5 Best Air Fresheners for Campers

Want to experience the great outdoors to the fullest? Then go on a camping adventure with your friends or family. It is one of the best outdoor activities that you should never miss. However, it’s not going to be an easy road ahead.

5 Best-Selling Air Fresheners for Campers

Along the way, you will encounter some challenges until you get to your camping site. Not to mention, the odor you will smell as you hike towards the path. That’s why having an air freshener with you is a must.

Having trouble with which one to buy? Then seeing you here in this article is no accident. Listed below is a list of the best air fresheners every camper should bring. That said, let’s dive in!

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Air Fresheners for Campers

1. Eco-Friendly Can Air Freshener by California Scents

California Scents Can Air 1.5 Oz Each, Pack Of 12 Packaging May Vary
Product Highlights:
  • [how we’re different] unlike other air fresheners, our scent last for 60 days or long. we have a premium engineered formula for all our air fresheners and a large variety of scents. finally, the product is made in the usa.
  • [superior design] premium air freshener formulated with unique fragrances engineered to last up to 60 days.
  • [multiple uses] california scents spillproof can is great for your home, car and all those other hard to reach tight places.
  • [easy to use] pop the top and place anywhere you want a fresh scent. after 60 days, rotate the scent pads and place the canister in smaller areas such as closets, pantries or drawers.
  • [eco-friendly] reduced carbon footprint from the recyclable aluminum canister to the biodegradable fiber pad inside.

This portable air freshener is the definition of quality and affordability in one. It comes with sixteen sweet scents for you to choose from. It is also an easy-open can giving you less hassle whenever you need it. 

It is also made to be spillproof. So no matter how rocky the path can be, rest assured that this air freshener in-a-can won’t spill. And thanks to its compact size, it will fit into your backpack without taking too much space. Talk about taking portability to the next level!

And if you prefer camping in an RV, this portable air freshener can also be used to freshen up the space too. So if you want a versatile portable air freshener, then this is the one.

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2. The Original Air Purifying Bag by MOSO NATURAL

Moso Natural Air Purifying Room. Luxury Stand Up Design. Two Year Lifespan.
Product Highlights:
  • the moso bag is an extremely effective air purifier and odor eliminator that naturally absorbs unwanted smells, harmful pollutants and moisture. filled with just one powerful ingredient: moso bamboo charcoal, the moso bag will keep your home fresh, dry and odor free without leaving any scent behind.
  • traditional home and car air fresheners are filled with harmful chemicals and fragrances that only mask bad smells. this bamboo charcoal air purifying bag is a safe, non-toxic air freshener that has no smell. 100% scent free and chemical free.
  • covers 300 square feet: perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, living room or any pet area. other air purifiers are bulky but this air purifier bag can be used anywhere and features a metal grommet that allows you to hang or place the moso natural air purifying bags in any space.
  • with routine rejuvenation, the moso bag lasts up to 2 years! simply place the moso bag outside in the sun once a month for one hour. after two years as an odor remover, the bamboo charcoal inside can be sprinkled into your garden to promote plant growth.
  • our odor eliminator bag uses the highest quality naturally-activated charcoal, exclusively made from moso bamboo. we control the entire manufacturing process to ensure moso natural creates the best charcoal air purifying bag.

Out from the old, and in with the new. And if you want something new when it comes to air fresheners, then this is the one you should get. The Original Air Purifying Bag manufactured by MOSO NATURAL is originally made for home use.

However, it can also be used for your camping trips too. It is charcoal-based, which gives you peace of mind from accidental spills just like liquid air fresheners. What’s best is that it doesn’t contain any chemicals. 

This makes the bag eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment around your camping area. The company also claims that this air purifying bag will last up to 2 years. Thus, saving you money from buying another or refilling bottles, unlike its competitors.

3. Odor Eliminator Gel Beads by Smells Begone

SMELLS BEGONE Odor Eliminator Essential Oils - Calming Rain Scent - 12 Ounce
Product Highlights:
  • eliminates odors for up to 90 days - the odor eliminator gel beads will continue to neutralize and eliminate odors for up to 90 days in up to 450 square feet. each gel bead will leave behind a light and pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering.
  • made with essential oils - each odor eliminator gel bead contains 12 ounces of product. the products are made with plant derived ingredients and formulated with a blend of essential oil based fragrances which adds a distinct and unforgettable aroma to any area you place and use the jar.
  • made in the usa - every odor neutralizing gel bead is proudly made in the usa.
  • safe around pets and children - the gel beads are safe around pets and children. simply remove the top label and open the jar to remove the interior liner and screw the cap back on. for maximum effectiveness, place in a well ventilated area.
  • use anywhere recurring odors are a problem - use the gel beads in your home, bathroom, closet, office, rv, boat etc. to remove odors from smoke, garbage cans, pet areas, food and anywhere recurring odors are a problem.

Camping in a wide and open area? Then you don’t want to miss the Odor Eliminator Gel Beads by Smells Begone. This air freshener covers up to 450 square feet, giving you a fresh and clean scent if you are camping in large areas. 

It is also easy to use. All you need is to open the jar, remove the seal, and put the lid back on, and feel the freshness. And with its small size, it fits whatever bag you are bringing on camp. 

This gel-based air freshener is also safe around pets just in case you want to bring along your feline or canine companions. Each gel bead is also made from high-quality essential oils for that long-lasting aroma. 

4. Mini Wearable Portable Air Purifier by Hockoliy

This wearable air purifier made by Hockoliy is something that you don’t see often when it comes to air purifiers.

It is wearable just like a necklace and can eliminate odors quickly. And for a price tag below $20, this is a deal you don’t want to miss. So if you love exploring caves or undiscovered locations around your camping area, don’t forget to wear this one. 

Using it is pretty easy. It has a switch that turns on the device, and voila! It’s rechargeable via USB cable so make sure to bring a power pack with you while camping. A single charge will make the device last up to 32 hours for that refreshing scent wherever you go.

5. Glade Solid Air Freshener

Glade Solid Air Freshener Lavender & Peach Blossom, 6 Oz
Product Highlights:
  • available in a wide variety of rich fragrances at great value
  • can be easily placed anywhere in the home for continuous, long-lasting freshness
  • simple to use solid air freshener with no outlets or batteries needed
  • adjustable gel air freshener cone allows you to release just the right amount of fragrance for your home

If you want something more traditional, then Glade always has your back for that. The Glade Solid Air Freshener is not just suitable for home use, but also for camping too. And as expected from a trusted brand like Glade, you will get the quality you paid for.

The Glade Solid Air Freshener is as simple as it gets just like their other products. It can also be placed anywhere and comes in a variety of scents too. Whether you want lavender, rose, or lemon, there’s plenty of choices for everyone.

Buying Guide

1. Usability

Air fresheners come in different forms and sizes. And it’s best to pick one that suits you best for your camping trip. Should you be exploring the wilderness, then opt for one that can be wearable. Or if you love staying at the camp, then a portable air freshener that you can just put aside will suffice.

2. Fragrant Longevity

Each air freshener product has its fragrant durations. There might be some that will last for weeks, while others are days only. So if you will be camping longer than you’ve expected, then pick one that has a long-lasting fragrance.

3. Price

Most air fresheners already come in an affordable price tag. However, prices can be sometimes deceiving. More often than not, manufacturers love to do some little trickery by utilizing the power of pricing. Are you sure that the affordable air freshener you have is a bang for the buck? Or you might want to check the label and manufacturing information first?

4. Scent

Air fresheners come in a plethora of scents to choose from. And it’s important to pick one depending on the environment you are in. And since you are camping, it’s best to choose a scent that compliments the freshness of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are air fresheners safe to use?

Yes, air fresheners are safe to use and won’t cause any harm to your health. It’s also important to check the label information and see if it is chemical-free. But if you are sensitive to such a product and have started to show breathing problems, call for help as soon as possible.

I can’t feel the fragrance of the air freshener I bought. What’s wrong with it?

There’s a high possibility that you may have bought a low-quality air freshener. Contact the manufacturer immediately to address the issue.

How do I know if my air freshener will last long?

Air fresheners have different lifespans depending on the price and manufacturer. So check the product information first and look for its longevity before adding it to your cart.

How to use California scents air freshener
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