Best Basic Lawn Sprinkler

Top 12 Basic Lawn Sprinkler

Cast Iron Circular Spot ( Spot Sprinkler)
Product Highlights:
  • the circular spot sprinkler is ideal for small garden areas
  • circular watering pattern
  • great for small flower beds
Gilmour 8087631001 Circle Pattern ( Sprinkler, 30')
Product Highlights:
  • ideal for small rectangular lawns
  • 30 feet diameter circle pattern
  • metal construction
Melnor 20261 Oscillating Sprinkler ( Sq. Ft, 3,000, Basic)
Product Highlights:
  • covers up to 3000 square-feet
  • 15 precision nozzles ensure even watering
  • adjustable spray range
Gilmour Watering Equipment NonClog ( Sprinkler | 50950HD)
Product Highlights:
  • treat yourself to beautiful healthu lawn all season. water those drought thirsted laws to perfect health
  • rust-resistant, power-coated finish. heavy weight to stay in position
  • solid cast-iron construction covers up to 900 sq ft. designed to prevent water pooling
SYOOY Metal Circular Spot ( Small To Medium Area Watering)
Product Highlights:
  • durable: low-pressure sprinkler, the distance of water jet is related to the size of water pressure, can withstand 5 kg pressure. it covers up to 31.5'' in radius.
  • convenient to use: spray evenly, water-saving design and easy to use. it is a good helper for your gardening. circle spray pattern for 360 degree spraying no leaking.
  • material: heavy-duty metal construction for stability and long life. it can be exposed to the rain in the outdoor (full-time 360-degree spray), 0-8 meters in diameter.
AmazonBasics Garden Tool Collection ( Holes Oscillating Sprinkler)
Product Highlights:
  • plastic oscillating sprinkler for lawn and garden
  • dual-color base provides easy visibility
  • two-wing attachment stabilizes sprinkler from shifting during use
Melnor XT4000 Sprinkler Turbo ( Oscillating Sprinkle, Basic)
Product Highlights:
  • waters up to 3700 sq. ft.
  • large volume tube with precision nozzles provides even coverage
  • fully adjustable range control
Esschert Design USA Celtic ( Ornament, Metallic Bronze - 35")
Product Highlights:
  • art in motion - set your lawn apart with this beautiful, spinning masterpiece. water sprays from the opposite-rotating top circle and curved lower arms, evenly watering your garden beds while acting as a captivating piece of kinetic art.
  • gently water your grass and garden - perfect for medium-sized flower beds. tall sprinkler stands 35" high from the ground. spinning sprinkler evenly distributes water up to 40 feet in diameter.
  • sets up in minutes - simply plant it in the ground and hook up your hose. thick, strong spikes makes it effortless to install in dense, rocky soil. light assembly required - arrives in three pieces. tighten by wrench.
Melnor 30261 Turbo Oscillating ( Sprinkler, 3,200 Sq. Ft, Basic)
Product Highlights:
  • the turbo-driven motor delivers smoother and quieter oscillating operation and provides longer life
  • the sliding range adjusters make it easy and intuitive to set your watering area
  • 16 nylon nozzles with a tube covers 3, 200 sq.
Melnor Impact Lawn Sprinkler ( Waters Up To 85 Diameter Circle)
Product Highlights:
  • easy to adjust coverage angle from 20 to 360 or partial to full circle watering
  • adjustable deflector flap adjusts spray distance from 40 to 85 diameters
  • diffuser pin customizes spray from gentle mist to powerful jet

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