10 Best Small Space Heaters

We reviewed the top rated space heaters in the market and selected the best 10. Checkout the reviews, compare prices, read our buying guide, go over frequently asked questions and get the right space heater that meets your needs.

1. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

If you’re looking for a heater, especially for smaller spaces like bedroom, DeLonghi’s Panel heater  would be one of the ideal choices. The reason is its stylish and compact design with quick, efficient and silent heating. The best thing about this heater is that it doesn’t take much space and is pretty lightweight, it can even be attached on a wall. The second best thing, I personally love is that it doesn’t make any noise because there isn’t any moving part like fan and etc.

Its features include two heat settings that allow you to control power consumptions.  It  has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the temperature according to your preference and will maintain that temperature as well. In addition to all that, this heater is considered one of the safest ones out in the market. The safety features include thermal cutoff technology to prevent overheating and caution indicating lights as well.

It’s available for a reasonable price of around $70. Click here to see customer reviews.

DeLonghi’s Panel heater provides multidirectional warmth to make sure a uniform temperature is spread in all parts of the room. Also, the front panel of the heater can be handled pretty comfortably without getting burned. The cage around the heater also makes it pretty safe to handle.

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2. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater

The second one on the list is the Ceramic Tower Heater by Lasko. You can put this heater in any room you want as its ceramic heating element provides warmth effectively throughout the area. This tower heater occupies very less space so you don’t need to worry about having a huge heater in the way. Also, the heater’s handle makes it very easy to take it from one place to another without the fear of getting burned.

Its features include an automatic overheat protection, controllable thermostat, timer and it also comes with a remote control. We don’t really see many heaters with a remote control, so it is actually a cool feature to have. You don’t have to get out of your bed every time to turn it on or off. The timer feature is also interesting. It shows 1 hour, 2 and 4 only on the display but you can add these to set the timer at 7 hours.

Yes, this heater has a fan but you don’t need to worry about the noise as it doesn’t really make much while operating. In addition to all that, one safety feature is that it automatically shuts off if it is knocked over and automatically turns on when put in the correct position. It’s available for around $50.

Click here to see customer reviews. 

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3. Pelonis NT20-12D Ceramic Safety Furnace

The Ceramic Safety Furnace by Pelonis is one of the smallest and lightest heaters in the market. Its dimensions are 4.5 x 6.5 x 8.2 (inches) and weighs only 3 pounds. But don’t let its size fool you as it can produce heat very well. It has a very stylish and sleek design. The safety furnace comes with a ceramic heating element that provides the appropriate amount of air flow for quick heating in any given room.

The safety furnace comes with a manageable thermostat, multi wattage options and safety features as well that include thermal cut off switch and overheat prevent features. Also, it has a 72 inches long cord so you can put the heater wherever you want to in the room.

It is very easy to set up and control, nothing complex. It isn’t really that noiseless as compared to the other heaters in the market but it isn’t that loud either. One can comfortably sleep with the fan on so it is not really a big issue.

One other thing that makes it one of the top 10 heaters in the market is that it’s surprisingly very inexpensive. To get that amount of heat and all the features in just $25/30 is amazing.

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4. Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater

I must say Lasko’s  6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater is one of the beautiful looking standing heaters in the market. It not only gives warmth in the room, but it also amazingly blends with the décor. If you’re looking for a stylish and modern looking heater to have in your TV lounge or bedroom, this Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater by Lasko will certainly be a perfect choice.

Some of the cool features this heater has are the self-regulating ceramic heating element, automatic prevention of overheating, timer that can be set up to 7 hours and automatic shut off feature as well. These all add up to provide full room warmth coverage. Also, one other unique feature this heater by Lasko gives is the electronic touch control feature.

It has the two classic high and low comfort settings, it’s also pretty quiet while operating; basically the heater has a kind of a vertical squirrel cage blower with one fan speed. This heater also comes with a remote controller.

The buttons and settings are very easy to use and control on the heater. However, there is no indicator on the remote control showing the settings you are using so it can be a little hard to tell what setting the heater is on.

It’s available for around 50 bucks. Click here to see customer reviews. 

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The Best Portable Space Heater

5. MH18B – “Big Buddy” Portable Propane Heater by Mr. Heater

The Big Buddy Propane Heater by Mr. Heater is absolutely ideal if you’re looking for an effective and a portable heater for yourself. This heater has the capacity to heat almost 400 square feet area. The heating principle used in this heater is a combination of both convection heat and radiant heat to provide maximum air flow for efficient heating.

This heater is all about its features –  it literally has everything you want in a heater. It offers a multi position heating setting, built in sensor for oxygen level, automatic shut off switch if tipped over and lots more. The best thing about this heater is that it can be carried around very conveniently, you can take it anywhere you want.

Big Buddy Propane Heater  also comes with a heavy duty safety cord to provide more protection and durability. The oxygen level sensor is also a very cool feature as it detects the oxygen level and automatically shuts off if the level is low. In addition to all that, there is a hose storage compartment for storing different hoses and a double ceramic burner tiles that provide shock absorption as well.

Just to add further safety features and design, there is an attached swinging cylinder door as well.

It’s available for around $135. Click here to see customer reviews. 

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The Best Personal Space Heater

6. Vornado VH202 Personal Space Heater

The VH202 Personal Space Heater by Vornado has a very unique design that provides warmth specifically around a much personal space. This means that it is ideal for heating purposes for desktop, under desk or even tabletop. This heater uses the Vornado’s famous vortex action to keep you warm with providing comfort as well.

It is extremely small as compared to other space heaters, its dimensions are 7.2 x 7.9 x 7.1 (inches) and it weighs only 1.9 pounds. One can very easily transport it from room to another and can pretty much keep it anywhere they want.

The VH202 comes with two, high and low, heat settings. It consumes very less power as its high heating setting outputs 750 watts. It actually consumes 50 percent less than other space heaters. It also features a ‘Fan only’ setting to allow comfort on moderate days. The heater’s other features include advanced safety technology like tip over auto cut off switch and the heater stays cool from the outside so it can easily be touched and handled without getting burned.

If you’re looking for an affordable and personal heater, the VH202 by Vornado will definitely be an excellent choice.

It’s available for around 30 bucks. Click here to see customer reviews. 

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The Best Tabletop Heater

7. Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Tabletop/Floor Heater


The 5409 model oscillating ceramic heater by Lasko is an updated, modern version of the 5429 model. It is arguably one of the best small heaters for heating applications in smaller areas. However, it is strongly recommended that you don’t use this 5409 heater in bathrooms or laundry areas either. It does provide safety features but because of humidity in the bathrooms, the heating element tends to corrode over time. This can make the heating less effective and even make the heater stop working completely.

The heater can be used in any other places you want though, it doesn’t take much space and is pretty lightweight as well. The heater itself is made of high quality plastic and metal, making it durable so you don’t need to worry about buying one every season. It will work best if used on floor or even tabletop as well.

The Lasko 5409 heater comes with programmable thermostat offering 1500 watts of heating capacity with 3 different modes. It doesn’t make much noise while operating either. Also, it has overheating prevention technology and has a cool touch housing.

Dimensions of this heater are 8.34 x 6.55 x 1.66 inches with 4 pounds weight.

It’s available for around 40 bucks. Click here to see customer reviews.

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The Best Portable Desktop Heater

8. Holmes HFH111T-NU Portable Desktop Heater

The next on the list is the Portable Desktop Heater by Holmes. It is best for creating a warm, cozy and comfortable environment with consuming very less energy. You can have warmth added exactly where you want, thanks to this portable heater by Holmes.

Yes, the heater is pretty small in size but it has all the features a big space heater comes with. Its features include overheat prevention, auto shut off if tipped over, easy to handle with a nice classic and lightweight design.

It is very simple and easy to set and manage its settings. It has 2 different heating settings, the max 1500 one and the fan only mode. It also has a programmable thermostat.

Yes, Holmes HFH111T-NU  has an amazing portable design and comes with all the features, however, it does make noise while operating as compared to the other portable heaters out in the market. This heater can actually be used in the laundry areas to keep your pets warm in the winter season. Also, it can be used in air-conditioned environments like offices as well.

Dimensions of this heater are, 7.5 by 4.5 by 11.3 inches with only 2.6 pounds of weight.

It’s available for around thirty dollars. Click here to see customer reviews. 

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The Best Energy Efficient Space Heater

9. Honeywell HZ-789 EnergySmart Electric Oil Filled Heater

HZ-789 EnergySmart Heater by Honeywell is perfect for providing warmth in chilly areas without increasing your bills in the winter season. It’s ideal for heating exactly the place you want to heat, instead of overheating every room in your home, you can simply use this heater to heat a specific area while keeping the thermostat at a lower level.

It can very easily and quickly warm small areas, especially bedrooms. It has nice and easy to use digital controls. It comes with different heating modes including low, high and different temperature from 65 to 80 degrees. Also, it has a timer that can be set up to 12 hours.

Honeywell’s HZ-789 is very easy to carry around and handle, thanks to a sturdy handle and wheels. It also has all the safety features from the auto shut off if knocked over switch and overheating prevention. It is really safe to touch, so you don’t need to worry if you have pets or kids.

Yes the heater does have an auto shut off switch but the heater can’t easily be tipped over, thanks to its design and 24.2 pounds weight.

Dimensions of the heater are, 15.3 by 6.7 by 25 inches.

It’s available for around 70 bucks. Click here to see customer reviews. 

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The Best Cheap Electric Space Heater

10. Crane EE-6490 Space Heater –  (600/1200 Watt)

The last one on the top 10 list is the EE-6490 Space heater by Crane. Overall this heater has a very nice and simple design and an excellent heater, performance wise as well. It’s definitely worth its price.

This space heater by Crane has a compact, slim and light design that is able to produce 600 to 1200 watts of heat. It uses a ceramic PTC heating element to provide efficient heating. It doesn’t make much noise while operating either. People actually choose heaters for their bedrooms on the basis of heating capacity and the noise they produce as well, so you don’t need to worry about that if you are thinking about buying the Crane EE-6490 heater.

EE-6490 Space Heater also features touch sensor buttons which make it very easy to use and control the heater. The black grills do get really hot when the heater is turned on, while the silver metal housing doesn’t get hot at all so you can actually handle it but you’ve got to be a little careful as there is no handle. It also has a nice dust filter on the back which makes cleaning very simple and easy.

Dimensions of the heater are, 8.5 by 7 by 5.5 inches with 4 pounds of weight.

It’s one of the best afforable electrical heaters we’ve found. You can get it for around 30-40 bucks. Click here to see customer reviews. 

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Buyer’s Guide – How to buy the right space heater?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about buying a space heater and can’t simply decide which one to buy or what to look for in a space heater and have other similar questions, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will hopefully help answer all those queries.

What Type of Space Heater to Buy?

There are basically 6 types of heaters that you can use in your homes. The Radiant heater, oil or water filled radiator heater, Micathermic heater, Ceramic heater, Infrared heater and non-electric heater. All these heaters have different capabilities, heating methods, safety concerns and other features.

The Radiant heater uses conduction heating method and normally get quite hot to touch. Such heaters are perfect for heating small and personal areas. They will take much longer time to heat the whole room, so if you want to have a heater for your personal use only, these heaters will be great.

The Oil or Water filled radiator heaters are pretty similar to the radiant heaters as they also are idea for spot heating and get hot when turned on. The fluid inside the heater doesn’t get burned so you don’t have to refill the heater every time.

The Micathermic heater uses both conduction and convection heating methods. Also, perfect for quick spot heating. These heaters are power efficient, noiseless and durable.

The Ceramic heater uses convection heating method. These heaters stay cool during operation and are perfect if you have kids as the housing also stays cool. They can quickly heat a small to medium sized area.

The Infrared heaters use radiation method for heating. They are a stylish option and mostly purchased as an artificial fireplaces. However, these aren’t mostly used in homes.

The non-electric heaters use convection or conduction heating method. These heaters need to be properly vented for safety purposes. These are pretty cost efficient and can be used in power emergencies, as these work on natural gas or propane. Perfect for small rooms.

What Heating Capacity and Size would suit my Home the Best?

Space heaters are available in different capacities, designs and sizes. It’s significant to know which size offers what features before buying one for your home. The heater has to have appropriate amount of heating capacity for a certain sized room to work efficiently.

When space heater companies refer to the size, they are not talking about the actual physical size of the heater, rather the size of the capacity of the heater. The output capacity is measured in BTUs or watts. Mostly, outputs of non-electric heaters are measured in BTUs while electric ones are in watts. It’s pretty easy to calculate what wattage is needed for your room. Take your room’s dimensions (in square feet). Multiply the square ft. dimension by 10. For instance, a 120 square ft. room will require 1,200 watts of heating capacity to warm up the room.

The size of the heater’s casing/housing is also a significant factor in order to determine which space heater will be best for your room. A portable heater is perfect for warming up personal spots like on tabletops and etc. while the ceramic heaters can be used to heat up small areas like your bedroom. The garage heaters are normally bigger in size and can be perfect for large areas. There are small space heaters available that are resistant to moisture, these are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

What Safety Features to look for?

If space heaters are not monitored correctly, they can very easily convert into fire hazards. Therefore, it is very important to look for the safety features before buying a heater for your home. To minimize the risks of fire, many companies try to use such materials in the heater’s housing that is cool to touch and include other safety features as well.

You should check what material is used in the heater and if the heater gets hot while operating, before buying one. Heaters with handles and remote controls can come handy, safety wise.

Most of the space heaters in the market nowadays feature an automatic shut off switch that turns the heater off automatically if it is accidentally knocked down or tipped over. One other safety feature a space heater must have is the overheat prevention technology. It works as a sensor and detects the temperature of different components of the heater. If they reach an unsafe limit, it automatically turns the heater off. These two features are very important so do look for them before buying any type of space heater.

One should always remember to carefully follow the manufacturer’s guide for installing and using the heater. You should never use a space heater with extension cords and should keep stacks of wood, paper, clothes and other combustibles far away for heaters.

Does the Space Heater make Noise while operating?

It is actually one of the most important factors that you need to consider before purchasing a space heater especially for your bedroom or TV lounge. Trust me, you don’t want to be buying a loud heater, even if it works great.

The space heaters mostly have fans and so they can be a bit loud when turned on.

Space heaters mostly have 2 to 3 different heat settings; low, high and fan only mode. Some heaters don’t make much noise while on the low heating mode but are very loud on fan mode or the high heating mode. Some space heaters are loud on every mode.

Fortunately, most of the new space heaters in the market don’t really make any noise and work effectively on every heating mode. They can work quickly without making any noise. Go for such heaters that have no fan forced units. The oil filled radiator heater can be perfect for noiseless heating in areas like bedroom or offices.

What Features to look for in Space Heaters?

The following are some of the important features a space heater should have.


Space heaters have programmable timers that allow you to set times for your heater to automatically turn on and off. These are pretty awesome as you can set it to turn on an hour before you get home and turn off when you’re not at home.

Multiple Heating Modes

The space heaters mostly have two heating modes, Low and High that provide more control over the heater. You can use different settings for different rooms.

Handles and Wheels

Most heaters are lightweight and portable, thanks to the features like handles and wheels. These features make it very easy to take the heater from one room to another.

Auto Oscillation

This feature allows the heater to uniformly spread the heat in all directions.

Energy Saving

Some heaters have energy saving modes as well that are perfect to decrease power consumption and bills.

Remote Control

One of the best features can be a remote control. You can easily turn on/off and control the heater without getting out of your bed every time.

Fan Only and AC Modes

Some of the advanced space heaters also provide these two modes; Fan Only and AC. One can use these heaters all year long.





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