The Best Household Thermostat

As the technology all around us has evolved, so have the thermostats. Today’s household thermostats are advanced enough to learn and know your desired temperature range and are smart enough to tone things down when you are not around to save on bills.

10 Best Selling Household Thermostat

Our pick for the best household thermostat is Nest Learning Thermostat.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat Thermostat - Works With Alexa - Stainless Steel
Product Highlights:
  • no more programming: with auto-schedule, the google nest learning thermostat learns from you and programs itself.
  • home/away assist: don't heat or cool an empty home. home/away assist adjusts the temperature after you leave.
  • remote control: control your thermostat from anywhere using the nest app.
  • know more, save more check your energy history to see how much energy you use and why.
  • look for the leaf: the nest leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy.

Nest Learning Thermostat is very smart. It remembers the temperature ranges you prefer and programs itself for that range. It helps save energy by automatically turning itself down when you are not in the house. It’s Wi-Fi enabled – that means you can remotely access and control it using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

One of the main distinguishing features of Nest is that it automatically adapts with the changes in your lifestyle, ambient temperature and the seasons. As you turn the temperature up and down to comfortable settings, it learns what keeps you comfortable and creates a custom temperature schedule for your home.

It’s motion and activity sensors allow it to automatically detect when nobody is home and turn the temperature down.

The “Airwave” feature measures the humidity level inside your home and turns the AC on only when necessary – saving more on your cooling costs while keeping the house cool and comfortable.

Perhaps the most helpful feature of Nest Learning Thermostat is that it lets you see your entire month’s energy use history with Nest Energy Report. Detailed Energy History is available on the Mobile and Web app for the last 10 days. Being informed and educated helps you save even more.

Installation is a breeze and can be done under 30 minutes, whether you want to do it yourself of get a professional help.

It’s currently on sale (see price). While the price is a little bit on the higher end among thermostats, you will soon find that it’s savings far outweigh the initial cost. Plus you’ll get to show off how cool it looks.

Intro to Thermostats

A thermostat is a device that controls the heating and cooling system in your home. Almost all homes today have a thermostat of some kind. If you’re interested in choosing a home thermostat, there are a few things to know about them before getting started.

First, you’ll need to make sure that the thermostat you choose is compatible with your home’s heating and cooling systems. The most common types of systems are central heat or central heat and air which may be 24V, oil, gas, or electric. Or, you may have other system such as an electric baseboard, heat pump, fire place, or floor/wall furnace. Determine this before choosing your thermostat.

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Types of Thermostats

Learning Thermostats

This is a type of thermostat which are programmable but it doesn’t actually require you to program them. As their name suggests, they learn as you use them and create a heating/cooling profile that’s based on your preferences. They can learn to turn themselves down when you’re away, guide your home to more energy-efficient settings and also provide you with monthly energy reports. Also known as a smart thermostat, they connect to your home Wi-Fi network. You can easily monitor and set your temperature and also manage your home removely from any connected device. The only disadvantage to this thermostat is that it does take some time to set up and learn the system. However, once in use, smart learning thermostats are the best home thermostats for efficiency and ease-of-use. Nest is a great example of a learning thermostat.

Remote Energy Management

This is a type of thermostat which allows users to set up, program, and monitor their heating and cooling systems from any connected device including a computer, smartphone, and tablet. The thermostat connects to your home broadband network so you can access it from anywhere. While this thermostat does not have as many functions as the one mentioned above, the ability to access and control remotely makes it a good option. Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is an example of a remotely controllable thermostat.

Programmable Thermostats

This is a type of thermostat which makes an efficient use of your home system by automatically adjusting to the set temperature throughout the day. You program your preferred temperature at different times of the day and night and the thermostat does the rest of the work. If desired, you can override the system temporarily to raise or lower the temperature. While a programmable thermostat is a good option, it will have to be changed regularly and may not be as efficient as other types. Honeywell RTH2300B1012 is a 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat – it lets you set one program for 5 weekdays and a separate program for weekends.

Digital Non-Programmable

For those who prefer to manually control the settings on their thermostat, this is an option which allows for that. It features an LCD touch screen making it slightly easier to use than the mechanical thermostat. The primary disadvantage to this thermostat is that any changes have to be made manually. Additionally, this system cannot be accessed remotely and is not very flexible or energy efficient. Here is an example of Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat: Honeywell RTH111B1016


Manual thermostat is rarely sold anymore, but may be found at some stores. Like its name suggests, you control the settings manually. Usually, there is a dial or knob on the thermostat which is adjusted manually to reach the desired temperature. This thermostat is best for people wo are home often and prefer a fixed temperature. However, it is not considered an energy efficient model. Honeywell CT87N1001 is an example of a manual thermostat.

As you can see, there are many types of thermostats available on the market. Depending on you preference and/or prior experience, you may prefer one type over the other. However, if you want to get a thermostat that is smart, takes care of adjusting temperatures on its own, helps you save on energy bills, lets you access it remotely and at the same time looks really cool, Nest Learning Thermostat – 3rd Generation is the best one out there.

10 Top Rated  Household Thermostats

Google Nest Learning Thermostat Thermostat - Works With Alexa - Stainless Steel
Product Highlights:
  • no more programming: with auto-schedule, the google nest learning thermostat learns from you and programs itself.
  • home/away assist: don't heat or cool an empty home. home/away assist adjusts the temperature after you leave.
  • remote control: control your thermostat from anywhere using the nest app.
  • know more, save more check your energy history to see how much energy you use and why.
  • look for the leaf: the nest leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy.
Ecobee SmartThermostat With Voice Control , Black
Product Highlights:
  • save up to 26% annually on heating and cooling costs (compared to a hold of 72°f)
  • included smartsensor extends comfort to your most important rooms
  • comes with siri and alexa built-in for calls, music, and added control (apple homepod mini required to enable siri)
  • automatically pauses your heating or cooling when a door or window is left open (requires ecobee smartsensor for doors and windows and a smart security subscription)
  • integrates seamlessly with your preferred smart home system
Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 WiFi Touch Screen, Energy Star, Alexa Ready
Product Highlights:
  • comfort comes in your color. personalize your wi-fi smart color programmable thermostat to fit your décor.
  • your schedule. your way. flexible programming options for your schedule or utility company’s peak rate pricing.
  • easy operation and intuitive. bright, easy-to-read touchscreen makes for simple operation.
  • compatible with: forced air (gas, oil or electric), hot water and steam, and heat pumps with electric backup. does not work with electric baseboard heat (120-240v).
  • energy star certified. help save energy, track your heating and cooling with monthly energy reports and get personalized tips on reducing energy use.
Honeywell Wireless WiFi Thermostat7 Thermostat,7 Programmable
Product Highlights:
  • total connect comfort app available, remotely monitor/manage your homes comfort and energy use
  • energy savings mode, and 7 day easy programming
  • custom display, with on screen comfort information
  • simple programming and professional installation
  • five-year limited warranty
Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Required, ST75 Black 5.625" X 3.4" X 1.17"
Product Highlights:
  • save about 23% on hvac energy*: by adjusting the temperature using flexible scheduling, remote access, and geofencing, sensi customers saved about 23% on hvac energy usage
  • most install in 30 minutes or less**: use the built-in level, illuminated easy-click terminals and step-by-step app instructions for a quick installation. skip any extra work painting or patching the wall thanks to the standard thermostat size.
  • smart home compatible: works with amazon alexa, google assistant, apple homekit, and samsung smartthings smart home platforms.
  • usage reports: monitor current day and historical heating, cooling and fan runtimes right in the app.
  • control from anywhere: remotely control your home comfort from your smartphone or tablet using the sensi mobile app for android and ios devices.
Honeywell Home 52 Day Programmable Thermostat
Product Highlights:
  • backlit display for easy viewing
  • precise temperature control of +/- 1°f
  • separate programs for the weekdays and weekends with 4 program periods per day
  • for use with central gas, oil, or electric furnaces & ac
  • for millivolt systems
Honeywell Home RTH6360D1002 Programmable Thermostat, 5-2 Schedule , White
Product Highlights:
  • flexible programming: 5-2 day or one week programming lcd screen
  • large backlit display shows current room temperature and set point temperature simultaneously
  • smart response learning - learns your heating/cooling cycle times to deliver the right temperature when you want it
  • auto change from heat to cool
  • includes change reminders for air filters and low batteries
Google Nest Thermostat E Thermostat - Works With Alexa,White
Product Highlights:
  • programmable smart thermostat that learns the temperatures you like and programs itself to help you save energy and stay comfortable; start with a simple schedule and easily adjust it whenever you like in the nest app
  • home/away assist automatically adjusts itself to an eco temperature after you leave, so you don’t heat or cool an empty home. connectivity requirements-wi-fi internet connection, phone or tablet running ios or android, nest app
  • remote control lets family members change the temperature on this smart thermostat from anywhere using a phone, laptop, or tablet[1]
  • the nest thermostat e has hvac monitoring, which looks out for your heating and cooling systems; sends an alert if something doesn’t seem right, along with helpful reminders to make maintenance easier[2]
  • the nest leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy; with energy history, just check your phone to see how much energy you used and find out how to save mo
Honeywell TH9320WF5003 WiFi 9000 4.5 Inch, White, 'Requires C Wire"
Product Highlights:
  • made in united states
  • package length : 6.0"
  • package width : 2.0"
  • package height : 8.0"
  • material type: plastic
Honeywell Home 7Day Programmable Thermostat, Small, 1-Pack,White
Product Highlights:
  • 7-day menu-driven programming with 4 periods per day
  • it is compatible with- single stage heating and cooling, multistage heating and cooling, heating only, cooling only, furnace (warm air), central air conditioning, heat pump without auxiliary heat, heat pump with auxiliary heat, hot water, steam or gravity, 750 millivolt, and gas fireplaces
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