5 Best Smart Garage Door Openers

We live in a world of new possibilities. Innovation has made changes to how to we do things. The outcome is a total control of everything around us. This can be observed in different sectors of our lives from security to lifestyle. It gets even better as firms are beginning to take advantage of the habitual use of smartphones by most people. Now, you can turn your smartphone into a remote control of some sort for your PC, the lighting of your home and many others including your garage door.

5 Best Selling Garage Door Openers

Most homes have a garage for different reasons such as protecting their cars from elements. Until recently, opening a garage required considerable effort since it has to be done manually. Technological advancement has changed all that. With garage doors now being wired, clicker remote control has become the rave of the moment. Frankly, they make life easier. Most new garage doors have an electric opener. The operation of a smart  garage door opener uses the wireless network of your home or the Z-Wave to control the electric opener.

We live in a capitalist world where people seem to strive by fleecing others of their hard earned money. They deliver products and services which are clearly of little value. This applies to every product category, so it’s important you decide properly before purchasing a smart garage door opener. You will need to base your purchase on facts. We have all the facts you might need. Also, we have narrowed down the decision-making process for you with the five best smart garage door openers available now. Here they are:

5) Liftmaster MyQ 821LM Garage Door Controller

Liftmaster MyQ 821LM Garage Door Controller Review

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The Liftmaster MyQ is a garage door opener which is compatible with garage doors produced beyond 1993. Setup of this garage door is relatively easy. All you need to do is attach the sensor to the garage door. Connect the sensor to your home wireless network. Download the MyQ garage opener app for your smartphone. The app is user-friendly. You can control your garage door using your smartphone. This is great since you can close or open your garage door from anywhere you are.

Also, You are not limited to controlling a garage door but two. Both garage doors can be controlled simultaneously, which is commendable. You can customize prompts you receive concerning the state of your garage.

Another commendable feature of this garage opener is the light control. You can control the lightening of your home using the garage control opener MyQ app. This provides added security which is great for your peace of mind and comfort.

While the Liftmaster 821LM garage opener is great at just around a $100, it represents value for money.

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4) Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Review

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This garage opener works by connecting to your home’s wireless network. It gives you control over the door of your garage using your Smartphone. The standout feature of this garage opener is it periodically sends you notifications if your garage door is open. It also allows you grant administrative access for control of your garage door to some other individuals. This access can either be temporary or full depending on your choice. You also control your garage door by driving close to it. It keeps logs of those who had access to the control of your garage door. The logs could last a week before they are replaced. It is also quite cost-effective.

The installation of the Nexx garage door opener is quite simple. It also requires a little more hardware before you can begin utilizing this garage door opener. Also, your WiFi network has to have a frequency of 2.4 GHz or more before the device can be used effectively.  This garage opener works using the Nexx app.

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3) GoControl/Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

The GoControl garage door remote controller works with a Z-way gateway. It has no compatibility issues. This door controller is easy to install without any extra cost on hardware. One of the standout features of this door controller is the audio and visual notifications. This is often provided before the garage door’s opener is called into action. You can also set notifications enabling you to receive the status of your garage door. Also, you can get information concerning how long your garage door has been either closed or open.

It can be used with any app with Z-Wave compatibility. However, with certain apps, you get more features and control compared to others. Since the GoControl uses Z-Wave rather than Wi-Fi you can still control your garage door opener even when you are faced with a connectivity issue. You can also set the garage door opener to close the garage door when weather conditions are unfavorable.

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2) Gogogate2 Garage Door Controller

Gogogate2 Garage Door Controller Review

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The Gogogate2 has one of the most interactive apps in the industry. Like every other garage door opener, you can control your garage door from anywhere in the world. This is achievable using your smartphone. Also, you can assign access to the control of your garage door to several users through the Gogogate2 app. One of the unique features of this controller is it provides visuals of activities happening in your garage.

It also provides you with temperature sensors of your garage door. With the Gogogate2, you can also control the lightening of your garage from anywhere you are. It can be used with more than two garage doors; which is quite commendable. It provides sound indicators whenever your garage door is opened or closed.

Though the setup of the Gogogate2 garage door controller is quite complicated, it remains a great garage opener.

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1) Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup

Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup Review

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The Chamberlain B970T Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup is myQ-enabled and the only garage door opener on the market with an embedded 3/4 hp motor. This ultra-quiet, strong belt drive and MAX lifting power is perfect for those looking for a dependable, strong opener without the noise. The safety sensor ensures that you won’t be injured by a closing door.

The Chamberlain garage opener stands as our number one choice for many reasons. It comes with a ¾ horsepower motor capable of lifting most garage doors. The steel belt of this garage door opener makes it quite efficient at controlling your garage door. With the built-in battery, the garage door works even when a power outage occurs for whatever reason.

It can work with a lot of cars which have an inbuilt remote system for a garage door. The belt drive of this garage opener delivers a noiseless control of your garage door. It also comes with the timer feature which allows you designate a specific time for the closure of your garage door. It comes with motion sensor capability which improves the security of your home by lightening your home immediately.

The control panel is built for easier connectivity of different accessories. The installation process is quick and simple. Innovative technology keeps your garage door in good shape regardless of the weather condition. Like many others, it is compatible with most smartphones. You can also use the MyQ app to control and your garage door.

While the Chamberlain WD962KEV with a price tag of around $200 might seem a bit costly, it remains the best garage door opener available right now. Its greater functionality makes it an excellent choice for any home.

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Final Thoughts

Having a smart garage door opener is convenient and stylish. However, before venturing into purchasing a smart garage door opener, you will need to consider how proactive the manufacturer is in updating its security features. This is especially important in the wake of increasing cyber threats. The outlined garage door openers stand tall in that aspect.

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