5 Best Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

You might have the best makeup, the steadiest hands to apply your beauty products, but you could end up with a streaky, blotchy, wrinkly makeup application because you couldn’t properly apply your makeup in the mirror. If your vanity mirror is not well lighted, your mirror doesn’t feature magnification, you will end up with disastrous effects. That’s why a magnifying lighted makeup mirror will be the ideal solution for your problem.

5 Best-Selling Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

In this article we will look at the different magnifying lighted makeup mirrors, what features you should consider for yours, we’ll answer your burning questions of the pros and cons of these types of vanity mirrors, and we’ll bring you the 5 best magnifying lighted makeup mirrors to make better-informed buying decisions when shopping for these products.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

1. Tri-Fold 3X Magnification Makeup Mirror with Touchscreen Light Controls

Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Clarity Cosmetic Light Up Magnifying Mirror Artic White
Product Highlights:
  • super-bright flat-panel lighting: if you're looking for the ultimate in makeup lightning, look no further! the beautyworks led vanity mirror boasts the brightest, most-natural 36-piece led panel lighting on the market. forget the rest and choose the best!
  • 1x/2x/3x magnification mirror: the beautyworks lighted makeup mirror features 2 additional levels of magnification for perfect tweezing, blackhead removal and detailed eye makeup application.
  • use at home or on the go: with its lightweight, portable design and dual power supply, your beautyworks make up mirror can be used anytime, anywhere. plug in the usb at your vanity table or power with aaa batteries and look your best on the go!
  • 180-degree rotation: adjust your beautyworks mirror to your perfect position thanks to its rotating swivel design. the base of the mirror also acts as a handy little storage compartment for jewelry and other small accessories.
  • perfect for gifting: beautyworks makeup mirror with lights and magnification is the perfect gift - top gift for women for birthday, valentine's day, mother's day, christmas or any other special occasion!

This vanity mirror features 1X, 2X, and 3X magnification levels on different panels of its trifold design. It allows for excellent precision work when applying makeup and treating your skin. It sports a 36-piece LED light system in a solid light panel around the central mirror. The mirror is also based on a rotating joint, to allow the mirror to pivot 180-degrees. This mirror is powered by either a USB plug or via 4 AAA-size batteries. Also, the base of the mirror also serves as a storage unit for jewelry and other fashion accessories.

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2. Square-Shaped 10X Magnifying LED-Lighted Makeup Mirror

Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Rotation, Portable Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Square
Product Highlights:
  • ★ daylight led light ★ natural daylight led provides the most accurate natural light that you encounter throughout a day. suitable for all ages
  • ★ powerful 10x magnification ★ allows you to focus in on a specific section of your face - ideal for makeup applications and precise tweezing
  • ★ advanced locking suction ★ 360° rotation, fully adjustable to any desired angle or position. airtight-seal suction cup provides a secure attachment
  • ★ cordless and portable ★ compact, battery operated, square design glass mirror; when folded, takes up fewer than 1/2 square foot of space. comes with travel pouch!
  • ★ satisfaction guaranteed ★ 100% no-hassle money back guarantee. if you're not happy with your purchase, we will give you a full refund.

This magnifying lighted makeup mirror features a locking suction cup that secures it to the counter- or table-top surface. The base of the mirror allows for 360-degree rotation and you can adjust it to any angle or position for the best view of your makeup. Its LED lights provide a near-natural light from its 16 LED lights. With a powerful 10X magnification, this makeup mirror will allow you to view your face clearly for precision makeup application. It is powered by 3 AA-size batteries and is cordless for the ultimate portability and convenience.

3. Extra-Large Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Magnification Tabletop Cosmetic Make Up Mirror Black
Product Highlights:
  • 1. [upgraded oversized mirror] funtouch large lighted makeup mirror is the biggest size makeup mirror in the market. 14.56 inch long by 8.97 inch wide, which provide a big and high definition clarity wide-angle viewing, helping you achieve a flawless professional makeup.
  • 2. [upgraded 88 led &3 color lighting modes] upgraded table top mirror built-in 88 pieces adjustable leds light strips,can light the most dark and poorly lit areas. dimmable natural light perfect for office, home, dim-lit room and most places. short press the sensor switch to change the 3 light colors: white, yellow, white+yellow. long press to adjust the brightness. stepless dimming technology makes this lighted make up mirror much smarter than traditional ones.
  • 3. [10x magnifying makeup mirror] superior detachable 10x magnification mirror helps you to see every detail clearly and apply delicate makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow and lipstick. 2 suction cups can mounted mirror on glass or big mirror
  • 4. [360 degree rotating] the led makeup mirror stands on your countertop can be rotated up and down 90 degree and surround 360 degree rotation, easy to find the perfect viewing angle without effort.
  • 5. [ double power supply] you can power the lighted vanity mirror through usb charging cable directly which has been included in the pack or put in four aa batteries which you have to buy separately. battery power won’t be consumed if the usb charging operate.

This FunTouch makeup mirror measures 14.5” long by 8.9” wide to provide a large and clear viewing angle to help you better apply your makeup. It sports a 10X magnification level mirror that is detachable for you to apply those finer elements of your beauty routine. With 88 LED lights and 3 color lighting settings, you will find the best lighting color and brightness intensity for your makeup corner, whether it is in the bathroom or in your bedroom. You can easily dim the lights with its control and you can toggle between the light settings with a switch for white, yellow and white/yellow light. The mirror itself can be rotated 360-degrees and the orientation of the mirror can be changed from vertical to horizontal too, making it easy to find the perfect position and viewing angle. It is powered by a USB plug and you can charge it up with 4 AA-size batteries if you’d like to move the mirror around your room or when traveling.

4. Double-Sided Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Aesfee LED Lighted Makeup Screen, Portable Tabletop Illuminated Mirrors - White
Product Highlights:
  • ✔ brighter natural lights - 21 energy-efficient leds provide bright natural daylight, with the touch screen dimmable lights (three levels) to meet different makeup occasions, so that you can easily see every part that needs makeup
  • ✔ user-friendly design - 1x / 7x magnification double-sided swivel 360° led vanity mirror with lights, 1x for regular makeup, 7x magnified makeup mirror allows you to see every detail very clearly to make a more perfect makeup for precise facial makeup such as eyelashes, eyebrows, cheeks, etc. the 360° swivel design allows you to easily find the angle you want, and switch between 1x and 7x mirrors to give you the perfect reflection
  • ✔ rechargeable led lighted mirror - built-in 2000mah lithium battery provides up to 280 minutes of working time for led makeup mirrors at maximum brightness with bright natural lights. micro usb port for charging, you can use any standard dc 5v ports to charge, the usb cable included
  • ✔ smart touch screen - this vanity mirror features a high-sensitivity touch screen sensor design that has a longer life than traditional mechanical buttons. by touching the button, you can turn the mirror on or off, adjust the brightness of the led light, and indicates the state of charge by the color of the button while charging (red - charging. blue - fully charged)
  • ✔ compact and lightweight - this is a portable double-sided travel makeup mirror that is easy to carry around when you travel or in the office, always show the perfect looks with this lighted mirror at any time. the actually mirror measure size are 5” wide by 6” high and 9” tall with base

This mirror has a double-sided swivel design with 360-degree angle adjustability. One the one side is a 1X magnification level and on the other is a 7X magnification for applying makeup to more detailed areas of your face. By being able to rotate and pivot the mirror in 360-degrees, you can find the perfect angle and position for the best viewing. Encircling the mirror on both sides are rings of LED lights. This mirror has 21 LED lights with a 3-level brightness setting that you can control on with a dimmer via touchscreen controls. The touchscreen is the primary interface for adjusting the lights’ brightness and turning the mirror on or off. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows for 5 hours of working time before it needs to be recharged with a MicroUSB charging cable. It takes just 5 hours to fully recharge the mirror’s battery.

5. Gooseneck Magnifying Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

SunplusTrade Makeup Mirror With Gooseneck To Adjust To Any Position Easily
Product Highlights:
  • 7x magnification makeup mirror with led lights and flexible gooseneck. perfect for applying makeup, pore extraction, and hair removal.
  • 7 inches (diagonal) distortion free mirror with 7x magnification that is not too strong.
  • bright led lighting. battery operated (requires 3 aa batteries, sold separately)
  • 9.8 inch flexible gooseneck. adjustable to any position you like. portable design. no wires, no screws, no drilling.
  • works on all regular bathroom glass mirrors. 2 year hassle free warranty.

If you’re cramped for table- or counter-top space, this is our solution: a gooseneck makeup mirror that can suction knot your bathroom wall with ease. The 9.8” gooseneck is flexible for you to bend it to any direction and position and you can lock the suction cup to the surface with no wires or screws needed. With a 7” mirror size, it offers a 7X magnification that allows you to clearly see what your hands are doing to apply your makeup precisely to your face. It features LED lights to give a white light source so you can see your makeup with no problems. This mirror is powered by 3 AA-size batteries only for an ultra-portable design.

Buying Guide

1. Lighting

When shopping for a magnifying lighted makeup mirror, you need to consider the layout, brightness, and usability of its lighting system. There are 3 principal sources of light used in makeup mirrors: incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and LED bulbs. Many of the best vanity mirrors’ lighting systems feature multiple light settings and dimming options. This makes it easier to adjust the light to the amount of natural light available. Some of these lighted mirrors also have color lighting options to help with the lack of natural light, such as white lights, yellow lights, and white/yellow light settings.

2. Magnification

There are mirrors with 2X to 15X magnification settings to allow you to apply your makeup with precision when necessary. It prevents you from hunching over your beauty area or leaning over a counter so that you can best apply your makeup in comfort and with convenience. These magnification levels are adjustable on some mirrors: you can either increase the magnification or decrease its intensity by flicking the mirror over or by setting it to a lower level. This makes applying your makeup to your eye area and lips that much easier. For plucking tiny hairs, magnifying lighted makeup mirrors make it a painless process. Some mirrors have built-in magnifying mirrors, while others include a magnified mirror as an accessory.

3. Features

Your ideal magnifying lighted makeup mirror must not be gimmicky in its features: you want a mirror that is as functional as possible. The best features to use are dimmable light settings, magnifying switches, light color changes, and rechargeable and portable mirrors.

4. Usability

One of the most important aspects of any magnifying lighted makeup mirror is that it must be usable. It must have a sturdy base – if they design it for countertop use – that is adjustable for the best position and angle for you to use; it must be able to be stored safely so as to not damage the lights and mirror’s glass facets; and, it must have easy-to-operate magnifying and lighting controls.

5. Adjustability

They can adjust some magnifying lighted makeup mirrors through 360-degrees for the best angle and position for you to use during your beauty routine. Some mirrors feature a tri-fold design that can show extended views of your face and different angles for better application of your makeup. It should also be adjustable in height so that you don’t have to lean over the bathroom counter to apply your lipstick or eyeshadow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common magnification for makeup mirrors?

The most popular magnification level is 5X. It gives the best close-up views that are usable no matter your actual physical distance from the mirror itself.

What is the best lighting for applying makeup in front of a makeup mirror?

Of course, natural light is the best. However, you might not have access to natural light in the areas where you can complete your beauty routine. A white light is the best alternative to natural lighting.

How many lumens of light power do you need for a makeup mirror?

It depends on several factors, but any light that offers over 200 lumens of light power will be sufficient.

Is there a shape of makeup mirror that is best?

No. You need to get a mirror that will show your face as clearly as possible. Makeup mirrors come in a variety of shapes, but none are better than other design shapes.

Which type of light bulbs will last the longest?

LED lights will last the longest as they design their bulbs to last for many thousands of hours before they need replacing, while incandescent and fluorescent bulbs only last a few hundred at most hours before being required to be replaced.


With many designs, types, and shapes of makeup mirrors to choose from, trying to narrow your search to those with magnification levels and lighting can make for an arduous task. However, knowing what features to look out for helps you to find out which magnifying lighted makeup mirrors will serve you best.

Magnifying Makeup Mirrors: Choosing the best one for you