5 Best Ice Melt for Concrete

The holidays are the most beautiful time of the year. Gift wrapping, love giving, family bonding, what more can you ask? And of course, this won’t be complete without the presence of snow. 

5 Best-Selling Ice Melt for Concrete

Who doesn’t love making snow angels outside your home? However, it’s all fun and games until the snow starts to harden, or even worse, would turn into solid ice. But fret not because ice melt products are here to save the day. 

And with myriads of ice melt products in the market today, it can be tricky which one to buy that is safe for concrete. But today, we are going to put an end to your search. In this article, we are going to talk about the best ice melt products for concrete. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Ice Melt for Concrete

1. National Blue Ice Melt

National Blue Ice Melt Free Of Magnesium Chloride - Melts To -15°F
Product Highlights:
  • premium ice melt: melts to -15°f the faster an ice melter works, the less chance there is for a mishap to occur. that’s why national blue ice melt contains two patented accelerating agents. national blue ice melt has been shown in strategic highway research program testing, to exceed the melt value of a theoretical 50% calcium chloride blend.
  • size: optimized particle size for controlled spreading, allowing you to melt more with less cost. national blue ice melt also contains anti-caking agents that ensure easy flow for ice melt spreaders and longer storage life. contains a water soluble non-staining coverage indicator. making it easier to see when spreading.
  • better ingredients: magnesium chloride free! commercial strength, professional ice melter down to -15°f. contains 10% calcium chloride.
  • pet + concrete friendly: national blue ice melt will not harm concrete and vegetation when used according to label instructions. ice melt contains no added magnesium chloride which has been shown in studies to chemically attack concrete. incorporating liquid anti-icing practices with dry application rates is essential to reducing chloride and salt impacts on the environment. safe for pets and their paws
  • anti-caking: national blue ice melt contains an anti-caking agent that helps for easy flow for ice melt spreaders and longer storage life

Looking for an ice melt that is affordable but ticks all the right boxes? Then this one’s for you. The National Blue Ice Melt is already a household name for such a product like this. This one can melt up to -15°F, which is faster compared to other ‘premium’ ice melts.

The product also contains anti-caking agents to ensure that it flows easily without hassle and to prolong its storage life. And with its almost see-through form factor, it allows you to spread the ice melt with ease.

The best part? It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as magnesium chloride that is often present in other ice melt products. 

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2. Pure Organic Ingredients Ice Melt Pellets

Pure Original Ingredients Ice Concrete, Asphalt & Wood, Non-Corrosive
Product Highlights:
  • pure original ingredients ice melt pellets
  • effective in temperatures as low as –25ºf
  • safe for use on sidewalks, concrete, driveways and parking lots
  • always pure ingredients with no additives
  • packaged in utah, usa

Have hard-to-remove snow and ice? The fast-acting ice melt pellets by Pure Organic Ingredients are just what you need. This product can melt ice for as low as –25ºF. It’s also versatile and can be used not only on pathways but also on sidewalks, parking lots, and more.

What’s best is that it doesn’t contain any fillers that can harm the concrete. This product is also pet-friendly which allows your pets to walk freely on the ground with the ice melt. Worried about your plants? Fret not because this ice melt won’t do any harm to your plants as well. 

3. Redmond Ice Melt Salt

REDMOND Ice Slicer Granular Ice Melt 10 LB
Product Highlights:
  • melt more with less: ice slicer is naturally more concentrated than white salt. so, you can use less ice slicer than you might expect. one bag will treat up to 400 square feet. overapplication may lead to a reddish residue being left on the concrete.
  • safe for kids and pets: ice slicer is dye-free, urea-free, and polymer-free ice melt. it’s also so safe, it’s become a key ingredient in redmond’s bestselling products for animals – products that promote optimal health in agricultural and wildlife management operations.
  • safe for vegetation: did you know that nature's blend is harvested from the same mineral deposit as our soil-nourishing supplements? when used in the right quantities, the minerals in nature's blend actually nourish soil and plant life.

If you want an ice melter that does the trick quickly, then look no further with the Redmond Ice Melt Salt. This product has over 60+ minerals to help get rid of concrete ice easily without hassle.

Each pellet is also concentrated and can spread twice the area of the concrete you are going to put it in. This saves you money from putting a bunch of them in a specific area just like its competitors.

It’s also safe to use and is free from dye, urea, polymer, and other kinds of harmful substances. A single bag will also cover up to 400 square feet of an area, which is already large enough for an ice melt product that is already affordable.

4. HARRIS Safe Melt Pet-Friendly Ice Melter

HARRIS Kind Melt Pet Magnesium Chloride Formula, 10lb
Product Highlights:
  • pet safe ice melt - 100% magnesium chloride formula won't burn or irritate pets' paws and comes in a round pellet form with no jagged crystals
  • works immediately - deicer instantly melts ice on driveways, sidewalks, steps, balconies, patios, walkways, roadways and more
  • effective at low temps - works at temperatures down to -13 degrees fahrenheit
  • less corrosive - kinder to the environment than traditional rock salt ice melters and less corrosive to concrete than sodium chloride and calcium chloride
  • omri listed - listed with the organic minerals research institute for organic use

An ice melter that is made from 100% magnesium chloride? You must be looking for Harris’ Safe Melt Ice Melter. This product is made with quality and safety in mind. Thanks to its 100% magnesium chloride ingredient, it won’t do any harm to your pet’s paws.

Did you know? Magnesium chloride-based ice melters are also more ideal for the environment compared to rock salt ice melters. So whenever you use this product, you are reducing your carbon footprint while thawing away that ice. 

5. Green Gobbler Ice Melt Fast-Acting Treatment

Green Gobbler Pet Safe Chloride Ice Melt Pellets | No Concrete Damage
Product Highlights:
  • melts snow and ice in frigid temperatures: green gobbler pet safe ice melt works in temperatures as low as -15 degrees fahrenheit, which is 20 degrees lower than traditional rock salt. it lowers the freezing point of water and generates exothermic heat to break snow and ice bonds quickly.
  • the best for your pet: by using magnesium chloride to melt snow, green gobbler pet safe ice melt is less likely to irritate your furry friend's paws or cause gastrointestinal problems if ingested. it's a safer alternative than jagged rock salt. our pet-safe pellets are non-corrosive to concrete.
  • an easy way to clear driveways: our pet safe ice melt is perfect for getting rid of snow and ice on parking lots, sidewalks, porches, patios, driveways and more. it's an easy way to keep your pets safe while your prep your home or business for winter weather. green gobbler pellets can also be used with spreader equipment for large areas.
  • perfect for spreaders: because of its small, round pellet shape, pet safe ice melt can be used in various ice melt spreaders.
  • safe for pavement, concrete & plants: green gobbler is safer for plants and pavement. it's less likely to harm grasses, bushes, trees or decorative landscapes than rock salt when used as directed. it leaves no lingering residue. our magnesium chloride is exclusively sourced from the dead sea by natural production.

Want to melt ice quickly? Then the Green Gobbler Ice Melt Fast-Acting Treatment will indeed make it quick. As the name suggests, this ice melter will do wonders for your concrete that is already covered in heavy snow or ice.

It can thaw snow and ice for up to -10°F and works better than its competitors. It is also magnesium-chloride based, making it safer than rock salt ice melters. It is also safe to use if you have pets around and won’t do any harm to their paws as they walk through it. 

Buying Guide

1. Ice Melter Type

Ice melts come in different form factors. But the three most common ones are granules, liquid, and pellets. Choose one that you think is best for your concrete and the thickness of the snow that has already accumulated around it.

2. Active Ingredients Used

Ice melts are made with active ingredients to help thaw snow and ice. The most common one is magnesium chloride which is more prominent in ice melter products as of late. There are also others such as sodium chloride and or calcium chloride. But it is shown that magnesium chloride is more effective compared to the other mentioned ingredients. 

3. Environmental Effects

Choose an ice melt that is suitable for the environment that you are in. Some ice melt products may contain chemicals that can be harmful to your pets or plants. So make sure to check the label first and see if they are safe to use.

4. Prices Are Your Best Friend

Product prices can often be deceiving. Always remember that some high prices don’t mean better quality products. We never know, maybe the magic happens in lower-priced ice melts. That’s why you need to check the reviews first instead of adding that ice melt to your cart just because of the price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the ice melt I bought works as intended?

Check the product information and check the Fahrenheit measurement. The lower the number, the better. But keep in mind that this also depends on the concrete you are going to apply the ice melt to. 

Should I apply the ice melt before or after the snow/ice has already accumulated?

You can do it either way. But it’s best to apply the ice melt before snow and ice can form into the concrete. Doing so prevents the snow from bonding with the paved area that can harden over time. 

I already applied the ice melt product but it doesn’t seem to work, what do I do?

Give it a little time to absorb into the snow/ice before shoveling it off from the concrete. Try putting another layer of ice melt and see if you can see any changes. If not, you may have bought a low-quality ice melt product.

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