Best Lawn Sprinkler Tractor

Top 13 Lawn Sprinkler Tractor

Nelson Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain ( Yellow (818653-1001))
Product Highlights:
  • cast-iron body with chip resistant, powder-coat paint
  • coverage up to 13,500 square feet
  • travels up to 200 feet
Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler ( Sprinkler, Green)
Product Highlights:
  • self-propelled sprinkler: create a custom path for the sprinkler to follow using your 5/8-inch garden hose.
  • large-area coverage: spray coverage up to 13,500 square feet along 200 feet of hose.
  • three position speed control: select from high, low, or neutral stationary settings to control the saturation level of your lawn.
Watex WX44 Traveling Sprinkler ( Sprinkler Hose Bundle)
Product Highlights:
  • watex traveling sprinkler ranked #1 sprinkler by ezvid
  • new model - durable construction, ideal for extra large lawns; self-propelled,superior water distribution,automatic shut-off
  • recommended water pressure- 20 to 120 psi / water coverage to 13,500 sq. ft, travels up to 200 ft.
Melnor 4501 Traveling Sprinkler ( Control With Adjustable Spray Arms)
Product Highlights:
  • self-propelled sprinkler follows a path you create using your existing garden hose and automatically shuts off when finished
  • super large coverage area up to 13, 500 sq. ft.
  • change the water spray with high or low speed control or set it at neutral for stationary watering
Aqua Joe SJIOMS16 Indestructible ( With Adjustable Spray, Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • customizable: completely customizable coverage patterns
  • range: superior range width control covers up to 3600 sq ft
  • durable: leak-resistant connection so you can water with peace of mind
Watering Equipment Rain Train ( Sprinkler Tractor W Auto ShutOff)
Product Highlights:
  • watering equipment rain train cast iron traveling lawn sprinkler tractor w auto shutoff#0040/18
Fiskars Garden Watering Plastic ( Assembly Replacement)
Product Highlights:
  • the traveling sprinkler operates at two motor speeds, high and low
  • on high power, the sprinkler travels approximately 37 feet per hour, with a 1/4-inch water application.
  • on low power, the sprinkler moves at a 21 feet per hour rate with a 1/2-inch water application.

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