10 Best Family Board Games to Play When You Are Stuck At Home Together

Being stuck at home with each other doesn’t have to be so bad. Actually, it can be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your family. Here are some excellent family board games that will make sure you are enjoying quality time together.

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Top 10 Family Board Games

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule - New Edition
Product Highlights:
  • new! more than 150 fresh, new, fun cards!
  • pick a card, read the seemingly easy topic, then start the timer! now with only 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic, it doesn't seem so easy!
  • players get tongue-tied, funny answers come flying out and laughter is sure to follow in this fast-paced party game
Kids Against Maturity Card Hilarious For Family Party Game Night
Product Highlights:
  • best family fun game – dear evolved parents, kids against maturity is the perfect parental tool to approach playtime and family time. are you sick of the same old dated games every game night? this instant classic was made and played by parents like you. with age-appropriate toilet humor and funny innuendos for the adults, it can be enjoyed by all ages. best results when played with 4 players or more.
  • play it any time any place – one game set includes 500 question and answer cards and a handy box to store it all. it’s portable and a take anywhere size game. become an instant champion while camping, sleepovers, game nights, family gatherings, summer camp, plane trips and more!
  • it’s simple & absolutely hilarious – kids against maturity combines the tried and tested fill-in-the- blank game-play, a perfect enjoyable hilarious way to bring your family together.
What Do You Meme Family Edition
Product Highlights:
  • our bestseller — now for families! the hilarious game you know and love, now with all the r-rated content removed for family-friendly fun.
  • the name of the game: here’s how it works — compete with your friends and family to create the funniest memes. do this by using one of your dealt caption cards to caption (get it?) the photo card in each round.
  • who will be crowned meme queen/king: the winner of each round is decided by a rotating judge. pro tip: pick your caption card to match the judge’s sense of humor. extra pro tip: make sure the judge shuffles the cards for anonymity.
Hasbro Guess Who Classic Classic Game
Product Highlights:
  • features tabletop game boards and game pieces
  • players try to guess each other's mystery character
  • for 2 players
Mattel Games UNO Games UNO
Product Highlights:
  • ​uno is the classic family card game that's easy to learn and so much fun to play!
  • ​in a race to deplete your hand, match one of your cards with the current card shown on top of the deck by either color or number.
  • ​strategize to defeat your competition with special action cards like skips, reverses, draw twos and color-changing wild cards.
Sorry Game Orry! Game
Product Highlights:
  • ditch the tv, and re ignite family night with the get together amusement of a hasbro game
  • party it up, and surprise guests at your next event with laugh out loud game from hasbro gaming
  • nostalgic tabletop gameplay meets interactive digital content for an immersive gaming experience
Exploding Kittens Card Game For Adults, Teens And Kids
Product Highlights:
  • exploding kittens is the perfect card game for adults, teens and kids who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
  • more than 9 million copies sold, breaking records in kids games, adult games and everything in-between
  • a highly strategic, kitty-powered version of russian roulette, basically, if you draw an exploding kitten, you lose and you are full of loser sad-sauce
SEQUENCE Original SEQUENCE Game Cards And Chips By Jax
Product Highlights:
  • play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board - when you have five in a row, it’s a sequence
  • each player or team tries to score the required number of five-card sequences before their opponents
  • easy enough for children, challenging for adults!
Its In The Bag Games - Board Games For Family Night With Kids, Teens
Product Highlights:
  • the ultimate party game. if you love charades, word guessing games and maybe even getting a little crazy with your game nights, then you're going to love, it's in the bag. it's like charades steroids. it builds upon the classic acting & phrase guessing games while adding a touch of ridiculousness to spice things up.
  • as easy as 1,2,3. a fast-paced family active game that's can be learned in seconds and never gets boring. easy enough for kids while still being wildly entertaining for adults.
  • how to play. you and your team must work together to guess the cards in the bag as fast as you can. each round brings new challenges and unlimited laughs as you watch each other come up with creative (but mostly hilarious) performances.[ 4 plus players | ages 10 plus]
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Cheese Pizza
Product Highlights:
  • play it any time any place- convenient take anywhere size game.
  • simple and hilarious- fast paced laugh out loud fun for any get together.
  • wildly popular- perfect for all-ages.

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