Top 10 Best Carousel Slide Projectors

Was your childhood filled with evenings spent watching carousel slide shows with your parents? Would you like to bring those memories back and treat your own children to those treasured experiences? Carousel slide projectors from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are now highly collectible and prized items and still able to find in the market.

10 Best Selling Carousel Slide Projectors

Carousel Slide Projectors Buying Guide

What should you look for when shopping for a carousel slide projector of your own? We’ll walk you through the various aspects of our Buying Guide.

1. Magnifying Power

A carousel slide projector must offer great magnification power to best show your images. Some slide projectors boast 4X or 6X magnification, so when your slide is inserted into the projector’s carousel or magazine it enlarges your image to a bigger size for enhanced viewing pleasure.

2. Sharpness

No matter if your carousel slide projector can display your images in 3X or 4X magnification, if the images lack clarity, focus, sharpness, or color, it won’t be as satisfying to view.

3. Usability

Is your carousel slide projector easy to operate? Does it only accept one slide at a time, or can you load a tray of slides through a carousel or magazine? Another consideration is the controls of the slide projector: most slide projectors are sold with remote controls to make it easier and more convenient to switch through loads of slides.

4. Portability

These machines were built to be portable. Carrying from room to room, house to house, people shared their slides and enjoyed slide shows. While the actual slide projectors are compact, the carousel and magazines are usually as large as the slide projectors themselves. We mention this only because users would expect them to be as portable as today’s electronic equipment.

5. Light Source

One of the most important aspects of a carousel slide projector is its light source. The light source determines how bright (and vibrant the colors will be) when the image is displayed on a screen or wall. A lamp or light bulb shines the image onto the screen or wall, but more modern slide projectors’ bulbs have been replaced with high-powered LED lights.

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Top Rated Carousel Slide Projectors

Kodak Carousel 4200 Slide Slide Projector
Product Highlights:
  • lens not included with projector
  • remote forward and reverse
  • improved corner-to-center illumination
  • long-life lamp
  • built-in handle, accessory outlet
Kodak Carousel 4600 Projector 4600 Projector
Product Highlights:
  • lens not included
  • autofocus operation
  • remote forward and reverse
  • rear leveling foot
  • 3-position lamp switch (off, fan, and lamp); improved corner-to-corner illumination
Kodak BC4401 Carousel 4400 4400 Projector
Product Highlights:
  • remote forward, reverse, and focus
  • 3-position lamp switch (off, fan, and lamp)
  • lens not included
  • rear leveling foot, accessory outlet
  • improved corner-to-center illumination
Kodak 650H Slide Projector Projector
Product Highlights:
  • kodak slide projector 650h
  • remote control
  • kodak (author)
Vivitar 3000AF Carousel Slide Slide Projector
Product Highlights:
  • automatic focus
  • remote control
  • slide previewer
  • includes s-100 tray
Kodak 760H Carousel Slide Slide Projector
Product Highlights:
  • kodak 760h carousel slide projector with zoom lens, slide tray, and case
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