10 Best Patio Wind Blockers

There will always be days wherein we would just want to sit and relax on our patio while enjoying the sun especially when you have a very nice view. Gusts of the cool breeze are fine but when the wind is always howling, that is a different story. 

10 Best-Selling Patio Wind Blockers

That is why wind blockers came into existence. These structures are tools to somehow aid with controlling the strong wind keeping the items in your patio safe. And guess what, you can purchase these items online. 

Stick around as we will look at the best patio wind blockers that you can purchase on Amazon. 

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Patio Wind Blockers

1. NICETOWN Patio Curtains

NICETOWN Greyish White Outdoor Drapes For Front Porch & Canvas, 1 Panel, W52 X L84
Product Highlights:
  • nice material: sold by 1-panel per package. the material with waterproof effect. curtains are durable enough to hold their beauty through rain, wind, or shine. both sides of the curtains are the same material and color.
  • good performance: the waterproof outdoor curtains adopt triple weave technology, can block out sunlight to keep cool in summer. they also can serve as shower curtains as well as indoor or outdoor public space dividers.
  • stylish&privacy: nicetown outdoor curtains with a quality texture will have a great vertical sense. meanwhile, these panels provide a real sense of separation & privacy which benefits both yours and your neighbors.

NICETOWN Patio Curtains outdoor drapes are waterproof, good for use as a blackout, and weighted. Not only do they look good on your patio, but they also serve as effective wind blockers. 

Don’t worry about them getting drench by the rain since they are waterproof. You can use these as a shower curtain. 

It comes in various sizes so make sure you get the right measurements before ordering. 

2. Windscreen4less Wind Blocker

Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Privacy Brass Grommets 150 GSM - Customized
Product Highlights:
  • product measures exactly 50' long x 3'8" tall, perfect fit for a fence that’s 4 ft tall.
  • constructed of new high density material- polyethylene, allows maximum air to go through.
  • prevents harmful uv sun lights from damaging for up to 90%, and fabric has a 2.5” enforced binding, so it’s able to hold up even in extreme weather condition.

If you are looking for something sturdy that will effectively act as a wind blocker then Windscreen4less is for you. It is made out of polyethylene screen making it waterproof and very durable. 

Not only is it a very good wind blocker, but you can also use this material as a sunshade as it is also effective in blocking harmful UV lights. 

This product comes with a 3-year limited warranty. 

3. Zimo Privacy Shield and Wind Blocker

Zimo Balcony Privacy Shield Fence Privacy Screen 3×16.4' Grey
Product Highlights:
  • 100% balcony view protection -- the balcony screen is made of hdpe, which can provide up to 99% visibility reduction. besides, it has features of high visibility and reducing heavy duty.
  • high-quality hdpe material -- 210 gsm hdpe special fabrics is stronger than the normal 160 gsm balcony screen! 210 gsm privacy screen is tear-resistant, weather-resistant, sun- resistant, fast drying, and easy care. protects your privacy and suitable for all weather conditions, like hot weather, windy, rain, snow, cold etc.
  • reinforced edges & durable construction -- the edges are double stitched to prevent tears. the balcony screen is sun protection to prevent damage from long time sun blockage.

Zimo Privacy screen is made out of HDPE material that is constructed with 210 gsm fabric. It is waterproof and tear-resistant. 

Since this fabric features 99% visibility reduction it can also act as an effective sunshade which aids in keeping away harmful UV rays. It is also highly durable and is made for use under all weather conditions. 

It also comes with reinforced edges to prevent tears. Installation is very easy. You can just attach it to an existing fence and attach it through the use of cable ties. 

4. DearHouse Screen Cover

DearHouse Balcony Privacy Screen Patio Balconys, Includes 35 Pc Cable Ties
Product Highlights:
  • 【size】3.5*16.5(ft) (519cm*106cm ) ( l * h), dearhouse privacy screen cover will block off 95%.we provide you with 35 pieces black zip ties.
  • 【widely used】the privacy cover is widely used in porch deck, balconies, outdoor , courtyards, roofs, carports, warehouses, etc.
  • 【multifunction】the fence screen can be a shading net, which can be use for privacy protect.

DearHouse Screen Cover product guarantees to block 95% of the sun’s rays and is a very effective wind blocker. You can also use this product for various tasks as well like an insulation net, sunscreen, storm shades, and a privacy screen. 

It is made out of highly durable and weatherproof mesh material that you can install on existing structures with the use of zip ties. It comes in various sizes so make sure that you plan out the installation procedure before purchasing. 

5. Sunshades Depot Roller Shade

Sunshades Depot Exterior Roller UV Rays Beige Tan 6’ X 6’ 72’’ X 72’’
Product Highlights:
  • please note: shipping box size you receive will be smaller than product size as rods come in sections that needs to be screwed together. for shade size 7ft x 6ft and 8ft x 6ft, shipping box only measures 4ft long. for 6ft x 6ft and 5ft x 6ft, shipping box only measures 3ft long.
  • sunshades depot roller shade was designed to provide shade and privacy for your porch, gazebo, patio, back yard, deck, balcony or other outdoor enjoyment spaces, allowing you to enjoy your patio or porch throughout the day without the sun beating on you.
  • breathable fabric- made of 165gsm polyethylene –provide up to 90% uv protection, keep your space much cooler and light filtering fabric without completely darkening your space.

Sunshades are designed to function as a sunshade as well as an effective wind blocker. It is made out of breathable and durable fabric that consists of 165 GSM polyethylene. 

Like sun drapes, these shades are also weighted that’s why it is also an effective wind blocker. This product is designed for the outdoors so you do not have to worry about compromising the quality of the product. 

The package comes with everything you need for the installation process. 

6. Colour Tree Screen

ColourTree 6 X 50 - Cable Zip Ties Included - We Make Custom Size
Product Highlights:
  • ★【virgin, uv stabilized compounds & thick material】: actual height is 5' 9", fits perfectly on 6 footer fence. the only fence screen product on the market that are made of 160 gsm 100% virgin (non-recycled) hdpe material. went through 20000 hours of laboratory uv testing and it is proved to be 70% more durable than recycled hdpe under sun exposure, fabric has been treated with uv stabilized compound, preventing fence screen from dried out, tearing and fading, significantly extend the lifespan.
  • ★【privacy solution 90% visibility blockage】: most economical way for privacy over chain link fence, porous decorative concealment, existing cyclone wire fence, wood retaining wall, welded wire fence, chain link fence, privacy barrier around swimming pool, block nose neighbor see through, add privacy to acre back yard backdrop, front yard, patio, garden and porch; hide street, road, construction site, pet kennel pen, block surrounding noise and street view, stops dogs from barking at neighbors.
  • ★【comes with the extra stainless grommets and reinforced binding】: grommets are made of stainless copper, each corner has 4 grommets (compares to similar products on the market only have 1-3 grommets), more grommets are placed evenly along all edges, 12 inches apart vertically, 24 inches horizontally. all edges are covered with black reinforced 3-inch binding (1.5-inch on each side). the grommets and bindings help the screen to hold up in the wind.

Colour Tree Screen product that acts as a wind blocker and a privacy screen is perfect for fences that are 6 feet in height. It is made out of 160 GSM HDPE material making it highly durable. It also has a blocking capability of 90% which is fairly enough if you need some privacy. 

The fabric is reinforced and the corners are built with stainless grommets which makes the installation process easier.  

You can also use this product for other tasks as well like a greenhouse screen, kennel shades, and sunscreen.

7. LongdafeiUS Windshield

Longdafei Balcony Privacy Screen Windshield Premium UV Shade Balcony Cover Black
Product Highlights:
  • easy to install: very suitable for your daily need with 3*16.4ft (90*500cm) privacy fence size, you can assemble it with cable and 24 tie tapes for minutes, not only meets fast assembly needs for expert users but also friendly use to beginners.
  • premium quality: making of high density hdpe material, well upgrade designed with thicker than ordinary privacy fence screen makes you hard to see through the scenery behind. 90% of uv resistant and excellent ventilation give your house even more shade!
  • excellent durability: reinforced aluminum grommets and all stitching are reinforced, well made edge binding and zip ties hold it in place, make the fence privacy screen more durable, it is holding sturdy through some sun explosion, rain, snow storms.

LongdafeiUS Windshield is perfect for use on your patio as well as your balcony. It is made out of high-density material that is also weather resistant. 

Don’t worry about the wear and tear of the fabric since it is engineered to withstand all types of weather conditions. 

You can also use this screen as a UV insulation net in your yard. It comes in various sizes so make sure that you have the correct measurements before purchasing. The package also comes with all the necessary items for installation. 

8. Amgo Windscreen

Amgo 5 X 50 Cable Zip Ties Included, Available For Custom Sizes
Product Highlights:
  • fence privacy screen fits perfectly on 5 ft fence, actual height is 4' 9", cable zip ties are included for installation.
  • edges are finished with heavy duty black bindings and stainless copper grommets, all stitching are reinforced, grommets are placed every 1 ft vertically, 2 ft horizontally, each corner has 4 grommets, easy to install with included cable zip ties.
  • 90% blockage, great for privacy and allows water and airflow to pass through at the meantime, fabric is made of knitted virgin hdpe material.

If you’re looking for something that would blend with your patio’s surroundings then Amgo green windscreen might be the product that you are looking for. It is made from very durable materials and is fit for commercial and residential use. 

This screen is 5 feet in height which is more than enough to regulate the airflow of strong winds. Bindings are installed on the edges which aid in keeping the screen sturdy and tear-resistant. 

You can also use this product as a privacy screen since it features 90% blockage making it also an effective UV screen. 

9. HOMEIDEAS Panel Curtains

HOMEIDEAS 2 Panels Tab Outdoor Patio Curtains For Porch/Pergola/Cabana/Gazebo
Product Highlights:
  • 💓tab top design: tab top design is very special. it is different from grommet outdoor curtains. it provides you with a more fashionable, elegant and unique feeling. there can be well matched with standard curtain rods, making it easy to install and move and won't bother on grommet rust.
  • 💓nice material: tab top outdoor curtains are made of high-quality and durable 100% polyester fabric. adopt triple weave technology with waterproof effect, which thick enough for windbreak. not afraid of the weather, which can withstand years of use and durable enough to hold their beauty through the same time, these curtains are silky, drapery, excellent to the touch and free from chemical smell.
  • 💓multiple functions: these thick insulation blackout tab top outdoor curtains help prevent energy loses by hot summers and cold winters, impede uv ray and block out some sunlight, enabling you to enjoy a pleasant outdoor time. the noise reduction effect of these curtains are also very good.

If you shopping for something that would look elegant on your patio then HOMEIDEAS Panel Curtains tab top panel curtains are for you. It is made out of 100% polyester making it weatherproof and very durable. 

Installation is easy since it is compatible with any curtain rod. You can also use these curtains indoors as insulators and blackout curtains. 

They are available in various colors and sizes on Amazon. 

10. RYB Patio Curtains

RYB HOME Outdoor Patio Terrace, 1 Panel, 52 X 95 Inches Long, Biscotti Beige
Product Highlights:
  • the package contains 1 blackout curtain panel. same color back as the front. rustproof grommets on the top with 1.6" inner diameter, which fits most standard curtain rods.
  • special treatment of materials, with light block & weatherproof effect, handy to versatile use in the outdoors indoors conditions.
  • block 85-95% sunlight, privacy protect. thermal insulated curtains balance the summer heat and winter cold while bringing elegant feeling for your home.

RYB product is made out of 100% polyester so you do not have to worry about leaving these curtains outdoors. It is lined with grommets that have an inner diameter of 1.6 inches. 

These curtains are weighted making them effective wind blockers. It also guarantees to block around 95% of sunlight. 

Be sure to get the correct measurements before ordering. This product comes with a 30-day return policy. 

Buying Guide

1. Type

Take note that there are several types of wind blockers. Some come in screens while others are weighted curtains. Just make sure that you have the necessary frames for faster installation. 

2. Material

The best wind blockers either come in 100% polyester or HDPE. With these materials, you do not have to worry about the durability of the items.

3. Ease of Installation

Always plan before purchasing. Screens are easier to install since you can just zip tie them onto existing fences. However, curtains would need sturdy mounts since they are heavier. 

4. Durability

These wind blockers are going to be used outdoors so ensure that you get the correct item so that you do not have to worry about the wear and tear of the product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I block the wind on my patio?

Wind blockers are very effective in blocking wind on your patio. 

How can you enclose a patio cheaply?

You can use HDPE screens that act as UV screens and wind blockers. They are cheap and are very durable. 

Does a screened porch block wind?

Yes. Most effective wind blockers are made out of screens as well. 

Does Lattice block wind?

Yes, they do. It depends on how they are built and designed. 

Are screened-in porches worth it?

Yes. Outdoor enhancements do add value in terms of real estate. 

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