15 Best Smart Locks for Your Home – Secure Your Front Door Remotely With Your Phone

Smart door locks are one of the nicest gadgets for smart home comforts. Smart home locks allow you to use your smartphone to automatically lock and unlock your door.

When you are closeby, smart locks can automatically detect your presence (via Bluetooth) and unlock the door for you. You can even send electronic keys to someone else that work only for the times you specify. And, above all else, they look cool, modern and stylish.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite smart locks in more detail.

1. August Smart Lock

August Home Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub - Wi-Fi Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and more – Dark Gray

Your cell phone is now a smart key—and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. August Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your door, make virtual keys for visitors, and monitor who goes back and forth, right from your iOS or Android cell phone.

You don’t have to fumble with your keys as the August Smart Lock automatically locks the door behind you and automatically opens as you approach the door. Enable or disable it as you like. A 24/7 activity log tracks who enters and leaves your home.

What’s more, with unique keys for every user, you’ll know who opens your door and at what time. Apple HomeKit gives a simple, secure approach to check your lock’s status and locks/opens your door.

Installation is very easy and straightforward. August Smart Lock is fully battery operated – so there’s nothing to wire or connect. When the batteries need replacement, you’ll be alerted by the August application. Secure Low Vitality Bluetooth (LEB) synchronizes the lock to your smartphone. Your external door hardware remains the same, and you only need to replace the inside of most standard deadbolts.

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2. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Kwikset 98880-005 SmartCode 888 Smart Lock Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Z-Wave Plus Featuring SmartKey Security in Venetian Bronze

With Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, the only thing you need is your cell phone to open your door. Simply touch the lock to open for maximum comfort. No cell phone? Don’t sweat it. Simply use the included fob for “touch to open” convenience.

You can send an electronic key (eKey) to family, friends, or guests who have a compatible cell phone so they can utilize their smartphone as a key as well.

Get notified of lock activity and manage the lock and eKeys with Kevo mobile application. Apart from the convenience, Kevo is unbelievably secure. You can include, erase or disable eKeys from the mobile application or use the Lost Phone Reset in case the unexpected happens. This single cylinder deadbolt can be bolted or opened by a key on the outer surface, or the turn button within. The fresh, clean appearance of the Satin Nickel finish adds to the general look of the product and brings a cutting edge appeal.

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3. Danalock

Danalock lets you send endless keys to family, companions, and guests with either full or controlled access. With patented technology, it has the highest level of encoded security available. You can quickly set up danalock inside your home over your current deadbolt with some simple tools.

Keyless or Key operation – controlled by application, hand, press of a button or the use of your traditional key.

Monitor – details log of all lock actions through your smartphone or web browser.

Simple to install, no drilling, or wiring needed as it works with ANSI Grade1 or 2 Single Chamber deadbolt.

Lock and open your door with your Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone with iOS or Android 4.3. Generate, share, cancel keys for family and companions, and create multiple time-shifts adjusted to every user. Select from 6 opening standards for simple use; plus hands-free mode to open your door. Get notified when your door is unlocked.

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4. Lockitron

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Works with Alexa via SmartThings, Wink or Iris, Satin Nickel, BE469 CEN 619

Bolt by Lockitron utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy, which implies that Lockitron will continue working even if there’s power or online blackouts.

Any iOS or Android smartphone can use the Lockitron app. You can share access to the lock with your family and friends. Lockitron notifies you when, for example, your kid opens the door using their mobile phone or key.

With Lockitron Sense™ your door opens for you automatically as you arrive home. With Key Match™ you can get another Lockitron Bolt and still keep your old house keys. Key Match™ is incredible if you lease – your landlord’s key still works.

5.Goji Smart Lock

Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock, Black, Keyless, Electronic, Deadbolt

The Goji Smart Lock consists of an entrance and security framework system that gives you a view of those who come to your door and welcomes you when you arrive. It is packed with a built-in Wi-Fi and works on four AA batteries. These batteries control a programmed internal motor that opens the Wi-Fi door lock.

The two electronic fobs are programmable, and you get two mechanical keys as a backup .

Goji has customer service agents on standby to help you unlock your lock remotely in case something happens to your smartphone. You can also use another cell phone to sign in to your account, get access and cancel access for the missing phone.


In this article we have reviewed several top rated smart locks for home. Our pick for The Best Smart Lock is August Smart Lock. It’s a solid, durable, practical smart lock that anyone can use.

If, for some reason August Smart Lock does not fit your needs, the information and reviews presented in this guide should help you analyze different models and their features to make the right choice for your needs.

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