5 Best 5 Gallon Water Jug for Camping

Access to freshwater is always essential when you go out camping. And there will always be times that you will not gain access to freshwater out on campsites. But what if you do but they are not fit for drinking?

5 Best-Selling 5 Gallon Water Jug for Camping

This is where water jugs come in handy. Whether you are roughing it out or you are trailing with your big toys, it is always essential to have some freshwater supply lying around. 

Modern-day water jugs come in many forms and shapes. But what’s important is it is safe for use and it can guarantee to keep your freshwater supply safe. In this article, we will be looking at the best 5-gallon water jugs that you can purchase online. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated 5 Gallon Water Jug for Camping

1. Coleman Water Carrier

Coleman 5 Gallon Water Carrier , Blue
Product Highlights:
  • this product is made of high quality material
  • this product is easy to use and made of high quality material
  • this product is manufactured in china
  • international products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions

When it comes to outdoor gear, Coleman is one of the best in the business. The brand has been around for years consistently supplying the market with outdoor gear. 

The Coleman water carrier is a 5-gallon container made out of polyethylene and is guaranteed to be of high quality and very durable. It is also scratch-proof and impact resistant.  This product is very easy to use and is ideal for use on camping trips, boating, and other outdoor activities. 

It features a fast flow spigot that can instantly dispense water without the need to tip over the container. It comes with a molded handle that is specifically designed to provide comfort when carrying. This product measures 10.51 x 10.51 x 10.51.

2. WaterStorageCube Collapsible Water Container 

WaterStorageCube BPAFree Collapsible Water Emergency, Foldable Portable Water Canteen 5.3 Gallon
Product Highlights:
  • food-grade odorless great taste: pe plastic made with highest quality usa raw material. environmentally friendly non-toxic, no bpa pvc or dehp, no plastic pvc odor and water taste will not be affected, transparent.
  • light, compact, portable and reusable foldable space saving design store away easily. remains soft and flexible even when cold yet retains shape and is easy to fill, dry, drain and reuse. soft molded handles make holding and transport easy. perfect for outdoor activities like camping, rv, hunting, hiking, backpacking, fishing, picnics, bbqs, sports, festivals, parties and beach.
  • worry-free and leak-proof custom made lid and spigot with gasketless design means no leaks or parts to replace. good spigot water-flow. thicker lid to withstand heavy pressure. easy on/off spigot with controllable flow. our premium collapsible container is 1-piece design with no seams to leak or handles to break. durable and dependable.
  • emergency preparedness and daily use enables you quickly and safely store all the water your family needs in the event of an emergency or natural disaster like hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, flood or drought. include in your emergency / survival kit. also great for daily use. dispense right out of refrigerator. automobile emergency water. hand-washing stations at events and festivals. transport large amounts of water easily.
  • satisfaction guarantee and ebook included if for any reason within 30 days you're not satisfied, simply return for a refund or replacement. thank-you bonus: cubey wants you and your family to be prepared and includes our 30pg ebook camping and emergency preparedness survival guide with each order.

If you are looking for a food-grade water container, then this product is for you. Food-grade means that it is odorless and does not give out an after taste. It is also non-toxic and is safe for use. 

This water container is environmentally friendly as well. It has no BPA PVC content nor DEHP. It is light, portable, compact, and reusable. This container can also be folded and kept easily for easy storage. 

It comes with a custom lid and spigot and is designed to have no gaskets which means that it guarantees no leaks or any parts to replace. Its thick custom lid can withstand high pressure and it also promotes good water flow from the spigot. 

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3. SurVivv Collapsible Water Container

SurVivv Collapsible Water Container Survival Kit, Portable Foldable Canteen 2.6Gal - 1pk
Product Highlights:
  • bpa free - food grade - usa material: premium collapsible water container is made with food grade ldpe4 plastic. no bpa pvc or dehp. non-toxic. environmentally friendly. transparent. unlike pvc water containers, it is odorless with no plastic smell or taste
  • premium features: heavy duty leak-free faucet. fastest water flow. 1-pc molded construction. no seams to leak. wide “neck area” of firm plastic to support faucet & container
  • 80% space saver: newest material design makes it light & flexible to fold away taking little space until needed, yet the strongest & most durable
  • ultimate strength reliability: survivv, trusted by avid outdoorsman for its ultimate reliability. can bear heavy loads, withstand 6’ falls. years of use
  • lifetime guarantee: buy with confidence. highest quality backed by best warranty. 60-day money-back & lifetime defective replacement. 24/7 support line

This is another BPA-free food-grade water container that is made with premium materials. It is built with LDPE4 plastic which means it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This collapsible container is also odorless and is guaranteed not to affect the taste of the water. 

It comes with a leak-free faucet that is molded to the lid and is supported by a firm plastic to ensure that it does not break under pressure. This water container is collapsible therefore it can be kept easily.

This product is proven to withstand 6-foot drops as well making it very reliable. It comes with a lifetime guarantee with a 60-day money-back and lifetime defective replacement. 

4. LCI Plastic Water Can

LCI Plastic Water Can Sand, 5-gallon
Product Highlights:
  • standard-issue 5-gallon usgi water can, issued to hundreds of thousands of soldiers worldwide
  • color: desert tan
  • bpa-free product

If you are looking for a heavy-duty water container then this water can is for you. This product is trusted by the US Military and is the standard issue to all US servicemen worldwide. It is a BPA free product and is guaranteed to be odorless. 

Its design is the same as those metal containers that are being used in the military the only difference is that this is made out of premium-quality plastic. 

5. Zeke’s Collapsible Water Container

Collapsible Water Storage Container Emergency Water Storage BPA Free, 8 Pack
Product Highlights:
  • bpa-free & food-grade: our foldable water tanks are made of premium usa material ldpe4 plastic. no bpa pvc and dehp. non-toxic. odorless and tastless. more transparent and soft, not easy to be damaged or cracked compared with other water containers in the market.
  • 80% space saving: space saving design makes the folding water tanks easy to store away. lightweight and soft materials make holding and transport easy. just put the collapsible water cube in your cabinets, backpacks or in your cars.perfect for outdoor activities like camping, rv, hunting, hiking, backpacking, fishing, picnics, bbqs, sports, festivals, parties and beach.
  • innovative leak-proof & large water outlet: unique faucet design aims to prevent from leaking, no fuss for water scattering everywhere. handy switch faucet with large water outlet. the velocity of water flow is controllable and double than traditional collapsible water container.
  • ultimate strength reliability: our folding water storage container can bear heavy loads, withstand 6 feet falls.trusted by avid outdoorsman for its ultimate reliability.
  • 1 year satisfaction guarantee: if for any reason you're not satisfied with our products, simply return for a refund or replacement. just feel free to purchase and leave us your concerns!

These transparent foldable water tanks are made of premium LDPE4 plastic. It is BPA-free and environmentally friendly. 

Although it may seem like it is soft to touch, this product is very durable and does not get easily damaged or cracked. Its collapsible design is also space-saving which means that you can easily store them while not in use. 

It has a large built-in water outlet that is engineered to avoid leaks. Water flow is controllable as well which is convenient when you are saving water. 

This product is trusted by avid outdoorsmen and is guaranteed to carry heavy loads. Zeke’s collapsible water container comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. You can easily ask for a replacement or refund if you feel like the product is not up to the task., 

Buying Guide

1. Material

When dealing with water containers for camping, you should purchase those that are food-grade and non-toxic. We all hate that plastic taste that comes out of cheap water containers.

Food-grade containers are certified to have no toxic plastic material in them, and they are odorless as well. These containers are exposed to harsh environments when out camping so our water supply should be guaranteed safe.

2. Environment Friendly

Modern society condemns the use of most plastic due to its effect on the environment. It’s not only harmful to our surroundings but to us humans as well. 

When it comes to water containers, there will always be times that they would break and we would need to throw them out. That’s why these plastics should be environmentally friendly and is safe for disposal. 

3. Durability

When dealing with the great outdoors, these water containers do experience some harsh environments. It could be dropped or could be carrying heavy loads. That is why we must purchase those that are guaranteed to be durable. 

Many containers have undergone drop tests and other stress-inducing experiments, make sure that the product you are purchasing is one of those. 

4. Convenience of Use

When it comes to camping, convenience is always important. That is why we need a product that would assist us in day to day camping activities rather than being a hassle. 

Choose the product that provides a spigot based on your preference. I also would recommend those that are collapsible as well so you can easily store them after use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store water for camping?

Collapsible food-grade water containers are the best choice when it comes to camping. They are lightweight and can easily be kept after use. 

How much water should I bring camping?

A general rule of thumb is one gallon per person. 

How do you clean camping water containers?

You can use food-grade sanitizing solutions in cleaning your containers. 

How long can you store water in containers?

If these are sealed when you purchase them, they should be fine for several years. But they would need to be stored properly. 

Does 5-gallon water go bad?

It is best to rotate the contents every six months as well as to sanitize the containers. 


Water jugs are very convenient when it comes to camping. But when we go out, we normally carry water for general use which includes drinking and cooking. This is where food-grade containers come in. 

Get those that are safe for use as well as easy to store.

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