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Humidity level above 50 percent can cause all sorts of problems – including mold and mildew, and dust mites, creating health issues or triggering allergies. To help you get that dampness out of your room – whether it’s from  your basement, laundry room, bathroom or bedroom, we researched over 50 top rated dehumidifiers and selected the the best ten. If you are looking for portable air conditioners, please check out our guide to the best portable ACs.

Here’s our list of the ten best selling  dehumidifiers on the market today:

1. Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 Energy Star Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Most People

Micro organisms tend to thrive in moist climates leading to several health issues for anyone living amongst them in such climates. Frigdaire has come up with an efficient dehumidifier which is guaranteed to take out any degree of moisture you would want from the air and eliminate any health issues. Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 Energy Star Dehumidifier weighs a mere 47 pounds, yet has the capacity to operate till the water reaches 70 pints a day. In fact, if you connect the dehumidifier with proper drainage, the product can go on all day.

The absolute best thing about it is the body of it. You should always place your dehumidifier in a room where there is no proper ventilation i.e a bathroom or a basement since that’s where most of the moisture will build up.

However, you never really know which room would require it all of a sudden. The bathroom dehumidifier would be too small for a bedroom and the one in the basement would be too large. Frigidaire’s dehumidifier comes at the perfect size.

The dimensions are 15×11.6×21.1 inches and it even comes with wheels and a front handle for you to move it from room to room. It comes with a full 1 year warranty. You can also pick the level of humidity you want it to reach and once it’s there, it’ll automatically shut off until needed again.

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2. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

The Best Non Electric Dehumidifier 

Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier, Pack of 1, White Sand

No company would probably be as dedicated to ridding you of moldy clothes or furniture as Eva-dry. The company has come out with several products of this sort, however, the E-333 renewable mini dehumidifier definitely wins by a long shot. No assembly, no power outlets and no batteries.

Using this product is about as effortless as it can possibly get. Basically, you place the mini dehumidifier in a closed space i.e a closet and let it do its magic. The item has proved to be a holy grail specifically of people complaining of clean clothes smelling extremely unpleasant. The reason was simple, mold.

It is super lightweight as it weighs only 1.2 pounds and measures to 9×2.8×8 inches. The way the mini dehumidifier works is with the help of a special silica gel. The gel absorbs moisture and keeps on absorbing it till it reaches its capacity.

The capacity is reached in an average of 30 days. However, this doesn’t render the product useless. The product can be used for a whole 10 years. When the dehumidifier reaches it’s full capacity, it gives an indicator. The orange crystals turn green and that’s when you know that you have to plug it in to a power source, let it charge, see the color go back to orange and continue on.

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3. Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Your Basement

The second item from Frigidaire to make this list is FAD504DWD dehumidifier. Certainly one of the best dehumidifiers out in the market. The product design is obviously different from the other one, however, the mechanism is still the same.

Placing the dehumidifier which weighs only 37 pounds and measures at 17.3×12.3×25.5 inches in any room would be sufficient to rid it of moisture. The device is automatic, yet you can adjust it to automatically shut off at the humidity level of your choice.

The item is particularly useful as a kitchen appliance and even more specifically for bakeries etc. Moisture filled air passes through the product and it collects the water from the air thus letting out dry and moisture ridden air.

The device is able to work for 24 hours if connected to a proper drainage supply. Otherwise it’s maximum potential is at 50 pints of water per day. One of the best things about this dehumidifier is its portability.

The device is easily portable because of the front handle and wheels. The filter is easy to wash and the mechanism itself does not cause any annoyance or unnecessary noise. So, you go on with your day as per usual.

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4. Keystone KSTAD50B Energy Star Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Larger Rooms

Keystone 50 Pint Portable Dehumidifier, Moisture Absorber for Bathroom, Basement, Garage, and Large Spaces up to 3,000 Sq.Ft. with Continuous Drain Option, Wheels, and Auto-Shutoff

Keystone has come up with one of the most intricate designs for a dehumidifier. The KSTAD50B is a one of its kind model with a fully automatic mechanism. The device is able to rid the air of moisture to your desired content and any microorganisms present which may hinder your day to day lives.

The item can be placed in a room of up to 3000 cubic feet and works effortlessly and quietly in the background for the entire day. It’s maximum pint potential comes up to 50 pint per day. However, if connected via hose to a proper supply, the device will run smoothly for as long as you require it to.

It weighs 36.3 pounds and no assembly is required for it. You can move it around from room to room as you please. The device has an LED display and several features including an automatic restart in case of a power outage.

KSTAD50B also comes with a 1 year warranty, but customer reports show that they had no need of ever returning the product to the manufacturers with any complaints. The device will indicate when the filter is to be cleaned and the filter itself is quite easy to clean.

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5. Ivation GDM20 Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Your Bedroom

LPVLUX Ivation IVAGDM20 DehumMini Powerful Small-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier for Smaller Room, Basement, Attic, Boats, RV's and Antique Cars

Ivation is no far behind in eye-catching designs, however, the company is sure you won’t even notice it. Why? Well, Ivation GDM20 Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier measures only to 5.32×5.75×8.75 inches and is extremely quiet in its mechanism.

You can place it in a room measuring up to 1,100 cubic feet and let the device do its magic. The device has the capacity to store till 16 ounces of water which is an estimate of two days worth of moisture. After that, all you’ll have to do is empty the tank. That’s all you have to do basically. The rest is done by the device to help you live allergy and mold free.

The company is certain of the fact that you won’t have any complaints whatsoever from their device. This certainty added with the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback is definitely a confidence booster.

Ivation GDM20 has an LED screen showing you the humidity level as well as indicating when the tank is full. It genuinely is functioned to work as quietly as possible. You won’t hear any annoying beeps or such when the tank is full, all you’ll see is a flashing light and you’ll do your part while the device does the rest!

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6. Pro Breeze™ Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Apartments

Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers for Home,215sqft Small Dehumidifiers for Room,17oz Tank Portable Closet Dehumidifier Removes Humidity Mini Small Dehumidifier for Bathroom Dehumidifier for Bedroom RV Basement

Pro Breeze has put in all of its faith into one design and one model. This dehumidifier has mostly the same functions of the Ivation dehumidifier. The product is however, a bit expensive. What it lacks in being cheaper, the company says it makes up for in performance. The device measures at the right size between mini and maxi. Thus making it perfect for rooms of up to 1100 cubic feet i.e offices, kitchens or bedrooms.

Here’s a fun fact about a dehumidifier, it boosts up the performance of your air conditioner. Essentially by removing the moisture content from the air, it reduces the strain of the air conditioner and your room would feel considerably cooler with a dehumidifier than without it.

Pro Breeze PB-02-US Dehumidifier is portable and light weight. It comes with thermoelectric power i.e no compressor is required for its use.

The product also has the certainty of being as quiet as possible as to not annoy you throughout the day. It can absorb up to 16 ounces of moisture from the air which equates to two days worth of moisture.

Once it reaches its full capacity, you’ll see a light flashing on its LED screen to give you the thumbs up to empty the container.

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7. Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Your Laundry Closet

Whisper-quiet Eva-Dry EDV-1100 16 OZ Dehumidifier with Auto Shut Off for Home, Bedroom 1100 cubic feet (225 sq. ft), Bathroom, Kitchen, RV, and Closet - Small Dehumidifiers to Remove Moisture

The second item from Eva-dry to make this list isn’t another one of its mini dehumidifiers, in fact this is more of a small to mid room sized dehumidifier adequate for a room of up to 1100 cubic feet. What’s the best place to keep your dehumidifier? Easy, any room without proper ventilation.

This includes your laundry room, bathroom or a small home office. It, however, is not limited to those areas. You never know when you’d need it in your bedroom or outside. This dehumidifier would best be suited to RV’s and/or boats. The device is lightweight and portable so that wouldn’t be an issue.

Eva-dry Petite Dehumidifier has whisper technology to assure you of a quiet and peaceful day to day. The only reason you bought it was to limit the annoyance of your allergies or moldy clothes, it wouldn’t make much sense if the device caused you any distress. The device also works without the need of a compressor.

What’s really great about it is the fact that it comes with a one year warranty, as do other Eva-dry products. Customers would rate this a strong 4/5 and gave great praise to uts effortless technology.

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8. Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 Energy Star Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Your Garage

Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier, Gray & White

Frigidaire has dominated this list of top ten’s with not one, not two, but THREE spots! The reason for this is due to the technology of the company. While the result of every dehumidifier is pretty self explanatory, the mechanism is always different for each company or each individual design.

Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 is different from the others of Frigidaire in this list because of the fact that, unlike the other two, this isn’t fully automatic. The device has the capacity to store up to 50 pints of water from moisture air per day. However, if you connect it to a suitable spot where it can drain any water collected, you’re good for as long and as much as you use it.

The device has wheels and a front handle so you can carry it around wherever you go. Frigidaire dehumidifiers work best in any sort of room. The product measures up to 15x11x24 inches.

Energy star technology makes it more eco-friendly for use. From its sleek design to its amazing mechanism, customers had nothing but praise to give it.

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9. Ivation IVADM10 Powerful Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

The Best Dehumidifier for Your Bathroom

Ivation IVADM10 Powerful Small-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier - for Smaller Room, Cupboard, Basement, Attic, Stored Boat, RV, Antique Car,White

A thermoelectric dehumidifier works without a compressor. This ensures a much more cleaner mechanism and boosts its whisper technology. Although whisper technology is any dehumidifier producing company’s priority as well, they often have to go with a compressor for more efficient use.

Now, some people would require a bigger and more seemingly efficient dehumidifier. However, the size has nothing to do with the efficiency. This product proves that.

The Powerful Ivation Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier takes another spot on this list. With a few minor glitches which lead this product below the other one, its use isn’t to be undermined. It’s basically where to use it which puts it down.

This dehumidifier can be used for smaller spaces such as bathroom, cupboard, RV, stored boat, attic, etc. When you live in a humid environment, mold tends to build up in cupboards or closest etc and food or clothes can be rendered useless because of it.

Instead of praying for mercy when you open your cupboard, it’s much more likely to have a dehumidifier such as this one. The dehumidifier has easy to clean filters and an easy to empty water tank. It can store up to 16 ounces of water from moisture.

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10. Keystone KSTAD70B 70 Pt. Dehumidifier

The Best Heavy Duty Dehumidifier

Keystone KSTAD70B 70 Pt. Dehumidifier

And the list is ended with another product from Keystone. When the air passes through the dehumidifier, the moisture is automatically collected in the form of water and dry air is released from the other side. The main purpose of any dehumidifier would be to eliminate any microorganisms from the air which makes a person prone to allergies and, in severe cases, asthma. However, the removal of moisture can lead to added bonuses such as elimination of rotting smells. Keystone is dedicated to the craft and came up with yet another model of a dehumidifier.

Keystone KSTAD70B has the capacity to store up to 70 pints of water a day. The only drawback is the fact that it isn’t as easily portable and besides, with a dehumidifier this big, you’ll only need it in one big room, for example, the basement.

Nevertheless, it does come with wheels if you’re particularly determined. However, there is an advantage to a bigger dehumidifier and that is more air dried.

The water tank is easily emptied and the device gives an indication when it reaches its full capacity. The noise made is slight. It will shut off automatically when full and comes with a one year warranty from Keystone.

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Dehumidifier Buying Guide

If you live in a humid environment then odds are that you’ll come head to head with a few problems, such as; constant allergies, unpleasant smells, molds on your furniture or clothing and etc. A lot of people will just brush these off and not do anything about it, but it isn’t until the situation turns much more serious when they actually start to think about it. For example; a mold allergy turning into a prompter for asthma. However, by the time you realize that the situation needs to be dealt with, the damage has been done.

Expecting someone who’s more prone to allergies to just pack up and move is absurd. Especially when there’s a device to get rid of all the problems arising due to a humid climate – a dehumidifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dehumidifiers are there to choose from?

A dehumidifier is something you’ll need constantly depending upon the season or the general climate in your location. Thus, being picky when it comes to buying something you know you’ll need in the best quality is natural. The first and foremost thing to do is assess your living conditions and the general climate. Even though everyone who has a dehumidifier is living in a moist environment, it’s the specifics which differentiates their device from yours. There are two types of dehumidifiers:

1. Refrigerant dehumidifier:

These dehumidifiers operate with a compressor within them. The moist air is passed through the compressor and the compression makes the vapors lose its kinetic energy and turn into liquid. It’s essentially a cooling process. A refrigerant dehumidifier is more suited for people who live in higher levels of humidity. The reason being that a compressor much more efficiently dries any incoming air than the second type of dehumidifier.

2. Desiccant dehumidifier:

Unlike a refrigerant dehumidifier, a desiccant dehumidifier doesn’t have a compressor. Instead, it contains silica gel which performs the same function. A desiccant dehumidifier is much more suited to areas with less humidity because the silica gel isn’t as effective to remove all moisture from air on the first go.

The differences in types also makes for a difference in cost and size. A refrigerant dehumidifier is more expensive and larger. As opposed to a desiccant dehumidifier which is cheaper and smaller.

What size dehumidifier would be best for my home?

Well, it depends on how much you need a dehumidifier. People buy one because they want to dehumidify their living conditions. That’s the simple answer. However, the much more complicated answer would be to the question: why do you need to dehumidify your living conditions? Some people might have a tendency to get allergic because of all the microorganisms or mold, other people would just want to stop mold from growing on their clothes or food items and yet some people would want one so that other appliances work better.

If you need to dehumidify a limited area then you should go for a much smaller dehumidifier. These are comparatively cheaper and more easily portable. However, their capacity to store water can easily run out and you’d have to empty the tank regularly.

If your allergies are more likely to act up due to the humidity, you wouldn’t need a smaller dehumidifier because the space to dehumidify isn’t confined anymore. You would require a much larger device. However, it depends on how much you actually are prone to allergies on which you decide the size of your device. A little known fact about a dehumidifier is that it can enhance your air conditioners performance. Basically, it stops the stress on the AC thus making it more efficient. If that’s your aim then a medium sized dehumidifier would work best for you.

What features should I look out for in a dehumidifier?

There are various features you need to look out for in a dehumidifier based on your needs:

Wheels/casters: Dehumidifiers come in the weight range from 2-50 pounds. If you think that you’d be needing to carry your dehumidifier around with you all of the time or to move it from one room such as an office space to another such as the kitchen, then you need your device to have wheels.

Drainage outlet: Most portable dehumidifiers do not come with a drainage outlet. The water is stored in the dehumidifier until it reaches it’s full capacity. At which time, it stops functioning and gives an indication that the tank must be emptied. Larger dehumidifiers usually have drainage outlets. They may or may not have a hose in the added accessories of the device. However, that isn’t an issue since any hose would work. The benefit of a drainage outlet is that you wouldn’t have to constantly empty your tank. There is also the fact that a large dehumidifier can store up to 50 pints of water on average. It’s up to you whether you want to splurge or not.

Whisper technology: This is something dehumidifier companies definitely prioritize. Having a dehumidifier which makes noise would make you feel more at ease without it than with it. Thus, companies focus on making the compressor as audibly low as possible.

Frost control: A refrigerant dehumidifier causes the air to liquify. Yet, in some occasions, it may solidify the water vapors into frost. The dehumidifier tends to stop working efficiently or completely in such cases. So it’s better to splurge for a device which tends to prevent water from freezing.

Humidistat: Some dehumidifiers come with a special feature which lets you automatically adjust the humidity level you wish to achieve. Such dehumidifiers tend to stop once that level is reached and restart if it’s disrupted.

How to use a dehumidifier?

Every dehumidifier comes with it’s own set of instructions. After unpacking the product the very first thing you need to do is assess all of its parts i.e the basin and any cords or hoses. To actually check the efficiency of the dehumidifier, set it at the highest value possible. Now, this value can be different for different types of dehumidifiers. The range varies from 30-90%. After a few cycles, you can determine whether it’s working at the level of efficiency you require. Afterwards, you can adjust the humidistat to any desired humidity level.

All dehumidifiers come with some sort of indication when to empty the water tank or when to clean out the filters. Do not delay cleaning the filters or emptying the tank for even a day. Otherwise your device fails to operate. Always turn your device off before cleaning it.

Make sure that your dehumidifier has enough circulation space. If the vent is on the top then make sure you place your device somewhere down. Similarly, if the vent is on the back of the device then you need to place it a few inches away from the wall to give it circulation space.

Other features to look for in a dehumidifier?

Like we discussed above, a dehumidifier is a long term investment. If you’re looking to splurge then here are a few more useful features to look out for;

Automatic dehumidifiers have one up-ed their manual alternatives by having the auto on/off switch. The humidity level you wish to achieve doesn’t always have to be 0%. You might find it fine to have 50% or even 70%. It all depends on what you’re most comfortable with.

You can adjust your dehumidifier to automatically detect via the humidistat when that level is achieved and turn off on its own. Another useful thing to splurge on is an easy to clean device. There are some dehumidifiers you’d have to clean out regularly and some not so often.

Even if your dehumidifier does come with a drainage outlet, you would have to clean the filters in any case. Otherwise your device is rendered useless. An easy to clean filter is much more attractive than one you’d spend an hour on.

Yet, the most needed splurge is something that can save your money in the long run – energy efficiency. Some dehumidifiers work on low energy voltage supplies and some on more. The trick is to find one which consumes less energy but is efficient at the same time i.e one does not cancel out the other.


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