Best Camping Chairs You Can Bring On The Beach

What is good about camping chairs is that they are versatile, which means that you can use them not just for camping, but for many other activities, as well. For example, you can bring them with you when you go out for a picnic, or when you are going to have a barbecue night with friends, or when you are going to spend a weekend at the beach!

But the thing is, there are so many camping chairs out there–how do you even know which ones are ideal for the beach? Fortunately, you have come to the right place. 

5 Best-Selling Camping Chairs for Beach

Reviews of Top Rated Camping Chairs You Can Bring On The Beach

1. Stansport Low Profile Beach/Camp Chair 

Stansport LowProfile FoldUp Chair Fold-Up Chair
Product Highlights:
  • generous 20" wide x 17" deep seating area, weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • padded arm rest, durable cross woven polyester material
  • powder coated steel frame for corrosion resistance and durability
  • folds compactly and stores easily in carry bag (included)
  • ideal for camping, concerts, beach or park

If you are looking for something that is affordable and yet does the job of making you comfortable perfectly well, then purchase this chair made by Stansport. Its seating area is 20 inches wide and 17 inches deep.

It is also made of polyester, which means that it can withstand the heat of the sun for a longer period without losing its strength. The steel frame is powder-coated, allowing it to resist corrosion.

If you don’t need the extra features that most other camping chairs have, this is the perfect chair for you.

2. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler

This camping chair may be cheap, but it will exceed your expectations. It can hold up to 325 pounds, it’s fully cushioned, and it is a bit roomier than you would expect, with its 24-inch seat.

You can also adjust the height of the arms if you wish to do so! The best part about this chair is that it has a built-in 4-can cooler as well as a mesh cup holder so that you don’t have to get up to grab a drink! 

3. ALPHA CAMP Camp Chairs with Shade Canopy Chair and Recliner Support

ALPHA CAMP Camp Chairs Recliner Support 350 LBS
Product Highlights:
  • adjustable canopy lawn chair
  • heavy duty camping chair
  • durable coating
  • fortified leg tube
  • fine workmanship chair

If you are looking for something that is not very expensive and yet has everything you need, then goes for this chair! It has supporting tubes that allow it to hold 350 pounds of weight, it has a canopy which will protect you from the heat of the sun, and it also has two cup holders of different sizes.

In addition to that, despite its mid-range price, it’s made of high-quality material. It has an anti-rust coating and a very stable frame. It is also available in different colors.

4. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest

SportBrella 3Position Recliner Chair Umbrella And Footrest
Product Highlights:
  • upf 50 plus protection. the sport-brella xl will keep your skin safe and protected from over 99.5 percent of uva and uvb rays. with side panels for extra coverage and wind flaps for ventilation and airflow, you’ll get everything you need
  • xl rugged outdoor canopy. xl sport brella has a 9 foot canopy that is made of 210 d polyester for fundamental all weather protection. it is supported by 4.5 millimeter steel ribs and a 5 mm steel stretcher, giving you the rugged durability you need
  • the essentials. keep valuables safe in the internal side pockets and gain extra visibility with the dual canopy with top vents and side zippered windows. the telescoping pole has a metal tip is held in place by a durable steel screw
  • water repellent and weather protection. protect yourself from rain, wind, or sun with the sport-brella xl. the water-repellent structure will keep you dry and relaxed on rainy game days, or cool from the warm summer sun at the beach
  • everything you need. set up or break down in just a few minutes. the xl sports brella travel dimensions compact to 59 x4 x4 inchesand it weighs 11 lbs. keep everything in the bag, including the 8 steel ground stakes and 3 tie down cords (8 ft. each)

This Sport-Brella chair is going to make you feel like royalty at the beach. With this product, you get to have everything–a 3-way swiveling umbrella, insulated pocket for 4 drinks, cup holder, pockets, bottle opener, and a detachable footrest–at a pretty low price! It’s also lightweight, so you won’t have a hard time carrying it around. 

5. RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair

This RIO Beach Folding Beach Chair will let you have the best time at the beach. It has a headrest pillow that you can adjust, comfortable armrests, and an aluminum frame that is resistant to rust and lightweight.

The best part is that you can adjust it in four different ways and it has pockets wherein you can keep your stuff. This chair comes in different colors that are suitable for the seaside. 

6. ONIVA – a Picnic Time Brand Fusion Original Design Outdoor Folding Chair

ONIVA A Picnic And Soft Cooler - Beach Chair
Product Highlights:
  • the perfect outdoor chair - our original design, folding outdoor deluxe fusion chair by oniva - a picnic time brand is perfect for the beach, park, deck, or tailgate event
  • comfort is key - features comfy ribbed padded 19-1/2 inch wide seat and backrest, safely holds up to 350 pounds
  • loaded with features - fold-out side table with expandable shelves, great fold holding books, tablets, a camera and food and drinks
  • cooler power - detachable insulated cooler, with folding backpack strap system and electronics pocket to boot; built-in fabric loops on back to secure an umbrella (sold separately)
  • lifetime warranty-money back guarantee - backed by the picnic time family of brands built to last lifetime guarantee

If the sight of this chair makes you think it’s cool, it’s because it is. This outdoor deluxe Fusion chair by ONIVA – a Picnic Time Brand probably has everything that you’re looking for in a good camping chair that you can bring to the beach.

It has a spacious seat that is about 19.5 inches wide and it can hold up to 350 pounds. It also has a fold-out side table where you can safely put your drink, book, sunglasses, or even your camera! What’s even better is that it has a detachable insulated cooler where you can store your drinks. It even has pockets for small items like your phone! 

7. Helinox Savanna High-Back Collapsible Camp Chair

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The collapsible camp chair from Helinox and the elongated back is going to give you all the comfort you need when hanging out by the ocean. This chair is also very lightweight and easy to set up, pack up, and carry around. Its packed length is just 20 inches!

It also has mesh panels to keep you cool the entire time and a cup holder so that you don’t have to get up for your drink. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Buying Guide

There are hundreds of beach chairs available on the market today and you must buy one that suits your taste and of course, meets your needs. But you might be wondering, how are you supposed to know which is which? Factors to consider when purchasing a chair to bring to the beach include: 

1. Type

There are so many types of beach chairs on the planet. Backpack beach chairs are very, very light, and thus are so easy to carry around. Canopy beach chairs reduce the need for you to purchase an umbrella since it already has a built-in canopy to protect you from the heat of the sun. Sand chairs are more stable on the sand.

Padded beach chairs are special because they are kinder to your back. Folding chairs are easy to set and pack up, and they also often have cup holders! Lastly, we have lounge chairs. There are now lounge chairs that are easy to fold up and bring to places. What’s good about them is that they are very comfortable to lie on. Whatever the case, choose the type that meets your needs. 

2. Material

The material that makes up a chair is what makes or breaks the product. If you don’t know what sort of material makes a good chair, do your research before heading to the store.

Polyester lasts longer under the sun than nylon. Nylon, however, is much lighter than polyester. Also, check the frame of the chair. Is it powder coated to reduce the risk of developing rust?  The material is a highly important factor that determines the efficiency, quality, and longevity of the product, so make the right choice. 

3. Capacity

Not all beaches and camping chairs are created equal. Different chairs can hold different weights. This is why when buying a chair, you should also consider who is and how many people are going to use the chair.

If you’re a tall person and you know you can’t fit in a cramped seat, buy a chair wherein you will feel comfortable. If you’re buying a chair for a child, pretty much anything will do since they are smaller and lighter–just make sure that whatever you are going to buy is safe. You can also choose to purchase two-seater folding chairs. 

4. Features

No, smartphones are not the only things that can have so many features these days. The beach and camping chairs can, too.

Gone are days when camping chairs are just for sitting. Now, you can get camping chairs with cup holders, pockets, bars for hanging your towel, footrests, canopies, pillows, insulated coolers, and even side tables!

With camping chairs like these, you will never have to bother getting up now and then to get yourself whatever you need for your relaxation time by the sea!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on a beach chair? 

It depends on what you are looking for in a beach chair. There are hundreds of beach chairs available in the market that are of varying prices and types and you can just pick what is most suitable for your needs. 

Where can I buy a high-quality beach chair?

You can get them from department stores, hardware stores, or furniture stores near you. Many are also available online. Just make sure you make your purchase on legitimate websites. 

Are more expensive beach chairs automatically better than cheaper ones?

Not necessarily. There are lower-priced beach chairs that are just as good as those that are more expensive. 

How do I make sure that the beach chair I buy is safe? 

When buying, check out the safety features of the chair. You may also want to buy from brands that are known for the quality of their products. Finally, ensure that there are no loose parts when you use the chair to avoid accidents. 

Are there beach chairs that can fit two people?

Yes, you can go for a two-seater beach or camping chairs if you want to reduce the number of things you have to carry around while you’re on a trip!

How do I clean a beach chair?

Just wash it with some water, a soft bristle brush, and a mild detergent to remove the salt, sand, and dirt, and then leave it out under the sun to let it dry. 


The beach is a beautiful place to be, but not having the right chair with you can ruin your trip and leave you coming home with a painful back. Thus, you must make the right choice when purchasing a chair for your beach trip!

Beach or camping chairs are not hard to find in stores, so you won’t run out of choices. However, you might get overwhelmed. If this happens, check out the capacity, material, quality, and features of the chair you are planning to buy and make sure that it meets all of your requirements and needs.

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