5 Best ATV Rear View Mirrors

When you’re exploring the backcountry or wandering off the beaten track, high visibility matters to riders of ATVs. When riding on gravel roads, you need to be able to see what’s ahead of you just as much as you need to be aware of what’s behind you.

5 Best-Selling ATV Rear View Mirrors

Most ATVs aren’t sold with rearview mirrors. You get used to riding and turning your head to look behind you, but once you’ve fitted rearview mirrors, you’ll realize just how much safer and more convenient riding with rearview mirrors are.

These are essential safety features. If one of the original mirrors on your ATV is cracked or broken, you can quickly swap them out with new ones. ATV rearview mirrors come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your preference.

In this article, we’ll investigate the key areas of ATV rearview mirrors, what to look for when shopping for a new pair, and we’ll help narrow your shopping list to the 5 best ATV rearview mirrors we have found.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated ATV Rear View Mirrors

1. ATV Rear View Mirrors with Convex Mirrors

Mamiko Universal Motorcycle Rear Moped Polaris Sportsman Honda ATV Dirt Bike Cruiser
Product Highlights:
  • general setting-motorcycle mirror box fittings are equipped with 1*10mm clockwise screws, 1*10mm counterclockwise screws, 2*8mm clockwise screws, 1*8mm counter screws, which are used for mirror installation and assembly wrenches.
  • well-made - the mirror mount is metal, not plastic and so far it has held in place with no movement or vibration help you to see really good behind you while riding on the trails
  • adjustable - mirror can offer a high range of adjustability, easy to install and adjust to any angle & relatable on the fly while riding, ball adjustment is tight enough to hold

These ATV rearview mirrors feature a convex glass mirror measuring 3.3” x 6.1” in size for fantastic rear views. They fit 7/8” diameter handlebars and the package includes a wrench to make installing them to your ATV even easier. The mirror mounting clamps are constructed from metal for a firmer fit to your bike’s handlebars and this offers them greater strength and durability too. The mirror is weather-proof too, with corrosion-resistant screws and ball sockets. Customers lauded these mirrors for their value for money, easy installation, and sturdiness in 139 reviews and rating this item 4-stars.

2. 360-Degree Adjustable ATV Rear View Mirrors

Motobiker ATV And Motorcycle Polaris, Honda,Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Snowmobile
Product Highlights:
  • suitable for any standard 7/8" diameter bars with handlebar adaptor
  • custom eye-catching look, make your bike more attractive & outstanding
  • 360 degree firm rotating joint for adapting all view angle

With a standard mounting for 7/8” ATV handlebars, these ATV rearview mirrors are feature 360-degree rotation for maximum adjustability for riders. The mirrors are flat glass design to offer a clear and undistorted rear view for the rider to enjoy. The mirror size is measured at 5.1” by 3.1” and their swivel action is unique to these designs. The mirror’s stems feature 8mm and 10mm adaptors with clockwise and counterclockwise threads (for the different side mirrors) for easy installation. With 299 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, customers found these ATV rearview mirrors to be easy to install, strong and considered them to be value for money.

3. ATV Rear View Mirrors with Convex Glass Design for Standard Handlebars

2021 UpgradedMotorcycle Convex Rear Compatible With Cruiser, Suzuki, Honda,Victory And More
Product Highlights:
  • 【clear vision, fashion style ,safe drive】- adopted 6.1 inch super large convex glass lens, it provides you a high definition and wider vision, easily seeing the upcoming cars and obstacles via our motorcycle rearview mirror and knows the situation behind, helping to ride safely
  • 【universal set up】- convex rearview mirror for 7/8" handlebar with mirror mount and fitting wrench, as long as your motorcycle has the right size handlebars
  • 【heavy duty structure】- made of high impact abs shell, genuine glass lens, and stronger 11.5mm steel stem, not like others use a 10mm thin stem. it is shockproof and corrosion resistant, great for all weather conditions

These are large ATV rearview mirrors for the best viewing function: they measure 6.1” x 3.3” and have standard-sized stems of 5.5” too. They fit all ATV handlebars with 7/8” diameters. The mirror housings are constructed from high-impact ABS plastic, with glass mirrors, and steel stems for excellent durability and robustness. The mirror housings (with the mirrors) are adjustable through 360-degrees thanks to a connecting ball joint. The position of the mirrors is also adjustable through another ball socket at the end of the stems where they fit the mounting clamps. They have received 133 reviews for a 4.4-star rating from customers. Their glass mirror quality was highly praised by nearly all reviewers as were their sturdiness of design and in use.

5. Glass Rear View Mirrors for ATV

Maverick Rearview Mirrors Fit Suzuki, Kawasaki, And Yamaha
Product Highlights:
  • atv lines of polaris, honda, suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha
  • rearview mirrors
  • atv

These ATV rear view mirrors are offered by Maverick, a company specializing in motorcycle accessories and parts. These simple-looking and functional ATV rear view mirrors feature a 5” x 3” glass mirror size for clear views. These easily install onto standard 7/8” diameter handlebars, and the clamps, stems, and mirror housings are all constructed from steel. These are tough and won’t easily be damaged in the event of a fall or a crash. Customers gave these ATV rear view mirrors a rating of 4.4 stars from 495 reviews, finding that these rear view mirrors were easy to install and offered high value for money benefits.

5. Variably Mounted ATV Rear View Mirrors

Kolpin ATV Mirror 97200, Black
Product Highlights:
  • quick attach/detach mounting base (which is interchangeable with kolpin rhino grip xl #21510)
  • accommodates 5/8” to 1” diameter tubing for positioning on atv racks or handlebar
  • fit type: vehicle specific

Kolpin offers these sturdy rearview mirrors for ATVs. They can be installed to a number of locations on your ATV, not just 7/8” diameter handlebars: the mounting clamps can accommodate tubing from 5/8” to 1” for you to install them on your handlebars or ATV racks for the best rearview position for you. The round-shaped glass mirrors are flat in design to give you an undistorted and non-magnified rearview. The mirror is 4” in diameter. Customers awarded these ATV rear view mirrors 4.5 out of 5 stars in 321 reviews, rating them highly for value for money, fitment, and quality.

Buying Guide

There are certain aspects of ATV rear view mirrors that are important. By design of function, ATV rearview mirrors are simple. That’s their beauty. Here are the key areas you must consider when buying the best ATV rearview mirrors:

1. Mounting

ATV rear view mirrors are mounted to your ATV’s handlebars by a clamp. The industry standard for all handlebar types and sizes is 7/8” in diameter. Some aftermarket handlebars might differ in size, but the OE (Original Equipment) is an industry-wide standard. This makes it easier to install. However, the best ATV rearview mirrors’ mounting clamps are adjustable to fit handlebar diameter sizes from 5/8” to 1”. You simply tighten the mounting screw or loosen the mounting screw to fit the size of the handlebar’s diameter.

2. Adjustability

Your ATV rear view mirrors must be adjustable so that you can find the best viewing angle for the safest riding experience. ATV rearview mirrors are connected to heavy-duty connecting ball joints that offer excellent adjustability. The best ATV rearview mirrors boast 360-degree rotation. The ball joints are firm so that they won’t work loose and flop around as the trails or road become bumpy.

3. Mirror

The actual mirrors’ are convex or flat in design. Different styles are available and you can select which ones you prefer. Convex mirrors have a slight magnification element to them so that the image that appears in the rearview mirror is enlarged so that you don’t need to strain to see what’s behind you. This offers the best field of vision for most ATV riders. A flat mirror design is what you’ll find in most cars: these are standard glass mirrors with no magnification or distortion. What’s more, mirrors are housed in plastic that features shockproof and vibration-proof technology so that you will always have a clear view of your mirrors no matter the bumpiness of the trail.

4. Stems and Uprights

The standard size for the stems (the interleading uprights from the mounts to the mirrors) is 5.5”. Depending on your preference, there are rearview mirrors with longer stems to provide a clearer rear view. However, you will not easily find stems shorter than 5” as the mirrors would then be too close to your hands and could interfere in their free movement. The stems are usually made of steel or aluminum, while ultralight versions are made with high-grade plastic.

5. Installation

As we have mentioned, the best ATV rearview mirrors must fit the standard 7/8” handlebar diameters. The clamps and mounts – and the stems and mirrors – must be easy to install. The best rearview mirrors will take just a minute or two for you to install, regardless of whether you’re technically experienced. They usually require just one screwdriver to mount and you can literally screw in the components of the rearview mirrors’ stems and mirror housings by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should ATV rearview mirrors fold in when in storage?

No, this would compromise the sturdiness of the design. When you’re on the trails, you don’t want the mirrors to fold at all as you want the best field of vision around you.

Are the mirrors dedicated for left- and right-hand size used?

Yes, they are dedicated use only. This is because of the design and integration of the stems for the handlebars.

Is a glass mirror better than a plastic film mirror design?

Yes, they are better weather-resistant, durable, and offer far superior rear views.

What is better, flat, or convex mirrors?

The flat is like your car’s mirrors. Most motorcycles use convex as they require you to turn your headless to see greater rear views.

What is the best sized mirror you should fit?

It depends on your preference. The most popular size is 3.3” by 4.9” size. Think of the palm of your hand: no more than that size is needed.


No matter which of the 5 best ATV rear view mirrors you choose, you’ll immediately realize how much safer, comfortable, and convenient they will make your riding experience. Simple in design yet brilliant in their execution, the best ATV rearview mirrors offer enhanced fields of view so that you can see exactly what’s behind you.

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