The Best Electric Projector Screen

Our pick for the best Electric Projector Screen is Elite Spectrum Series Multi Purpose Electric/Motorized Screen.

Elite Screens Spectrum Series Electric Projector Screen

Elite Screens Spectrum Series Electric Projector Screen

Electric projector screens are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the screen. The motor is controlled via a remote control or wall switch. There are some projects that are designed to automatically lower the screen when the projector is turned on (and raise the screen when the projector is turned off).

Elite Spectrum Series Screen is an easy to install, operate and all around a great electric screen. The screen is ready to hang and use right out of the box.

The screen sizes are available from 84 to 128 inches in a 4:3 (NTSC), 16:10 (WXGA) or 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio.

Its operation is very quiet as it goes up and down, and you will love the picture quality.

The MaxWhite Screen material is 1.1 Gain with a 160-degree wide viewing angle. MaxWhite screen material provides the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity while giving precise definition, image color reproduction and black & white contrast. There is a black boarder roughly 2-3 inches around the pictured screen.

Screen surface has black-backing to block light and can be cleaned safely with mild soap and water.

It comes with the Standard Infrared (IR) remote control, Radio Frequency (RF) remote, Eye Receiver, 12V Trigger Cable, and Remote wall Box. Everything is included if you are attaching flush to ceiling or a wall. It is self contained, and does not require recessed mounting. However, if you want to fasten it to a ceiling location, you need to make a quick trip to your local hardware store.

If you are looking for a great Electric Proejctor Screen, this one is a no-brainer. There is a reason why it has received raving reviews from customers on Amazon.

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Top Rated Electric Projector Screens

Electric Projector Screen Reviews


Best Choice Electric Projector Screen

Best Choice Products 100 Diagonal 16:9 Electric Projector Projection Screen

Best Choice Electric Projector Screen

Best Choice’s enhanced multi-purpose screen features a matte white surface that diffuses projected light in all directions. The viewing angle is 160 degrees.Best Choice Products Projector Projection Screen

It’s 100″ diagonally with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The actual height of the screen is 57″ and it is 99.5″ wide.

The gain of 1:3 ensures sharper, better picture quality and black-backed screen material eliminates light penetration.

The radio frequency remote control comes in handy for distant control (even when you are not pointing at the screen). The electric motor is fairly quiet.

Best Choice Products 100 Diagonal 16:9 Electric Projector Projection Screen RemoteThe matte surface is easy enough to clean – simply wipe with damp cloth.

When you first unroll it, you might notice a few wrinkles, which will eventually fade away.

The only problem I notice is that it doesn’t roll all the way up into the compartment. It stops and leaves about an inch hanging. If you can live with that it’s a great buy for the money.

Read customer reviews here.

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Visual Apex VAPEX Standard Electric Screen

Visual Apex VAPEX Standard Electric Screen

Visual Apex (VAPEX) is another great screen that will not disappoint you. The construction is first rate and the materials are high quality.

The lightweight aluminum casing for the screen is very solid and has a very nice look.

The screen is 16:9 aspect ratio Cinema White material that is durable and easy to clean. The viewable height is 92″ and width is 52″.Visual Apex VAPEX 9106SE Standard Electric Screen

It comes with 18″ of extra black drop for mounting versatility. Like others, black backed material prevents light penetration and the black masking borders enhance contrast.

This Vapex is not a tensioned screen unit, so you will need to make sure that the right and left side of the screen are equally tensioned to avoid any wrinkles or waves. Or if you prefer, you may also get the Tensioned Electric Screen which is way more expensive ($900 – $1100).

The tubular electric motor operates fairly quietly.

It comes with radio frequency remote control with laser pointer.

The manual is clearly written by a non-native English speaker, so you might get a bit frustrated. However, most of the installation is more-or-less self-explanatory, so don’t give up. The build and quality is awesome.

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FAVI Electric Projector Screen

180-inch (16:9) Electric Projection Screen

FAVI Electric Projector Screen

FAVI’s 16:9 screen is another great alternative for your home theater. This has a gain of 1.3 on white screen material.

It comes equipped with L-bracket for easy ceiling or wall mounting. I had a friend over for help and we got it up and running in 30 minutes.

The motor is smooth and quiet.

You can operate with the control pad or use one of the included infrared or radio frequency remote controls.

It’s a bit more prone to wrinkles and waves than other screens we’ve reviewed. I noticed some curls on the edges, which others noticed as well. However, it won’t affect the picture.

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Gain & Aspect Ratio

What is Gain and Aspect Ratio?

Two commonly used terms that come up frequently when you are looking at electric projector screens are “Gain” and “Aspect Ratio”.

Gain is a measurement of the reflectivity of any screen or projection surface. For example, a screen with a gain of 1.0 will reflect the same amount of light as that from a white board. A screen rated at 1.2 gain will reflect 20% more light as that from a white board.

Aspect Ratio:
The Aspect Ratio refers to the rectangular shape of the video image. For example, an aspect ratio of 16:9 means that the image is 16 units wide for every 9 units of height.


The Best Electric Projector Screen

If you are looking for an electric projector screen that is reliable, long lasting and delivers excellent display, you should get Elite Spectrum Series Multi Purpose Electric/Motorized Screen.

Elite Screens Spectrum Series Electric Projector Screen The Best Electric Projector Screen



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