The Best Adjustable Bed Frames with App

Adjustable bed frames are no longer the reserve of hospital wards. At the touch of a button on the smartphone, you too can change your bed’s position to enable you to customize your bed for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. Adjustable bed frames with apps help you find the best position to watch TV or to elevate your head or feet (or both).

5 Best-Selling Adjustable Bed Frames with App

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best types of adjustable bed frames with apps, what you should look for when shopping for these types of bed frames, and we’ll answer the burning questions you have.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Adjustable Bed Frames with App

1. Inofia Dual Adjustable Bed Frame with Massage and App Control

Inofia Adjustable Bed Frame Preset & Memory Positions For Optimal Comfort Twin XL
Product Highlights:
  • 【ergonomic adjustable bed frame】independent head elevation: 0-65 degrees, foot elevation: 0-45 degrees. the preset zero-gravity, anti-snore and memory positions can be cosy for snorers or those who like to read or watch tv in bed. besides, a built-in massage function that offers zoned vibrations for neck, back and calf, resulting in targeted pain and pressure relief for you.
  • 【variety of functions】the wireless remote with backlit and flashlight is designed for easy control of your bed at dark night. and smart app control, with multiple functions, free from the limitations of the single remote control, do as you pleases. other features, like dual usb ports, dual soft under-bed lights and bedside pocket for remote, all are for more satisfactory life.
  • 【simple&solid】5 minute no tool assembly out of box. in order to adapt to most bed frames, we offer three heights (4", 7", 11") for you to choose.the adjustable base bed’s weight limit is up to 850-lb. less than 50db of low noise motors will not disturb your sleep. non-slip surface and safety retainer keep your mattress securely in place throughout all adjustments.
  • 【best gift】1.many elderly have trouble sleeping, and this electric bed will be a surprise gift for the senior in your family, your loved ones will thank you ! 2.physically pain sufferers, this can relieve your pain and then sleep tight. 3.for millennials and gen xers who are busy with your careers, this is the most cost-effective way to relax and de-stress yourself after work. everyone deserve a sweet dreams.
  • 【no risk】inofia adjustable bed comes with 5 years warranty. if there are any reason you are unsatisfied, contact us at any time for technical support or money back guaranty. we will go all out to provide you with the best customer service to ensure you have a pleasant shopping experience. note:txl+txl=split king,if you need split king adjustable bed frame, just purchase 2 * txl.

The Inofia dual adjustable bed frame provides app-controlled adjustability for the twin XL beds. Each bed’s head in this split-bed design can be independently adjusted from 0- to 65-degree positions, while the foot can rise from 0- to 45-degrees. The app controls all functions seamlessly and this system also comes with a remote control too. This bed also features dual-USB charging ports, preset bed positions with a memory function, and it is sold with a 5-year warranty.

2. AMZ Adjustable Bed Frame with Anti-Snore and Bluetooth

AMZ Mattress Adjustable Twin Zero Gravity, 4 USB Charge, Bluetooth & Wireless Remote
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ number 1 twin long size bed frame: the amz adjustable bed frame / power base. easily control the height of the head and foot, suits your desired sleeping positions. have a good rest and sleep with these bed frame sets in your bedroom. dimensions 79 x 37 x 15, and weight 100 lbs.
  • ✅ ideal for content viewing on your device: 0-65 degrees of back incline, additional 30 degrees head-tilt motion. never get neck pain from reading in bed again! 0-35 degrees of leg & foot incline, relaxing dual massage motors. led lights under bed. app or remote controls bed from phone.
  • ✅ gentle sleep with whisper quiet motor: recliner bed with super quiet motor, ensuring no one is disturbed by your adjustment. custom anti-snore program gives you the best chance to never wake your partner again!
  • ✅ easy assembly and powerful durable frame: no need for tools, just your hands! the reinforced steel undercarriage gives you both strength and durability. heavy-duty fabric overlay. replace that weak bedframe with something powerful!
  • ✅ voice command: use the amazon echo alexa app to use over 50 voice commands!

This AMZ Mattress-branded adjustable bed frame comes in two sizes, a twin long and a queen. It features 3 electric motors that can power the positioning of the head from 0- to 65-degrees, a 30-degree head tilt position, and a 0- to 35-degree foot incline position. It also boasts a massage function. This is all controlled via the smartphone app. It can also sync with your smart-hone technology and responds to 50 voice commands through Amazon’s Echo Alexa app. Users can choose their own positions or use one of the pre-programmed settings. It is sold with a 10-year limited warranty.

3. Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Frame with App Control:

Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed Memory, Bluetooth, Night Light TwinXL
Product Highlights:
  • full head & foot articulation adjust virtually in any position, wall snuggler design moves you back as you adjust up to keep you in place
  • 18 button intuitive wireless back-lit remote, 2 programmable memory buttons, programmed position buttons offering zero gravity, anti-snore, and flat.
  • quiet high definition massage with 3d wave massage technology, 10 intensities, 3 wave massage options. bluetooth smart connectivity to control the base with a phone or tablet for ios or android, set alarms through bluetooth app
  • under bed night light, 3 in 1 leg height design including 3",5.25" in total for 8.25" - furniture style frame with clearance, made to fit inside existing bed frames - 4 corner retainer bars to keep the mattress in place.
  • whisper quiet 850 lb capacity motors per side - compatible with all mattresses - 20 year manufacture warranty

The Reverie Twin XL-sized adjustable bed frame can be controlled via a smartphone app for convenient adjustment and comfort. This bed offers massage functions too, with a 3D massage setting that incorporates 10 intensities and 3 wave massage options. The bed is equipped with two electric motors – one on each side of the bed – to adjust the position of the frame through virtually any position. It is sold with a 20-year warranty.

4. Sven & Son King Adjustable Bed Frame with Bluetooth App Control

Sven Son King Interactive Dual Massage Adjustable Base Only, King
Product Highlights:
  • adjustable bed frame by sven and son | #1 rated premium adjustable base | lumbar support | pillow tilt | head 0-75° foot articulation 0-45° | wall hugging 8 inches | four independent heavy-duty motors | 900 lb. lift capacity | headboard not included
  • ergonomic remote | zero gravity | anti-snore | tv | three pre-set memory buttons | flashlight | individual lumbar and head tilt | under-bed led lighting | wireless raised button and 1 backlit remote
  • storage bed and platform compatible | zero clearance | emergency power down feature | dual usb charging stations (four per base) | interactive massage units with multiple level massage, pulse, wave, and full body vibration | mattress retention bar system | 3", 6", and 9" adjustable legs
  • bluetooth wireless syncing split king adjustable bed bases. mobile app apple ios android uses your ipad, iphone, or android to control all functions of the premium sven & son adjustable bed base frame. benefits of adjustable power bases: reduce snoring, easier to get in and out of bed, watching tv/ reading in bed
  • free 10 year extended warranty ($600 retail value) $0 deductible parts and labor in-home technician visits | 100% mechanical, motors, electric, power surges, and structural coverage warranties differ greatly, we provide the best coverage available | sleep geekz 5 star customer service included | free shipping | in-home assembly available for additional fee

Sven & Son King adjustable bed frame is available in Twin XL, Queen, King, Split California King, and Split King sizes. It is made from premium materials with a strong base with a 10-year warranty. Using the smartphone app, you can sync with the adjustable bed frame to control each of its functions while even lying down comfortably. You can adjust the head of the frame from 0- to 75-degrees, the foot from 0- to 45-degrees, and it boasts a 1,800 lbs. lifting capacity from its 4 electric motors.

5. Prodigy 2.0 Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed Base with App

Prodigy 20 Leggett Massage, Bluetooth, Head Tilt
Product Highlights:
  • backli capacitive touch remote with table top holder
  • bluetooth app with 4 memory setting on app and 2 on remote
  • dual massage with wave,snore button,underbed lighting,snore feature,wallhugger
  • 8 usb ports located on side of base
  • microhook retention system so no need for retainer bar

The Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed frame is available in two sizes: queen and split king. The split king allows users to independently adjust their side of the bed without waking their partner and can do so with a smartphone app or a touch remote control. The smartphone app offers 4 memory settings and operates the dual massage features, snore setting, under-bed lighting controls, and wall hugger control. There are 8 USB ports for conveniently charging your smartphone.

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Buying Guide

Every adjustable bed frame with apps includes different features, designs, and adjustment systems. From this Buying Guide, you’ll have a better understanding of the various features, which ones to look out for, and why they matter the most in choosing the best adjustable bed frames with apps.

1. App Control

The smartphone app needs to be intuitive to use and mist control the bed’s positions without the use of other remote controls. Handy features such as controls on your app for lights underneath the bed will make it easier for you when you need to climb in and out of your bed at night. You want your adjustable bed frame to be easy-to-use and simple to adjust from a single interface. Some adjustable bed frame models use the app integration to sync with smart-home technology such as voice assistance, sleep monitoring, speakers, and more. We all know that using our smartphones more drains them quicker. The best adjustable bed frames with apps feature USB ports to conveniently charge your smartphone while you’re in bed.

2. Anti-Slip Material

The adjustable bed frame must have a bar at the bottom of the base with anti-slip material so that your mattress stays in place no matter what position it is in.

3. Electric Motor

Ensure the electric motor provides a whisper-quiet function so as not to wake your partner in the middle of the night. Adjustable bed frames usually connect to a wall socket to power the small electric motor. The best adjustable bed frames usually have tiny batteries that serve as backup power sources in the event of a blackout. These would enable you to reposition your bed at least once for more comfort.

4. Design

Not everybody has the same sleeping preferences. Some adjustable bed frames feature a split-frame design. These enable you to adjust your bed as you please while your partner could do so on their side, too. In these split-bed designs, each side of the bed can move independently and each side of the bed has its own control system.

5. Weight

Adjustable bed frames weigh between 500 and 900 lbs. That means you won’t be able to move the bed frame around as you would a conventional bed frame and base. You would need to consider the weight of the adjustable bed frame if you move frequently or need to move your bed for cleaning purposes.

6. Budget

The best adjustable bed frames with apps can cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Assess and calculate your budget so that you can determine which types of adjustable bed frames with apps, you can afford to research them even better. For the most part, affordable adjustable bed frames share the same features as those that cost several thousand dollars dearer.

7. Mattress

When buying an adjustable bed frame with the app, you’ll need to bear in mind that your existing bed mattress might not be compatible with an adjustable bed frame. Will you need to purchase a new mattress? That could add to your initial capital outlay and it could cost you another few hundred dollars. Be sure to do your homework on your mattress type and potential new adjustable bed frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will any mattress work with an adjustable bed frame?

No. You need a mattress that is at least 10” thick to withstand the movements and different positions. Foam mattresses are better than other material types as they are more flexible.

Is it better to sleep with your head or feet elevated?

By elevating your head, you can better control your snoring and sleep apnea conditions. Raising your feet can help you improve blood circulation and heart disease.

Does your adjustable bed require special sheets?

If your sheets don’t have deep pockets (large overhangs on the corner pieces), you’ll need to buy new fitted sheets to cover your adjustable bed frame’s new mattress.


By knowing what to look for when choosing a new adjustable bed frame with the app so that you can make the best buying decision. This article will also help to narrow your shopping list for the best adjustable bed frames with the app.

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