The Best Hot and Cold Water Reverse Osmosis Faucet

Reverse osmosis systems ensure that the water you are drinking is clean by letting water pass through different stages of filtration. Often, when you buy an RO system online or directly from a physical store, it comes with a faucet, but there will always be those unavoidable occasions when those do not work well or when they get worn out and develop leaks. 

When this happens, then it is probably time for you to replace your faucet. But be careful because not all faucets are suitable for reverse osmosis systems, so check the specifications of the faucets you are considering buying or better yet, ask someone more knowledgeable, such as your plumber or the seller. 

5 Best-Selling Hot and Cold Water Reverse Osmosis Faucet

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Hot and Cold Water Reverse Osmosis Faucet

1. APEC Water Rialto 2-Handle Reverse Osmosis Faucet 

APEC Instant Hot And Chrome Rialto Faucet-HC-RIA-CM
Product Highlights:
  • premium dual temperature designer faucet
  • lead-free water dispensing faucet for use with apec's instant hot and reverse osmosis systems
  • ¼" input and ¼ turn ceramic disc valve
  • featuring a 360° swivel spout for ease of use

The first faucet that will be presented here is a chic-looking water dispenser faucet produced by the brand APEC Water. For a faucet, this is a little more expensive than others–it costs $306.71 based on Lowe’s website and it is labeled as a “designer faucet”–but it must be worth every dollar. 

It can dispense both hot and cold water, it has a spout that can turn 360 degrees for your convenience, and it is a hundred percent free of metal and lead. It also has solid controls and a ¼ turn ceramic disc valve so the flowing water is regulated. 

This faucet is very easy to install, so you do not have to hire anyone to do the work for you. The hoses have markings and colors to guide you so that you know whether or not you are doing the installation process correctly so don’t worry. 

This beautiful faucet–which will be perfectly suitable for your kitchen if you’re looking for something classy–is available in the colors Chrome and Brushed Nickel. The package includes one faucet and three tubes–one to serve as a connection to the RO system and two to connect to the Instant Hot system. 

2. WaterLux WL-301STS 3-Way Reverse Osmosis Faucet 

WaterLux WL301STS Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System Lead Free
Product Highlights:
  • quick and easy to install
  • dual flowing spigot for both regular tap water and filtered water
  • strong, sturdy, durable, and built to last
  • dual control levers for regular and filtered water
  • sleek, modern design that compliments almost any decor

This WaterLux reverse osmosis faucet has a dual flowing spigot that is suitable not just for filtered water, but for plain tap water as well. In addition to that, it has dual control levers and it can swivel around to up to 360 degrees. With this faucet, you will get water with good pressure. It also comes with a water filter adapter so you can relax and be confident that the water you drink is free from toxins and dangerous contaminants! 

It does not take long to install this faucet and get it ready as long as you scrutinize the images well, but knowing a bit of German would be really helpful in understanding the installation manual. Nevertheless, once you have had it set up, you’ll know right away it is that kind of fixture that will last. It has a nice stainless steel finish and a functional design that will surely make it suitable in just about any kitchen.

3. Franke LB13250 Stainless Reverse Osmosis Faucet

FRANKE LB13250 Hot Water Medium, Silver/Pewter
Product Highlights:
  • franke‘s steel faucets are constructed of solid stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance, inside and out, making these faucets a culinary necessity.
  • 8 7/8" tall hot and cold filtered water filtration faucet for use with under-the-sink filtration system
  • sleek steel finish provides the perfect complement to modern spaces.countertop hole diameter 1 3/8 inches. flow rate 0.5 gpm
  • pair with other faucets in the franke steel line for a consistent look throughout the kitchen
  • add a franke under-the-sink water filtration system to improve taste, color and health of your water

Franke makes stylish high-quality kitchen fixtures. The easy-to-install Franke LB13250 Stainless Reverse Osmosis Faucet is one of their products. It has two variants–one that has only one handle, and another which has two, for hot and cold water. For the faucet to release hot water, you need to purchase the Franke Instant Hot Machine separately. 

Since this faucet is made of stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion. This is what makes it a great addition to your kitchen. It is also very sleek and shiny and it has a high arc or gooseneck head which will make it look great in just about any kitchen, particularly if you prefer something with a modern design. It fits in a countertop hole with a diameter of 1 ⅜ inch. 

4. WaterLux WL-302STS 3-Way Reverse Osmosis Faucet 

WaterLux WL302STS Stainless Steel Faucet For Reverse Osmosis System
Product Highlights:
  • versatile and convenient design: our 3 way kitchen faucet provides hot, cold, and filtered water if connected to an under sink reverse osmosis system which is sold separately. the filtered water is delivered without mixing up with a tap water. the filtered water flows through silicon hose and never gets in contact with any metal surface
  • dual capabilities: this hot and cold water kitchen faucet features a dual flowing spigot and dual levers, one for regular hot and cold and one for filtered water. this lead free kitchen faucet maintain continuous flow what allows you to fill up water jugs and other containers efficiently
  • stylish and modern: durable brass construction with stainless steal finish. ceramic valves that were built to last and timeless design and common height and brushed finish will complement any kitchen décor. lead free brass construction and bpa free components smooth operation guaranteed
  • loaded with attractive and useful features: this brushed kitchen faucet swivels 360 degrees for user convenience; it is made with durable ceramic valves and is lead free. the dual flowing spigot and dual levers; one for regular water with hot and cold capabilities and one for filtered water
  • easy and convenient: the waterlux faucet provides easy maintenance and care; it is easy to install and is compatible with us plumbing; it comes with all the necessary parts and hardware for a seamless installation; there is no need to drill another opening for a separate ro faucet water filter

As a 3-way faucet, this one dispenses hot, cold, and filtered water. This dispenses water from your reverse osmosis water filtration system without mixing it up with plain tap water. This is possible because while it has just one spout, it has dual levers–one is for regular water, while the other is for filtered water. 

This faucet, like most other RO system faucets, can swivel 360 degrees for maximum functionality. It is easy to install–like with any other WaterLux product, some German would be helpful though–and it is also easy to maintain. One of the good things about this faucet is that you can tighten the nut near the bottom of the faucet, which adds a bit more security to the structure since it prevents the faucet from moving around, which is what usually happens with tall kitchen faucets after weeks of usage.  

This tall and elegant faucet comes with a two-year warranty. 

5. APEC Water FAUCET-HC-WST-NP Reverse Osmosis Faucet 

APEC Instant Hot And Nickel Westbrook Faucet-HC-WST-NP
Product Highlights:
  • premium dual temperature designer faucet
  • lead-free water dispensing faucet for use with apec's instant hot and reverse osmosis systems
  • ¼" input and ¼ turn ceramic disc valve
  • featuring a 360° swivel spout for ease of use
  • nsf certified

Like the first faucet presented in this list, this faucet from APEC Water is also called a designer faucet. But unlike the first one, this looks a lot more modern. Still, it is about just as functional. This one will definitely serve as a good replacement for the typical faucets that come with reverse osmosis systems. 

This faucet has a 360-degree swivel spout, solid handles are totally free of metals and lead. It also feels sturdy and heavy. The best part is that you can install this on your own. 

Tips In Getting A Reverse Osmosis System

1. Opt for trusted brands

Do not settle for less when buying a reverse osmosis system. You may have found one that is cheaper compared to its competitors, but have you wondered about its quality too? So choose trusted brands that are already known by many to save yourself from regretting it later on. 

2. Do A Quality Check After Installation

Once you’re done installing your reverse osmosis system, don’t just leave it there and call it a day. Always do a quality check to ensure that the one you bought is worth every dime you spent on it. Remember that it’s always better to be sure than sorry.


A reverse osmosis water system is never complete without a spigot or a faucet. Once the water has gone through the different filtration processes in an RO system, you must make sure that the faucet it will pass through before it reaches your glass won’t recontaminate your water in any way, so you can’t just buy any faucet. You have to purchase one that is made specifically for water filtration systems. 

Here, we presented five of the best hot and cold water faucets for reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Apparently, these faucets come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, and they could make or break the overall look of your kitchen, so aside from considering functionality and quality, you might also want to consider the finish and appearance of the faucet you are going to buy for your home RO water filtration system. 

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