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Top 13 Car Seat Trays

Lusso Gear Kids Travel ( IPad Holder Stand & Art Supplies Storage Pockets)
Product Highlights:
  • content kids = happy parents: keep your sanity & arrive on time. after years of long-distance travel our road trip warrior parents consortium perfected this car seat tray, including every useful travel tray feature kids need to stay happy, engaged and content. your ears & fellow passengers will thank you.
  • keep tummy's full & hands busy - space saving dry erase board doubles as mess-containing eating tray, then easily restores to like new clean with a few wipes of a damp paper towel, without ghosting, staining or looking dingy.
  • the ultimate viewing experience - tablet stand secures tablet in place, allowing kids to watch and interact hands free, so you can let kids use electronics, without worrying about them crashing to the floor
Kenley Kids Travel Tray ( 13.5 Inches (Pink/Gray))
Product Highlights:
  • --a kid's best friend - no matter if your toddler is hungry or bored, we've got the tray that does it all. from keeping the little ones entertained on a long plane, train, or car ride, to giving them somewhere to enjoy their snacks comfortably, kenley kids' travel and play tray offers fun and functionality for both boys and girls. not to mention, it gives mom and dad a worthy backseat organizer at the same time! **patent pending design**
  • --storage room to spare - with a medium sized ipad/tablet pouch (10w), two cup holders and a removable/collapsible storage compartment, you'll have more room to know what to do with! there are two large zippered pockets and additional mesh pockets for even more storage capacity. so, no matter how many crayons, travel toys, or snacks you need to bring with you, you can make sure you have room for it all.
  • --perfect portability - are you the travelling kind? our fully collapsible design makes transport a breeze, and the padded carrying strap makes it that much easier even when the little ones are trying to make it hard!
Kids Car Seat Travel ( Holder |Activity & Stroller Lap Tray)
Product Highlights:
  • do you want to drive relaxed? this is the perfect car seat tray for keeping your kids busy on the go - keep your kids happy and calm while traveling by car, flying, or in a restaurant, with one of these car seat trays!
  • 2 bonuses: the kids travel tray comes along with one water doodle coloring book + one car headrest tablet holder, to make it even easier for your kid to watch his/her favorite cartoons on the go.
  • snack and play car seat tray for kids: the kids can entertain themselves for hours or enjoy a snack at their discretion just by using the car seat lap desk for kids. the materials of the toddler's car seat travel tray, including the mesh pocket storage, can be washed with little effort on your part.
DMoose Travel Lap Activity ( Car Seat, Stroller, Airplane Play And Learn Area)
Product Highlights:
  • fun, kid-friendly travel play area the ultimate toddler activity tray for the car, airplane travel, or strollers this small lap desk for kids lets them draw, color, play games, watch movies on a tablet, or enjoy drinks and snacks on the go.
  • comfortable, well-balanced design our car seat kids activity tray features a soft, wool padded base thats lightweight and supportive and features reinforced sturdy walls to keep snacks, toys, or crayons from rolling away or falling on the floor.
  • waterproof, parent-friendly surface this car activity tray has a tpu coating that keeps it from absorbs liquids or spills to make clean up a breeze. simply remove it with the one-click buckle and wipe it down with a wet wipe or rag with little effort.
Upgraded Kids Travel Tray ( Stroller Plane Bonus 5 Educational Drawing)
Product Highlights:
  • upgraded mess-free transparent dry erase top- the erase top could be draw directly on it using the board pens we offer, let the kids enjoy drawing during the trip. no more kids fighting on the go, kids will be occupied and creative by reading, eating, playing or doodling on the built-in dry erase board. provide you a stress-free driving atmosphere
  • multipurpose design- not only a car seat play and snack tray or lap table, but also a backseat organizers with 14 mesh pockets, 2 zipper pockets to store kids toys, books, pacifiers, bottles, and snacks, the reinforced sidewalls can be used as stable tablet holder. practical activity tray for drawing, eating & playing
  • add more fun on the go- bonus 5 educational drawing papers with dinosaurs, letters train, words matches & labyrinths. and 6 different color dry erasable board pens. learn & play on the go. make the long trip enjoyable. children can imitate the dinosaurs to draw and write letters with the pens. effectively enhance children's hand-eye coordination, recognition ability of letter, number and color
Kids Travel Tray For ( Food & Snack Lap Tray Carseat, Stroller, And High Chair)
Product Highlights:
  • spill-proof | food, drink, drool clean up the mess in one swipe of the waterproof, bpa free surface (instead of all over the floor). your carpets & lower back will thank you.
  • anti-sag walls thick zipper many kids car organizer tend to sag & dump items onto the floor. the 3 tall reinforced walls are sturdy still flexible enough for safety in case of accidents.
  • contained portable entertainment engage toddlers with all their favorite toy without creating a massive clean up job. they get all of the access without you needing to constantly pick things up.
Toddler Travel Tray Pink ( Desk, Activity Tray, Stroller Tray, Play Tray)
Product Highlights:
  • do you want to drive peacefully? this is the perfect car seat tray for entertaining your kids on the go - keep your kids happy and calm while traveling by car, flying, or in a restaurant, with one of these car seat trays!
  • bonus: the toddler travel tray comes along with a 2 in 1 magnetic drawing board, which has also a chalkboard on the back side. the erasable magnetic drawing board is the perfect toy for your toddler while you are driving. it is both fun and educational. the blackboard side contains also an eraser and chalk.
  • snack and play car tray for kids: the kids can entertain themselves for hours or enjoy a snack at their discretion just by using the car seat lap desk for kids. the materials of the toddler's car seat travel tray, including the mesh pocket storage, can be washed with little effort on your part.
Kids Travel Tray With ( Travel, No-Drop Tablet Holder & Borders (All Grey))
Product Highlights:
  • peace of mind while traveling do you know researchers found that children are 12 times more distracting to drivers than talking on a cell phone while at the wheel. according to the findings, the average parent takes their eyes off the road for a staggering three minutes and 22 seconds during a 16-minute trip.
  • a must-have car seat table for safe travels without frustration - a stand-alone tablet or ipad holder becomes stronger hook and loop with detachable back ensures and children are calm and you can fully concentrate on the road making traveling with the kids and your family trip so much safer. the work / play surface is surrounded by sturdy walls which prevent toys, pencils or snacks from ending up on the car floor. great way to reduce your stress while your child is having joyful times.
  • a car seat organizer plus desk organizer tablet holder with special slots for charging cable on the left side. don't worry anymore liquid spill on tablet or smartphone problems because our travel tray has a screen protector. large expandable side mesh pockets. built-in cup,bottle holder and side pockets provide extra space for toys, crayons, books, water bottles, snacks extra-large built-in pencil case. exclusive extra-large pocket for books, larger toys and personal items for toddlers.
Innokids Kids Travel Lap ( Detachable Organizers For Cars, Planes & Baby Stroller (Gray))
Product Highlights:
  • multipurpose protable car seat travel tray: keep your kids entertained for hours while on the go; ideal as a food tray for snacks & meals or an car seat tray for drawing, coloring and baby organizer for other travel activities in the car, stroller, airplane or bus; appropriate for a broad age range from toddler to pre-teen; plus, enjoy our free baby in car sign/colourful pens as an added bonus.
  • keep it organized & easily assembled:the detachable organizers on the travel tray top provide flexibility. three pieces of the organizers can be free assembled on the car seat snack tray,the storage areas where kids can keep crayons, snacks and other items easily accessible and prevent them from rolling off the travel lap tray. with the organizers in place kids have everything nearby without reaching into side pockets.remove for a larger play space.
  • easy clean surface & cartoon design: the car seat tray provides a creative surface image with fun characters and pictures. erasable surface layer makes cleaning up by a piece of napkin paper and you can place a piece of paper under the plastic layer, your children can color as much as their children-hood imagination, without ever running out of paper!
US Design Kids Car ( Travel Activities - Toddler Travel Carseat Table Tray)
Product Highlights:
  • educational us map is the premium quality smart activity travel tray that can also be used with high chairs, dinner tables, plane seats, art desk or as a universal stroller tray attachment.
  • secure tablet holder "11x9" holds and protects ipad with a see-through cover. stops spills and sticky fingers. 2 convenient side and 1 large pockets are the great storage for car travel accessories.
  • bonus 2 activity sheets & 4 markers included in this travel set. scan qr code and get 20 more sheets. excellent convertible lap table for eating, writing, drawing, toys, games, preschool activities.

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