The Best Ergonomic Snow Shovel

In winter due to heavy snowfall usually in northern areas, snow blocks the roads, walkways, driveways and etc. This creates too many problems for passersby, for office’s people, for vehicles and etc. to reach their respective destinations on time. In order to solve the problem, the Snow Shovel is designed to remove the snow hence creating easiness and saving time. But of course it is not an easy job to throw tons of snow using a snow Shovel. It can even result in some serious injuries. But using some precautions and using appropriate ergonomic snow shovel, one can do this without any injury setbacks.

Snow shovels are made up of handle and a scoop. In some shovels there may be a stick connecting handle and scoop, while in some other snow shovels, the handle is extended and attached directly to the scoop. Snow shovels are mostly used for either pushing snow or throwing snow, while some can do both jobs. There are some snow shovels whose scoops have blades with sharp edges which can break the layers of ice, making it easy to remove snow but they should be handled with a lot of care to prevent injuries.

10 Top Rated Ergonomic Snow Shovels

Product NameRatingPrice
Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel
(Editor's Choice)
4.4Check Price
True Temper SnoBoss Ergonomic Poly Combo4.1Check Price
Suncast SC5350 20-Inch Snow Shovel4.4Check Price
Garant YP139EAKDU Yukon 14-Inch Poly Blade
(Editor's Choice)
4.6Check Price
Rugg 22BS Aluminum Shovel4.1Check Price
Rugg 26PBSW Back Saver4.2Check Price
True Temper 20-Inch Aluminum Combo4.3Check Price
Ergieshovel Ergonomic Back Saver3.6Check Price
Suncast SC3950 Double D-shaped Grip 3.6Check Price
Truper 33813 18-Inch3.7Check Price



Ergonomic Snow Shovel Reviews

 1) Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel – Best Shovel with Combo Blade, Pusher/shovel


The snow shovel which is topping the list is SC3250 18-Inch Snow shovel  made by Suncast. It has an amazing quality and can be used for many years due to multiple features. It has an ergonomic bent handle which makes it easy for you to comfortably shovel and lift up the heavy snow. It is actually a combo, means you can use it as a pusher as well as a shovel. Its galvanized wear strip can help you to shovel smoothly while shoveling snow, you hit concrete. It has an 18 by 12 inch blade with sharp edges. It does not weigh too much so an average heighted man can easily lift it without any difficulty.

It has some drawbacks too. It cannot be used in heavy snow because this shovel isn’t constructed to handle that type of heavy weight. The long handle is fairly rigid, but it springs uncomfortably when it encounters something immovable.


  • Can be used for years to come
  • Comfortably bent handle
  • Combo (Pusher + Shovel)
  • 18 by 12 inch Blade with sharp edges


  • Can’t be used to lift heavy weight
  • Long handle springs uncomfortably when it hits something immovable

2) True Temper SnoBoss Ergonomic Poly Combo Featured Snow Shovel – Best Shovel with Big Mouth Blade


This True Temper snow shovel is manufactured by Ames. It has an innovative design which can easily attract anyone. Because of light weight of only about 6.2 pounds, it is extremely easy to move and to shovel snow in straight path. If you’re looking for a shovel you can use to move the snow in less time, you should definitely buy this one. It is a versatile shovel, you get pusher, shovel or thrower all in one. But specially for pushing, it is more efficient because of a big mouth blade. With its multi grips feature you can push, lift and throw snow from your optimal ergonomic position.

This special purpose shovel has got some drawbacks too. It is generally heavier than the standard shovel so due to this it is difficult to use it as a lifter especially for pregnant women. When at some moves the shovel need to be twisted on left or on right, it requires much more force than ordinary shovel requires hence resulting in pain in shoulder/arms specifically in heavy snow.


  • Easy to move in straight path
  • Versatile Snow Shovel
  • Big Mouth sharp edged Blades
  • Multi grip Feature


  • Difficult to use as lifter
  • Twist dump method is inconvenient


3) Suncast SC5350 20-Inch Snow Shovel – Best Snow shovel with Non-Stick Blade


Another standard shovel made by Suncast is SC5350 20-Inch Snow Shovel. It has a very good angle for short (5’2″) older people and a very strong edge that can go through the ice, and can push low weights nicely. It has more good qualities that people will surely prefer to buy it rather than the other more expensive aluminum flat sharp blade snow shovel. Another good thing and a plus point is that the snow (even wet snow) does not stick to the blade at all because of its graphite blade.

It has got some negative points as well. It has a little weaker bent handle which is all set to push light weight but heavy loads of wet snow and slush are too much for it, so it breaks if you try to push heavy loads. But as Suncast’s technical support is good so they replace it as fast as they can do. Another negative point is that it is comparatively expensive than the other models of Suncast.


  • Good angle for older people
  • Strong edges
  • Non stick Graphite Blade


  • Weaker bent handle to push heavy loads
  • More expensive from other models

4) Garant YP139EAKDU Yukon 14-Inch Poly Blade Ergonomic Snow Shovel – Best Snow Shovel for Continuous Use


This YP139EAKDU Yukon snow shovel is manufactured by Garant. It is lightweight, it weighs only 2.6 pounds, this is much less than the other standard shovels and it can be used by people who are not allowed to lift heavy weight. It has a D-grip handle which allows you to grip it comfortably if you have gloved hands. Thanks to its aluminum handle which is light and robust, you can easily move and throw the snow. It has been designed for the continuous use because of its ergonomic design.

To talk about its drawbacks then yes, it has a couple of them as well. It has a blade which is much smaller than other larger bladed shovels so it’s intended for shoveling but not pushing. Another major drawback is that its blade is made of plastic and it is very erratic that after 4 uses it can be cracked and after 8 uses it may be broken.


  • Much light weight
  • D-grip handle to grip it comfortably
  • Ergonomic Design for continuous use


  • Smaller blade (not good for pushing)
  • Plastic blade which can be broken


5) Rugg 22BS Aluminum Shovel with Combo Blade – Best Aluminum Blade Snow Shovel


Rugg 22BS Aluminum Shovel  is manufactured by Arett. If you are finding a snow shovel which lifts the snow easily then here is a metal-bladed shovel with the back saver handle which can replace your old one. It is much better shovel than the plastic junk you find at “Big-Box Stores” nowadays. It has a sharp aluminum blade which can help you dig deep. Unlike some other shovels it won’t break, this one is strong and well balanced.

It has got some disadvantages too. It may help you to save your back from some extra bending but yes it is much heavier than it would be if it was built with an Aluminum handle and handle support. Its weight is the only thing actually that makes it a little less effective than the other shovels. One can get tired a lot sooner when using this shovel. The handle may be sturdy for weaker ones to do its job but if replaced with plastic handle then this problem can be solved.


  • Back saver handle
  • Much better than plastic made shovels
  • Sharp aluminum blade


  • Much heavier than ordinary one
  • Handle maybe sturdy for weaker people

6) Rugg 26PBSW Back Saver Combo and Wear Strip Snow Shovel – Best Lightweight Shovel


The next one on the list is also made by Arett. Rugg 26PBSWdesign reduces the strain put on your back as you shove. It is Lightweight yet durable. The metal sharp edge digs in and can go deep down to unveil cement and decking without any problem. Its size is much satisfied for an average heighted man. It has a combo blade to push and shovel. You can use it for a long time, you can use it for 4 hours for moving a mountain of snow with no problems. With a reasonable price it is much better than other ordinary shovels. If you have little snow in you driveways or roads or walkways you should use this shovel.

It has one disadvantage too. If you are using it for heavy snow, it may not break or crack in the beginning but a constant use in heavy snow can damage it.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Metal edges with sharp blades can bear any hard rock
  • Size is satisfied for an average heighted man
  • Reasonable price if compared with other snow shovels


  • Constant use for heavy loads may break it


7) True Temper 20-Inch Aluminum Combo Ergonomic Snow Shovel – Best Portable Shovel


This shovel is made by again, True Temper, has a combo blade – which means you can use it as a shovel and as a pusher as well. If you want to have a portable snow shovel then you should certainly buy this shovel because it easily folds up to keep in the hatchback. It has got a really good blade which is sharp at edges and with steel wear strip to extend the blade life.

Now, the downside. Although its Ergonomic aluminum handle reduces bending but the bend in the sides means it’s not very good at side edging which means that it will work perfectly on straight path but it is surely not good on stairs or where there is a layer of 6’ snow. Another thing which is not good is its size because its handle is shorter and if there is a man who is taller, for instance 6’2” will not be able to grab it comfortably.


  • Combo blade
  • Can be fold easily
  • Steel wear strip to extend blade’s life


  • Not very good at side edging
  • Smaller size


8) Ergieshovel Ergonomic Back Saver Shovel – Best Shovel with Two Handles

This Back Saver Shovel is manufactured by Ergieshovel. This shovel is a complete redesign of a classical shovel. It has a steel shaft which is made of metal and forward handle is strong and sturdy. Also, the weld is solid that if you put around 225 lbs of your weight onto the shovel the scoop won’t bend. Its High Density Plastic Scoops and Wide Gripped Large D-Grips makes it easy for you to shovel and you can even lift and push heavy loads through it. This shovel has reduced the amount of bending required because it has two handles for easiness and ergonomic design as well with wear strip.

It has two major drawbacks as well. Its design is comfortable and innovative but it is quite heavier as compared to other snow shovels in the market. Its blade is little weaker that a constant use of this shovel may break its blade.


  • Redesign of classical shovel
  • Two handles for easiness
  • Steel shaft is much stronger (won’t event bend for 225 lbs weight)


  • Weight is much heavier
  • Blade is not made for constant use


9) Suncast SC3950 Double D-shaped Grip Ergonomic Snow Shovel with Combo Blade, Best Versatile Snow Shovel

Suncast SC3950 by Suncast is much different than other products manufactured by the company. It has a double grip which provides higher lifting which allows you to shovel with less effort. The non-stick graphite blade of the shovel is as wide as anyone would want it. The weight of the snow, dry or (especially) wet, will tend to work your lumber harder than you want. Because of a larger blade you can use it in three ways: push/scoop, turned over when pulling towards you, and turned over while pushing away from you as a final clearing maneuver.

There are some disadvantages too. The middle handle of the shovel is positioned wrong. You cannot throw the snow without wrenching your hand. It is good for shoveling snow but as its blade is made of plastic, you cannot use it for layers of ice.


  • Double grip provides higher lifting
  • Graphite blade of the shovel much wider than others
  • Can be used in three ways (push/scoop, pulling towards you, pushing away)


  • Middle handle is positioned wrong
  • Blade cannot be used for ice
  • Can’t throw the snow without wrenching hand

10) Truper 33813 18-Inch Ergonomic Snow Shovel – Best Poly Combo Shovel


The last one in the list is the Truper 33813 snow shovel which is made by Horizon Distribution. It has got the Non-Stick Thermoplastic blade with metal wear strip which can be used for hard rock or immovable things. Its size is suitable for an average heighted man. It is strong and well-constructed, you can also add an ergo handle to help with scooping. To grip it comfortably it has a cushioned D-shaped handle.

It has got some disadvantages too. The metal blade does not sit flat (slightly bent/curved) on the ground. The ends touch the ground while the center is 1/4 to 1/2 inches off the ground. It is good when there is less snow in the area but as for the areas which have heavier snowfall, it won’t work. It can be terrible on concrete as well as it won’t be effective at shoveling the snow.


  • Thermoplastic blade with metal strip
  • Can be used for immovable things like hard rock
  • Strong and well-constructed
  • D shaped handle (makes it much easier to grip comfortably)


  • Metal blade does not sit flat on ground
  • Good for less and light snow
  • Terrible on concrete (due to aluminum shovel)


Buying Guide for Ergonomic Snow Shovels

Snow Shovel is an essential thing nowadays to shovel/throw or to lift snow. There are some of the reasons discussed below about buying a good snow shovel.

1) Why you should use snow shovel?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that you cannot just remove the snow off your driveway or patio or whatever with your bare hands. You will need a tool which can shovel the snow so you could be able to continue your daily routine work properly. This is where a Snow shovel comes in. Especially when in winter there is heavy snowfall usually in northern areas, snow chokes the roads, walkways, driveways and etc. This creates a lot of difficulty for all kinds of people from students to workers and housewives to employees and etc.

Now, if you’re also one of those people who live in snowy areas and are always late to school or office because of snow stuck in your driveway and etc, it’s time to buy an ergonomic snow shovel. It is designed to shovel or throw the snow that results in easiness and saving time. But yes of course, it is absolutely not an easy task to throw many tons of snow using a snow shovel. It can result in some pretty serious injuries especially back pain. However, using some preventive measures and using appropriate ergonomic snow shovel, anyone can do this without any injury setbacks.

2) How to pick out the best ergonomic snow shovel?

Everybody hates to shovel snow. But it is possible to make this more endurable by choosing the right shovel for the right job. Ergonomic Snow shovels do vary in shapes and sizes, but they all can carry 1 to 1.6 cubic feet of the white stuff. Snow can actually weigh roughly around 120 kg / m3 to an astounding 480 kg / m3, so one shovelful can weigh from 120 to 480 kg.

Well there are a lot of shovels but to choose a perfect shovel for a perfect job, some important points and types of shovels are discussed below:

1) 24” Ergonomic Snow shovel:

This type of shovel is best for removing snow rather than pushing.

2) 18” Ergonomic Snow shovel:

It usually has a small blade and offset handle which can reduce back pain.

3) Square-Nose ergonomic Snow shovel:

It is good for removing layers of ice.

4) Ergonomic Snow shovel containing round-nose:

It can be preferred for heavy snow

5) Scrapper:

It is sharp one-piece blade which can damage the hard thing while chopping.

6) Shovel containing Aluminum scoop:

It is rust proof. But it may not be ergonomic.

7) 30” Ergonomic Shovel:

It works well for pushing and shoveling both.


3) Is Ergonomic Snow Shovel far better than an ordinary one?

One of the drawbacks of using a snow shovel can be a cause of serious pain in the back. As the study of ergonomics is creating and increasing awareness in people, manufacturers of snow shovels have listened. And thankfully, they manufactured well-designed and innovative ergonomic snow shovels. These are easily available in market. For the older people, manufacturers have shovels which consist of wide comfortable handles, and the shaft is curved by an angle, which is making it even easier to remove the snow out of your driveways or off your walkways, with less bending. This really is extraordinary for those that have bad backs.

There are two different types of snow shovel heads to choose from. The standard head (which we all are familiar with the traditional shovel). And now there is a new shovel design with a curved and furrowed head. This is designed to throw the snow out of the way, instead of having to lift it. They are wider as well and have a steel wear strip along the sharp edges which makes shoveling much easier and comfortable.


4) What snow shovel tall people should go for?

Shoveling is hard already. But being taller makes it worse. That is where the need of a snow shovel which is extra-long for tall people is the solution. These are some important tools for tall peeps. There are three basic options to modernize snow shovels according to need for tall people. They are discussed below:

I) Extra Long Ergonomic Snow Shovels for Tall People:

The longest standard snow shovel is supposed to be 62″, which is actually about 7″ longer than an average shovel. What can help a bit more though is to use an ergonomic snow shovel. These shovels have a handle and bend in the shaft so that the lower arm doesn’t reach down as far while lifting the snow.

II) Snow Shovel Handle Readymade Extensions:

It is another option to advance the standard snow shovels by attaching an extension. These are becoming more admired and there are a variety of extensions out there. Basically, it attaches with the handle and extends the length of a shovel.

III) To build an Extra Long ergonomic Snow Shovel for Tall People:

This is the ultimate solution for the whole problem. According to this option you can extend the length of the shaft according to your need.

5) How to use snow shovel without having any injury? (MUST READ before buying a Snow Shovel)

Everyone likes snowfall. But after snowfall there comes the difficulty of shoveling the snow. Everyone has to go out and clear walkways, driveways etc., because no one is going to do it for you.

There are some helpful tips discussed below that you must be familiar with before using a snow shovel:

First is to be safe. Here’s a shocking fact; every year more than 11,000 people visit the emergency departments because of snow shoveling without using precautions. There have been deaths as well. Mostly deaths that occur are due to the sprains, contusions, strains and stress injuries while shoveling snow. The other reasons of death or injuries are from things like falling and slipping, heart attacks, and cuts by accidently hitting with the shovel’s sharp blade.

Second is to shovel often. Yes, it may sound weird but it works. When the bad weather results in more than 6 inches of snow, be ready to shovel 3″ to 4″ piles up every time. Dealing with thinner layers of snow will let you throw much of the snow and reduce the weight of the snow you lift. It will also require shorter spans of less effort, instead of one long continuous effort. Short physical effort with long breaks in between gives your body a chance to rest a little and get ready again.



Snow Shovel is designed to remove or lift snow. It is a must have if you live in colder areas where it snows a lot. It is a perfect tool to have to deal with the snow blocking your driveways and etc.

There are many different snow shovels available in the market nowadays. There are hundreds of different sizes, shapes and models to choose from. Most of them offer pretty good features and are very easy to use. Our number one pick however, is the Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel. It is an ergonomic snow shovel that is just perfect for shoveling and lifting the snow off your driveways and etc. It has all the amazing features you’d want in an excellent snow shovel. Thanks to its galvanized steel wear strip, wide blade and ergonomic bent handle, shoveling snow is made extremely easy and comfortable. One of the other cool things about this shovel is that it is quite affordable. All in all, a perfect choice. suncast-ergonomic-snow-shovel






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