5 Best Car Seat Mirror with Light

Driving with a baby or a toddler can be a daunting prospect. Once your little one is strapped into their rear-facing car seat, and you’re in the driver’s position, keeping a close eye on your baby and the road is a tough task. With the help of a baby car seat mirror with a light, you can better monitor and communicate with your baby.

5 Best-Selling Car Seat Mirror with Light

These are simple devices where the function is executed effortlessly: the baby car seat mirrors attach to the headrests on the backseat of your vehicle to reflect the baby’s face into your rear-view mirror. Mirrors with lights make it even easier to always see your baby’s face at night.

In this article we will show you the key features of the best car seat mirrors with lights, answer your frequently asked questions, and bring you the 5 best car seat mirrors with lights to help you make the best buying decision.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Car Seat Mirror with Light

1. Car Seat Mirror with LED Light and Remote Control

Baby Car Mirror With Every Move, Safety And 360 Degree Adjustability…
Product Highlights:
  • led light dual mode led light allows you to keep an eye on your child at all time during your travels. led lights gradually brighten as not to shock or hurt your babies eyes. night or day, you will have a lit up clear view of your little one. your baby can also keep entertained by seeing themselves at all times, even during night travels. led light switch has a convenient clip so you can keep it near you on your sun visor.
  • extra wide clear view large sized mirror gives you a wide and clear view of you baby from head to toe. this baby car mirror will keep you and your baby at ease at all times during driving when you can easily see and check up on your baby.
  • 360 degree adjustable mirror pivots to adjust to the exact angle you need to see your baby best. simply adjust the mirror as you like and it'll stay put that way.
  • 100% safe and shatterproof designed with your child in mind, this mirror is made of arcrylic materials and is 100% shatterproof making it perfectly safe for your baby. child safety is of utmost importance, this backseat mirror is also crash tested to ensure it stays instact through all situations.
  • easy to install backseat car mirror arrives fully assembled and easily attaches to your car's headrest. simply click the straps in and then pull on the straps to adjust the size.

This Yogo Baby car seat mirror features a dual-mode LED light with a remote control system. The two lights are powered by 3 AA-size batteries and the remote control uses 2 AAA-size batteries. The mirror measures 8.5” x 6”, is made of an acrylic material that is shatterproof and crash-proof to remain intact in an accident. With a rectangular shape, it allows for a wide view of your baby for clear vision at all times. This unit attaches to the backseat’s headrest with straps and punch buckles, and they affix the mirror to a swivel mechanism for 360-degree adjustability for you to set for the best view of your baby. It has received 450 ratings from customers for an average of 4-stars. Customers praised this model for its easy installation, clear vision, and durability.

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2. Night Light Car Seat Mirror with LED

Munchkin Brica Night Light Crash Tested & Shatter Resistant, Black
Product Highlights:
  • remote activated baby car mirror with glare-free led night light for viewing baby at night
  • extensive engineering and positioning of the 4 led lights allow for a uniquely glare-free, crystal-clear view of baby at night
  • rotates and pivots to capture the perfect viewing angle and makes re-adjusting the mirror ever so easy
  • wide-angle, clear-view mirror provides superior, undistorted views, day or night - mirror measures 11.25" x 8.0."
  • 4 light settings to illuminate, soothe or entertain: 30 second safety check, 30 minute extended night light, color selection, and color spectrum (alternating colors)

The Munchkin Brica Night Light Baby Car Seat Mirror features a remote-controlled and glare-free LED light for keeping an eye on your baby at night while you’re driving. There are 4 LED lights positioned on the lower half of the mirror’s base. These lights have four settings: a 30-second safety check, a 30-minute extended night light, color selection, and a color alternating mode. The mirror is 11.2” x 8” to provide a clear, wide-angled view from the backseat. This car seat baby mirror with LED light requires no assembly before installation. To install, simply attach to the headrest on the backseat that the baby faces and secure with the straps and pinch buckles. The mirror can also pivot and rotate so that you can find the best viewing angle while you’re driving. The mirror itself has been crash tested and is shatterproof for the highest safety standards for your baby. It has received 30 ratings for an average score of 4.4 stars. Customer reviews noted it offered a wide view of the baby, that the LED light modes didn’t create glare nor did they disturb their babies, and that it was easy to install in their vehicles.

3. Shatterproof Infant Car Seat Mirror with Light

Elantrip Baby Car Mirror Vision And Allowed Rotation,Crash Tested And Certified
Product Highlights:
  • [easy and fast installation] you don't need to spend a long time to easily install the mirror on the rear seat, and you can have a panoramic view of your baby's every move, giving you peace of mind.
  • [high degree of adaptation] this mirror fits the headrest of most car models. you can install the mirror on the back row according to your needs to get the baby's position and vision.
  • [safety protection design] the safety performance is guaranteed, the product will not hurt your baby when it is damaged or broken, and it is safer than actual glass mirrors.
  • [stable and clear vision]when the car is running, it is more stable and secure than other products. always stable to ensure easily seeing your baby, your travel is stress-free and not boring.
  • [with night lighting function] the night lighting function can provide you and your baby with a suitable environment at night; the soft light gradually brightens, will not irritate the baby's eyes, and can be used well at night and help ensure you can safely see your baby.

This Elantrip baby car seat mirror with LED light measures 10.4” x 6.8” to provide an unobstructed view of your baby from the backseat. It features a remote control by which you can operate the LED light for when you need to see your baby’s face at night. The light is not so bright as to wake your sleeping baby or to dazzle your rear-view mirror while you’re driving. It attaches to the backseat’s headrest with straps and two pinch buckles. The mirror is shatterproof to make it safe for use for your baby. It has received a 4.3 star rating from 5 reviews, and customers found it easy to install, easy to position for the best views, and that the light was dim to not disturb them while driving nor their babies.

4. Baby Car Seat Mirror with Remote-Operated LED Light

Diono Easy View Plus Wide Crystal Clear View, Shatterproof, Crash Tested
Product Highlights:
  • rear facing baby car mirror with led light - perfect for keeping your eye on baby day or night, with integrated night light that provides a soft glow with remote control activation.
  • crash tested - the easy view rear-facing car mirror has been made with baby safe shatterproof acrylic and has been crash tested for added safety.
  • wide crystal-clear view - designed with 360-degree fully adjustable pivot and 7” extra-large convex shape for a crystal-clear full view of baby in the back seat.
  • quick & easy installation - attaches and adjusts in seconds. designed to fit any vehicle headrest including smaller cars and suv’s.
  • award winner - we're proud to say that the diono easy view mirror has won multiple parenting awards for its clever and original design.

The DiONO Easy View Plus car seat mirror features a remote controlled LED light. The LED runs on 3 AA-size batteries and the remote control requires 2 AAA-sized batteries. They design the mirror with a convex shape, is scratch-resistant, crash tested and shatterproof too. The mirror measures 7.1” by 8.3” for a wide angled view of your baby while you’re driving. It is easy to install too: straps and pinch buckles secure the base of the mirror in place and the mirror itself is adjustable through 360-degrees thanks to a swivel pivot for you to find the best view of your baby. It has scored a 4.2-star rating from 971 customers, who found the car seat mirror easy to install, high quality, and that the light was bright enough to see the baby’s face at night but dim enough to not create a glare in the rear-view mirror.

5. Large Baby Car Seat Mirror with 3 Mode LED Light

Moyu Home Baby Car With 360 Pivoting,Shatterproof Glass Black
Product Highlights:
  • 【value-added baby car mirror】: this baby car mirror comes with a pair of sun visors and a mirror cloth. install sun visors on car windows to protect your baby from direct sunlight.sun visor size 17.3"*14.6". the professional mirror cloth can keep the mirror clean and bright, with crystal clear view.
  • 【3 modes led eye protection light】:you can view your baby at night or in dark areas.level 1 low brightness, level 2 medium brightness, level 3 high brightness, the light gradually brightens. freely adjust the brightness required by the eyes.
  • 【wide clear view & 360 degree swivel】: the wide angle convex lens design increases the viewing range and can be easily rotated to your desired viewing angle, both of which can help you easily observe baby's move.
  • 【baby rear mirror safety】: the shoulder straps can be adjusted according to the size of the rear seat headrest, suitable for most cars, trucks, vans and rear seat positions, this design allows the back seat baby mirror to be more firmly mounted on the rear seat, thus as far as possible reduce the shaking of the rearview mirror caused by car vibration, anti-shock and anti-shake.
  • 【crash & shatterproof tested】: this rear facing car seat mirrors is made of shatterproof acrylic ,shatterproof acrylic glass can with stand shocks and keep your baby safe ,it has an extra durable strapping system for stability on rough roads.

This Moyu Home Baby Car Mirror measures 11.4: x 7.1” for a wide view of your baby in the backseat. They construct the mirror of shatterproof acrylic material that has been tested to withstand crashes and is also shatterproof in design. It securely attaches to your car’s backseat headrest with two straps and pinch buckles for easy installation, while they house the mirror on an adjustable pivot that you can rotate and turn to find the best view of your baby while you’re driving your vehicle. Its LED light features 3 modes: a low, medium, and high brightness levels. The light is bright enough to use at night without disturbing your baby or glaring in your rear-view mirror. It has received 319 ratings with an average score of 4-stars. Customers liked it for its sturdiness, easy installation, and the unobstructed view it provides.

Buying Guide

There are many considerations to make before buying a car seat mirror with light for your baby. This section will help you determine the most important aspects when choosing a baby car seat mirror.

1. Light

Lights are important aspects of baby car seat mirrors. They allow you to see the baby’s face clearly in the mirror and are most useful at night. The best car seat mirrors with lights feature a remote control so that you can turn the light on or off when you need it. These lights are not too bright as to disturb or harm the baby’s eyes.

2. Materials

Mirrors must be shatterproof and crash-proof in construction. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the last thing you want is for glass to fall onto your baby should the car seat mirror come loose. That’s why the best baby car seat mirrors are made from shatterproof acrylic glass with layers of film over them to prevent them from shattering, cracking, and sending shards of glass in all directions. The mirrors are usually convex in shape to reduce glare and to offer you a wider field of vision when looking into the baby car seat mirror.

3. Size

The best car seat mirrors are large in size. This allows you maximum visibility of your baby. However, oversized designs aren’t always better: the car seat mirror must not obstruct your view through the rear windshield.

4. Positioning

Your baby car seat mirror with light should be adjustable to a certain degree so that you can find the perfect view of your baby. These car seat mirrors attach to the headrests of the back seat, and some offer swivel functionality that you can use to change the angle and position of the baby car seat mirror as their car seats change to upright seated models when they’re older.

5. Attachment

Make sure the baby car seat mirror you choose has secure attachments. As we have mentioned, these devices attach to the headrests: the most popular attachment designs feature straps with pinch buckles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to clean my car seat mirror?

You can use wet wipes and a scratch-free cleaning cloth to keep the mirror clear and clean.

Are car seat mirrors safe for my baby?

The mirror is safe for use and won’t harm or injure your baby, even in the event of a car accident.

How easy is the installation process?

It is as easy as fastening two pinch buckles and positioning the car seat mirror to your preferred viewing angle.

Will the car seat mirror crack in a crash?

These are made from high-grade plastics and they encase the mirrors themselves in layers of protection and made from shatterproof materials to prevent them from breaking.

Why do you need a car seat mirror?

It allows you to see your baby’s face while you’re driving and you can monitor them to see if they might need your help.


A baby’s car seat is rear-facing and the mirror, installed on the headrest of the back seats allows you an uninterrupted view of your baby. We have shown you the most important aspects of these essential devices so you can make the best buying decision.

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