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2. Nuvo TK345 Square – Best Square Head Track Lighting Kit

Not too far behind than one of Nuvo’s round track lighting kits in a list of the top ten’s, is yet another one of their kits, Nuvo Lighting TK345 3-Light Square Head Track Light Kit. Nuvo is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the lighting world and how can it be overlooked knowing that its parent company is SATCO.

This particular product has almost the same features as the one at the top aside from the fact that it’s UV Listed is only for dry conditions thus making it relatively cheaper as well. The design is almost the same one as in the TK345 round, however, the finish of this one is white instead of nickel.

This item is quickly flying off the shelves or online and has maintained a strong 4/5 rating. Track lighting has gained the upper hand than normal lighting because of the type of voltage used and that is line voltage. Line voltage is between two phases of electricity and point voltage is between a phase and a neutral. Hence, line voltage is cheaper. Not to mention the fact that because of it, track lighting can be more convenient for ceiling installations etc. The item comes with a floating canopy power feed, a four foot track made of metal that has a white finish, three heads which require 50 Watt MR16 halogen bulbs and has transitional style.

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3. CANARM IT356A02ORB10 – Best 2-Bulb Track Lighting Kit

Track lighting kits are known for their versatile designs, designs which are not possible in point voltage lights. However, no design on this list can be as versatile as the one Canarm Ltd. has come up with.

The CANARM IT356A02ORB10 James 2 Bulb Track Light Kit has an intricate design and a sleek oil rubbed bronze finish. Track lights can be most commonly spotted at art galleries or at corners of the home where the owners want to bring something to your attention.

The light is directed at something in particular in track lights. Although it can function the same as other lighting devices around other parts of your home, this is where it all started. This 2-light oil rubbed bronze track light with alabaster glass is a great piece for highlighting a workspace or drawing attention to key objects.

The device is probably the cheapest one on the list and has had very positive feedback from consumers. If there is one draw back, it’s probably the fact that the assembly isn’t as easy as with other track lighting kits. Nevertheless, it is a problem which can be overlooked. The track has a height 7-1/8-inch width 15-inch and it requires two 50-Watt, type GU10 bulbs.

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4. Globe Electric 3-Light Track Lighting Kit – Textured Glass, Pewter Finish

No one has been quite in the lighting business as Globe Electric. They have not a decade or two, but over half a century’s worth of experience in the business. Globe Electric 3-Light Track Lighting Kit is a direct result of their experience and innovation.

The fixtures on a track are able to rotate about their axis or move from one side to another giving you full control over which parts to illuminate in the room. The lights can also be dimmed or brightened at your will. This particular design of Globe Electric has dominated the stores. In fact, this is a very common design.

The appeal is in the price range and in the energy consumption technology. The design is contemporary making it perfect for any room.

The kit includes a three light adjusting track made of metal with a bronze finish and pewter colored. The kit also is the first on this list which includes three 50W equivalent MR16 GU10 light bulbs. The product dimensions are 5×23.2×9.5 inches and weighs a mere 2.4 pounds. This 3-Light Track Lighting Kit  is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms – giving you the ability to direct light exactly where you need it without having to deal with multiple light fixtures.

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5. Pro Track White –  Best Low Voltage Track Lighting Kit

One of the more expensive track lights to choose from is the Pro Track White. People usually shudder at the sound of the word ‘expensive’ and why wouldn’t they.

However, a track light isn’t something you’ll be using today and throwing out tomorrow. They’re there for as long as you want them. Considering the fact that they add attention to anything in particular whilst being eye catching themselves is a huge bonus.

The Pro Track White comes with a four foot long track made of metal with a black finish. The track has the capacity to hold three 50 watt MR16 bulbs. The product also comes with a cord, however, installing it in with the product is completely optional. The product is UV listed. Pro Track has complete faith in their product and are sure that you won’t find any track light more classy and easy to install than theirs. From the overflowing positive feedback they’re getting, maybe they’re right!

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6. Galaxy 755594BN – 4-Light Halogen Fixed Track Lighting Kit 

Galaxy lighting has been coming up with new and improved track lights for a very long time now, and, Galaxy 755594BN 4 Light Halogen Fixed Track Lighting Kit is no exception.

Galaxy lighting designs are some of the most elegant ones in the market. In fact, their company has become a synonym of elegance and the 755594BN bears witness to that. 755594BN might just be a fancy new way of saying beautiful. Their product has been well received by consumers so much so that no one is yet to give them a bad review or criticism of any sort.

It is also amongst the more expensive choices on this list, however, it is definitely worth it. The track is four foot long and the dimensions are 4.375x65x6.5 inches.

It has the capacity to hold four 50 watt MR16 GU10 120 volt halogen bulbs which are included in the package. The product is extremely easy to install. Consumers are especially happy at how the 755594BN has turned gloomy into beautiful with just the press of a button. The track itself is made out of metal and has a nickel finish. The bulb adjustments are all easy to maneuver in any direction you want. Consider it as the perfect accent to your home.

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7. Nuvo Lighting TK318 – Best Long Neck Cylinder Track Lighting Kit

TK318 is another one of Nuvo’s incredible designs on this list. The fact that Nuvo has so many designs to choose from and all of them are in the list of the best of the best, just goes to show how far you can come in a short span of 11 years.

The TK318 comes with all parts included so you won’t be left hanging. The product comes with a four foot track which has the capacity to hold three 75-watt R30 incandescent type bulbs. The rod is made of metal and has a white finish. The track is long neck, straight and cylindrical. The design itself is very modern.

The track dimensions are 1.5x48x1.5 inches and comes with a 1.5 inch extension. It is UV listed for dry locations only. The kit also comes with a power feed canopy. These power feeds are compatible with any of our fittings, track light fixtures and parts.

If your kit comes with a power feed canopy of its own, only then should you buy it. Buying a kit without it’s own canopy will put you at risk of buying power feeds which might be mismatched in color or won’t be compatible with your kit. Hence, you’d have two products you can’t use.

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8. Globe Electric 58932 – Best 4-Light Track Kit

Globe Electric has come up with a way to mash two things every consumer wants: quality and a decent price range. The Globe Electric 4 Light Track Kit Light retails at a model price for anyone who’s looking to buy their first track light.

For example; if you’re really proud of your first art piece and you want to highlight it and be the center of attention for whoever walks into the room.

The track is made of metal and has a beautiful silver finish. Its contemporary style blends well with any space. You can even install it in your closet or your kitchen space. You cannot make any room look bad with a track light.

This 4 light track light kit features 4 independently adjustable track heads to direct and focus light where needed. The track dimensions are 4.5×19.7×6.2 inches. It requires four bulbs of 50 watts GU10. The luminous flux is 800.

The device comes with a two year manufacturer warranty, however, based on all the feedback from the consumers it is safe to say that you won’t have any problems with this product.

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9.  Galaxy Lighting 755593BN, 3-Light Halogen Fixed Track Lighting Kit

If you’re looking to splurge on track lighting then a track light kit from Galaxy Lighting is definitely your ideal choice.

The Galaxy Lighting 755593BN kit includes a 26.2x7x5.5 inched track with three track lighting heads. The bulbs required are three 50w MR16 GU10 120v Halogen bulbs.

The finish is in a beautiful brushed nickel color. Galaxy Lighting is no stranger when it comes to quality products. All of their products have been well-received by consumers with not a single critic in sight. The 755593BN model in particular has a strong 5.0/5.0 rating and that doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon.

Consumers were very keen to point out the minimalistic and classy style of the fixture and how incredibly easy it was to install and operate.

The item is UV listed in dry conditions only. It weighs a mere 2.4 pounds. The lights can be dimmed or brightened depending upon how you want them to be. You can install them on a ceiling or vertically on a wall, anything! There are no bad ideas when it comes to the 755593BN track lighting kit by Galaxy Lighting.

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10.Galaxy Lighting 755596BN Halogen 6-Light, Best Flexible Track Lighting Kit

Last, but certainly not the least (in any respect) is another ingenious design for track lights by Galaxy Lighting. The 755596BN track lighting kit is unlike any other on this list.

While the others had the capacity to hold three or maybe four light bulbs, the 755596BN has the capacity to hold six! Another thing which separates it from the crowd is the type of track used – flexible. Now, with more features also comes more price. Nevertheless, this product is completely worth it.

The track is made of metal with a brushed nickel finish, which seems like the model track in the track lighting world.

The dimensions are 22.8x15x7.5 inches and the product weighs 4.8 pounds. It requires six 50 watt MR16 GU10 120 volt halogen light bulbs, that are not included in the package. The product has received generally positive reviews from consumers.

For the price (check current price), you definitely get no track light better than the 755596BN. The flexibility is well kept and sturdy. The light heads are all adjustable and can be brightened or dimmed at will. The product overall is very easy to install and maintain.

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Track Lighting Kit Buyer’s Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a track lighting kit and why would I need it?

Track lighting is a new and effective way of adding accent lighting or task lighting in any room.  The product includes a number of fixtures called heads which are attached to a rod-like component made of metal called a track. The track is the part connected to the transformer or the junction. It has electrical conductors in it which powers each light head separately. Track lighting holds a number of advantages over other forms of lighting, such as:

  • The fixtures are able to direct light in any direction and are completely independent of one another i.e if one fixture is adjusted to the front, the other can be adjusted to the back or the front.
  • Track lighting has line voltage (120 V) or low voltage (12 V). It needs only one transformer or junction to perform the same task a number of bulbs would have done. It is much more energy efficient and almost all track lighting kits are UV listed.
  • They are much more budget friendly and easier to maintain.
  • Installing a track light is extremely easy. You can install it on any wall or ceiling quite easily.
  • Track lights give you a number of options for bulbs, either low voltage Halogen bulbs or high voltage LED bulbs.
  • Instead of installing new wiring and fixtures, you can install one track light.


What are the different types of track lights?

Track lighting kits come in a number of different types and designs. On the market today, you’re able to find various kinds of track lighting kits. Track lights come in H, J or L type systems. The H, J and L track systems all work on single circuits. You don’t need to think too much about the systems because they all serve pretty much the same purpose. The type of track, however, can bring about a difference.

There are flexible tracks or plug-in tracks. The flexible tracks are usually monorail and are curved into an S shape. They provide more area to illuminate every part of the room. Plug-in tracks or the L track lights are much simpler to install. It screws directly onto your desired wall or ceiling and has a usual capacity to hold three bulbs, however, there are tracks which hold up to six or seven. The different types of track lighting kits are all dependent upon what purpose you wish for them to serve. Track lights for accent have much less fixtures on them where as track lights for task lighting tend to be more complex as they’re to cover a larger surface area.


Where do I install track lighting?

The answer to this is the same for the purpose you bought them. Track lights can be most commonly seen in art galleries where fixtures are at an angle of thirty degrees to reduce glare and focus your attention on the painting. The key point they had in mind here was highlighting an object i.e accent. If you recently bought your own piece of art and you want it to be noticed then you’ll get a track light which has enough length and fixtures to highlight all of it.

Similarly, if you wish to install lighting in your work space or kitchen, you’ll get a much more complex form of track light. Here, you don’t want something to be highlighted in particular. For example; you don’t want the fridge to pop out because that serves no use to you. Evidently, your work space is your own personal space. Hence, accent lighting wouldn’t make much sense. You’d have to go for task lighting i.e covering every aspect of that room. Track lights are usually installed 18-42 inches above your area. If needed, they can be angled, rotated, brightened or dimmed all with a single switch.


What different designs are there for track lighting?

Track lighting is slowly catching on, maybe because of the fact that they replace our ordinary fixtures in a much more classy and contemporary style. Track lighting kits come in a majority of different designs which are able to pair well with whatever theme you’re going with. The complete track has one of multiple finishes, including; brushed nickel, silver, gold, copper, white and black. The fixtures on the track themselves aren’t limited to a particular design either. The fixtures may be of standard type i.e spotlight, this is the most common type of fixture which is able to go with any room. Secondly we have round headed fixtures which gives more of a modern look, they can pair extremely well with office spaces because of their modern look and simple design. Thirdly there are the gimbal heads which, as well rotate, are able to adjust themselves at a 180 degree angle. These are especially useful in production houses. Lastly we have the pinhole heads which can also adjust themselves at a 180 degree angle. They have a partially covered back and give more of an industrial look.


How easy is it to change track lights and install a new one?

Obviously changing lighting fixtures is not an easy task to do. However, compared to changing other lighting fixtures, track lighting seems like a piece of cake! When you’re initially installing the track light, you’ll realize that it doesn’t require much wiring.

One, if you’re working with one track light and two, if you have another. This compared to two light bulbs would require two individual switches. Yet, with two track lights, you would need two switches for as many as fourteen bulbs. Everything with track lighting is completely adjustable and independent of one another.

You can bright one and dim the other without having to deal with a complex network of switches. You can move one and keep the other in the same position and again, it wouldn’t be through a complex system. You can very easily change track lights by taking out the wiring for your previous track lighting kit and installing a new one in its place. However, in some instances you wouldn’t even need to take out the wiring.

For example, if you have an H system of track lights and you wish to replace it with another track light of H system then you wouldn’t have to take out the wiring. Installation process is easy, any home owner can do it by themselves following the given manual.



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