Best Cordless Electric String Trimmer

I hate cords trailing across the garden, I hate messing about with extension leads and I also hate having to worry about where I am going to plug the trimmer in. So I have compiled a list of top-rated cordless electric string trimmers that are currently available on the market. I’ve searched through them all and plucked out the best ones, just so you don’t have to!

10 Best Selling Cordless Electric String Trimmer

Trimming the edge of the lawn has always been a well-known chore. We all loathe having to get all sweaty and covered in the grass just to mow the lawn and then afterwards having to fire up yet another machine to do all around the edges and along your plant beds. Then we have the added annoyance of getting halfway around the garden to discover that we have run out of cord and have to then go and mess around with extension leads. That is the case unless of course, you buy yourself a nifty cordless string trimmer.

Here’s a list of the trimmers that made the cut:

Top Rated Cordless String Trimmer Reviews

1. Zombi Cordless Electric String Trimmer

Zombi Cordless Electric String Trimmer Review

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Now I know that when you’re buying a new tool, you’re interested in how it works, life expectancy, how much it’s going to cost etc, but Zombie has created this absolutely stunning trimmer. Its looks are in fact the first thing that drew me to look at the specifications of this trimmer, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing Zombie tell you is that they are giving you a massive 5-year guarantee, instant green light for me. Secondly, It comes with a 54-volt battery and charger, which is also included unlike some trimmers, where you have to buy that separately.

It has an adjustable cutting width of generous sizes and reaches a speed of 6600 RPM. You’re definitely going to speed through the chore of cutting the lawn with this trimmer.

It weighs in quite heavy at 15lbs, but in my opinion, you need a hardwearing, heavy duty machine if you’ve got a large area, or thick grass to make your way through.

It comes equipped with a quick change spool so that when your reel runs out you’ll be back on the job in no time. It saves you even more time with the automatic spool feeder, so you can release the spool as you go along. It also comes with different speed settings to make it easier to be delicate when needed or even to be rough when needed.

The unit on it has a digital display and charges very quickly, with an indicator light to tell you when it’s finished. There haven’t been any specifications written up about how long the battery runs for, apart from one reviewer who said it will “run for hours”.

It will cost you a fair whack, but I definitely think this is worth the money!

Read customer reviews & check price of Zombi ZST5817.


  • Looks great
  • 54 volt battery
  • Quick change spool
  • Automatic spool feeder
  • Digital display
  • Speed settings
  • Long battery life
  • 5 year guarantee


  • Cost

2. GreenWorks 2100202 Cordless String Trimmer

GreenWorks 2100202 Cordless String Trimmer Review

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Greenworks caught my attention immediately with the advertisement that their trimmer is attachment capable. I read further into this and most attachable heads for a trimmer will fit onto this machine! It has the capability to come with a blower/vacuum which is going to be mega handy to get all of those loose cuttings away from your newly trimmed garden!

With this trimmer you are also able to choose whether to buy the battery and charger along with the trimmer, or you can choose to buy the whole lot which includes, trimmer, battery, charger and blower/vacuum. It also comes with the choice of 20v, 24v and 40v, so you can choose which is the right power for you!

This model weighs only 10lbs, again super light and suitable for almost any family member to use. It also shuts off if you encounter anything that is too tough for the machine to handle, which I think is an excellent safety feature. Don’t worry though, it won’t take long to get the machine back up and running so that you can continue your job. The trimmer guard however is large and bulky, and this seems like an unnecessary feature of the design.

On high power the battery only lasts around an hour, but then again who would want to be trimming and edging for that length of time?!

Another bonus of this trimmer is that it is super quiet, so no annoying the neighbours (or the better half) no matter what time you decide to do the lawns! One downside is that the trigger has been said to pinch the skin on your fingers at certain angles, so do be careful when using the trigger. I’ll let you decide when you see the very reasonable price.

Read customer reviews & check price.


  • You can choose what power machine you would like, meaning you won’t get an underpowered/overpowered trimmer.
  • Really quiet when in use.
  • Shuts off if you come across something it cannot cut – excellent safety.
  • Can have attachments from other products (most will fit).


  • The trigger can pinch fingers.
  • Trimmer guards are large and unnecessary.

3. Ryobi Cordless String Trimmer Edger

Ryobi Cordless String Trimmer Edger Review

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This trimmer from Ryobi is a little on the heavier side coming in at 13 lbs, but don’t let that put you off as once the cutter head and the battery is adjusted this trimmer is very easy to carry as it is perfectly balanced. A strap on it isn’t necessary either which is a bonus.

The Ryobi also comes with an automatic spool feeder, which saves you time and energy whilst trimming as you can feed more spool through as you pull the trigger. However this does happen every time you pull the trigger so this may become a problem if you’re constantly stop-starting your trimming as it may become expensive to buy replacement spool. All of this however can be solved by manually feeding the spool.

It also comes with a handy edger, which gives you a nice ‘fresh cut’ looking lawn and also has a variable speed setting so that you can control your trimming for the best precision and the best looking lawn!

The battery is very long-lasting on this trimmer. It can hold a charge on maximum settings for an hour, and it takes less than 2 hours to recharge! So whilst you’re waiting for that to charge you can get on with another gardening chore (or maybe even have a rest!).

The spool however doesn’t hold much string so it may be a good idea to stock up, especially as the spool is fed through every time you press the trigger. For the low price it comes in at though, I wouldn’t be too worried!

Read customer reviews & check price.


  • Well balanced machine, making it easy to use.
  • Has an edging tool that makes it easy to finish your lawn with precision.
  • Comes with an automatic spool feeder.
  • Low price.


  • Automatic spool feeder releases string every time you press the trigger.
  • The spool doesn’t hold much string.
  • Heavy.

4. WORX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger

WORX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger Review

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This lovely, lightweight trimmer from WORX weighs in at only 7.7lbs so you’ll be able to whizz around the yard and get it tidied up in no time! However, because of how lightweight it is, it may feel cheaply made.

This trimmer has a 40-volt cordless lithium-power battery which provides power as if it were running on gas, run-time is up to 45 minutes on high power, and it produces zero emissions. With it comes a three-speed variable control and a rotating head for precision edging. This 40-volt trimmer/edger is loaded with the power you need and the precision control with a pull-out metal guide to creating a professionally landscaped lawn that all of your neighbours will be jealous of.

It also comes with an automatic spool feeder that releases a small amount of string every time you pull the trigger which saves you having to keep feeding more string through and making your job 10x easier! The line has been described to go through the grass-like “a hot knife through butter”

It’s also good for those of us that are on the taller or even shorter side, as it comes with a fully adjustable handle, this feature will certainly save some of us having to bend or stretch out of our comfort zone! It also comes in at a reasonable price, with all of that, it made it onto my list!

Read customer reviews & check the price of WORX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Produces zero emissions.
  • Adjustable handle.


  • Feels flimsy and cheaply made.
  • Only runs for 45 minutes from a full charge.

5. EGO Power Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

EGO Power Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer and Edger Review

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EGO Power+ has produced a teeny tiny 6.7lb strimmer that promises the best power out there. EGO claim to have a short charging time of just 40 minutes (although customers have said it doesn’t even take that long) and then a whopping 60 minutes of use! The vibration from the trimmer is also far less fatiguing than a gas trimmer would be, giving you time to enjoy your neat and tidy garden afterwards! Some customers have said though, that a low throttle the machine might cut off, but I wouldn’t really consider that much of a problem.

One comment that seems to come up quite a lot is that the trimmer throws debris around, and that you will need to wear protective eye gear and not wear open-toe shoes whilst doing the trimming. However, isn’t it expected to have debris thrown around a little and I’m not quite sure who would wear open-toe shoes whilst gardening!

This trimmer also comes with an automatic spool feeder, making life much easier. Of course, this comes with the usual problem of replacing the spool etc. It’s to be expected that you will have to change the spool from time to time. The unit is also fully waterproof, so if your lawn is slightly damp, then this shouldn’t matter too much (apart from the wet grass sticking to you!).

Another feature I thought was great was the fact that you can choose your bundle like some of the other trimmers featured on this list, although the full bundle does come in at a big whack, I do honestly think you get what you pay for.

Read customer reviews of EGO Power+.


  • Lightweight.
  • Fast charging.
  • Long battery time.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Automatic spool feeder.


  • At low throttle, the machine will cut out.
  • High price if you go for the full bundle.

6. Earthwise Cordless Electric String Trimmer

Earthwise Cordless Electric String Trimmer Review

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This cheap and cheerful trimmer created by Earthwise is what I think, any first-time gardener needs. It’s fairly lightweight weighing just over 10lbs and it’s super cheap on Online!

This trimmer comes with a handy edging function so that you can finish the job properly and professionally. This also includes a flip-down edge guard to prevent you from ruining the spool or even precious plants along your garden bed! The upper handle is also able to rotate making the job even more effortless!

When it comes to replacing the spool, it’s a generic thickness so you should be able to just go to your local hardware store and buy some for much better value. This trimmer just keeps on saving you money! It doesn’t have an automatic spool feeder, but it shouldn’t take long to replace.

Battery wise there have been a lot of comments about this particular one. When you first unpackage it, it will come with a small amount of charge. My advice is to use it and drain the battery down, and then charge it to full. Earthwise claim that with proper battery care, as the life of it goes on, you should be able to get more and more battery life out of it.

Although this trimmer is rather large, it is surprisingly light weighing just over 10lbs, which still shouldn’t be too heavy for anyone to carry!

Read customer reviews of Earthwise Trimmer.


  • Very cheap.
  • Easily replaceable spool.
  • Battery life increases with proper care.
  • Rotating upper handle.


  • No automatic spool feeder.
  • On the larger side, so maybe difficult for older people to use.

7. Toro 8 in. Cordless Electric Trimmer

Toro 8 in. Cordless Electric Trimmer Review

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This teeny-tiny trimmer is perfect for those of us that either have a small area to trim, an area which won’t take much power to cut, or prefer to have a smaller handheld device to do the gardening with. It weighs only 6.4lbs! The cutting width is quite small too, so if you don’t need to trim much or you have a narrow area to trim, it will work a dream for you.

This small device even comes with an automatic spool feeder so you can continue to cut your grass, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to for long as some customers are saying that the device only runs well enough to cut your lawn for about 15-20 minutes, and takes up to 4 hours to charge! If you have spare time though, this may be perfect for you!

One bonus of this trimmer is that it comes ready assembled, so you don’t need any tools or parts to put it together. The battery isn’t removable though, so this will prove a problem if the battery needs replacing. For the low price the Toro is listed for though, I don’t think you’d be too bothered about replacing the whole unit. The battery is rechargeable and has a handy indicator light on it too.

I think that overall with this trimmer, you definitely get what you pay for, customers have reported issues with flimsiness, lack of power (then again it’s 12 volts so it’d never be too powerful) and when the battery has almost depleted you’re unable to use the trimmer.

Read customer reviews & check the price of  Toro 8 in. Cordless Electric Trimmer.


  • Very cheap
  • Light and convenient
  • Automatic spool feeder


  • Battery life isn’t great
  • Long charge time
  • Flimsy

8. BLACK+DECKER LST136W Lithium Ion String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LST136W Lithium Ion String Trimmer Review

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First on the list is a trimmer from Black+Decker, and the first thing about this trimmer that caught my eye was that you’re able to buy it without a battery (so if your battery is fine and you need to replace the actual trimmer), you’re also able to buy just the battery if it ever needs replacing and you can also buy the “full shebang” which includes a trimmer, battery and replacement spool. Good start, at least you know that you can replace anything that may deteriorate over time!

I also love the fact that it comes with an automatic feed spool to help you keep going, rather than having to stop and change the spool all of the time, or even to adjust the length of the spool as you get to longer grass etc.

It’s a very lightweight machine, weighing in at only 9.8lbs, which means there are no restrictions on who uses it. It also comes with a rechargeable battery, that recharges within the hour so that if you’re lucky enough to have a large garden and the battery runs out, you won’t have to wait long for the battery to charge to finish the job.

It also has a handy power command dial so that you can choose between full-on power to get the job done as soon as possible or you can dial it down to make the most out of the use of the battery (which according to customer reviews can last up to an hour!)

This trimmer comes in at what I think is a fair price, certainly the kind of price you’d expect to pay for Black+Decker. However, the plastic gears have been said to be flimsy, and it seems like this trimmer would not be suitable for harder grounds, as the spool will be used a lot faster. To replace this spool, depending on where you go the price could mount up to quite high.

Read customer reviews & check price.


  • You’re able to choose whether to buy the whole kit or just replacement batteries/trimmers.
  • Comes with an automatic feed spool, to make trimming easier and more convenient.
  • Power command dial so that you can choose between full-on power or you can turn it down to conserve battery life.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • The battery lasts up to an hour.


  • Plastic gears are known to be flimsy
  • Not suitable for harder terrains
  • Spool can be expensive to replace

Buyers Guide

What’s an automatic spool feeder and do I need one?

An automatic spool feeder is a little button/trigger on your trimmer that will feed some of the spool (a string that cuts the grass) through. When cutting this string will break and eventually you will be left with no string to cut your grass. Most trimmers are designed to release a small amount of spool every time you pull the trigger to begin trimming. They’re not necessary, but I think that they will save you a lot of time when trimming your lawn. Most trimmers come with them anyway.

What’s the benefit of having a cordless string trimmer?

It means no more having to worry about where you’re going to plug your trimmer in, it also means that you don’t have to constantly worry about where the wire is and worry that you’re going to accidentally cut through it.

Why not just go for a gas trimmer?

Firstly, the environment will thank you massively for switching to an electric trimmer. You won’t get any of the gas leaking all over your lawn and plants. Electric trimmers are also much cheaper to run, and may even go for longer than some gas trimmers. They don’t tend to have as much power as gas trimmers though, but many will still do all of the things you have purchased a gas trimmer for. Another bonus of an electric strimmer is that they often come with multiple speed settings, so you can choose your desired speed depending on the terrain. They are also much easier to start, rather than pulling away at the choke on a gas trimmer.

What sort of weight should I go for if I’m a middle-aged man, fairly fit and I have a large garden?

Personally, I’d go for a heavier trimmer for that kind of job. Often the heavier trimmers don’t really have too much of an issue for the user and the weight is distributed on the front and the back, which in turn actually helps with the trimming process as the user has better control over the trimmer. If you have a tiny garden, or you lack strength, go for a smaller one.

What sort of sound do electric trimmers produce?

Electric trimmers are without a doubt much quieter than a gas trimmer. Certainly useful for those with close neighbours, timid pets or young children.

Do I need to wear safety gear whilst trimming?

You’re not breaking any laws if you don’t, but I’d definitely recommend it. Always protect yourself from any dangers that could occur. I’d say the most important protective gear that you could wear is eye protection.


I hope that my list of strimmers has helped you decide which one to go for, or at least given you some insight on what to look for when you do buy one.

In my opinion, it’s always best to read reviews, ask around, and go for what will suit you as a user.

May all of your lawns be tidy!

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