5 Best 12V Fan for Camper Van

Camper vans are a very convenient tool to use when you are out camping. But when you are camping during the summertime, the warm weather could get uncomfortable real quick. Many camper vans have airconditioning while others do not. 

5 Best-Selling 12V Fan for Camper Van

And unless you are camping in a caravan park where you can plug in your van to an outside power source and run your airconditioning the whole day, then you have to find the right alternative that can help you get comfortable in your RV. 

This is where portable 12V fans come in. They are very efficient and could run on your RV’s power source. In this article, let us look at the best 12-volt fans for your camper vans. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated 12V Fan for Camper Van

1. EXCOUP 12 Volt Car Fan

12V Electric Car Fan Quiet Fan For Vehicle Car Truck Van SUV RV ATV Boat
Product Highlights:
  • low energy consumption - 12v fan with dv power of 12v/8-15w consumes less energy than air conditioner, dual heads design can meet the needs of several people.
  • low noise - 100% pure copper motor offers strong cool and quiet wind, 12v fan will not disturb the normal rest.
  • plug and play - cooling air fan with 360 degree rotatable and 2 speed, adjustable design making it use more conveniently.
  • compact size - mini electric car fan don't take up space and will not cause visual blind spot. adhesive pads help to firm it on dashboard or the seat armrest area.
  • can be used indoor or outdoor - 12v fan fits all the family and vehicle car truck suv rv atv boat etc, can refresh the air in your vehicles effectively. if you have ac to dc adapter, it can be used perfectly at home.

This easy to install fan is very energy efficient and can run on 8-15 Watts which is far less than an air conditioner. This fan can be mounted through a suction cup. 

Its copper motors are very strong but deliver a quiet breeze. It is plug and play. Just mount it on the surface of your choice and connect the wire to the lighter port of the RV. It also comes with adhesive pads if you think that the suction cups are not enough. 

This fan can be used indoors and outdoors, you just have to install the proper wiring for the power source. It can also be used at home as long as you have an inverter on hand. 

2. Caframo Ultimate 12V Fan

Caframo Ultimate 12V Lighter Clean. Black, 5.25" X 2.5" X 8.0"
Product Highlights:
  • compact, grill-free cabin fan with patented finger safe blade
  • 2 speed settings for maximum comfort
  • low power draw for minimal impact on batteries
  • compact design fits perfectly in tight spaces
  • includes a suction cup and 12v lighter plug for installation

This compact grill-free cabin fan comes with 2-speeds allowing you to experience maximum comfort while being very efficient. Do not worry about the blades since they are using patented finger-safe blades. 

This fan consumes very little power which creates minimum impact on your batteries. It is designed to be compact and can fit easily in tight spaces. It comes with a suction cup and has a lighter plug for easy installation to a power source. 

It can also be rewired to another power source as well as long as it is 12 volts. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

3. Sirocco Gimbal Fan

SEEKR By Caframo Sirocco Canada, Auto-Sensing DC, 12V/24V, White
Product Highlights:
  • fit type: universal fit
  • favoured among boat and rv owners this fan is chosen for its solid performance aesthetics and its ability to stow flat against a wall
  • with a long-life motor the seekr sirocco ii gimbal fan provides relief where it is most needed using a low power draw
  • made in canada its unique gimballed design allows complete 360° airflow and is perfect for compact narrow spaces
  • designed with versatile 12/24v auto-sensing capability 3 speed and 4 timer settings.can be wired directly into the electrical system of your boat motorhome caravan or campervan

This innovative fan with a gimbal design allows for a 360 degrees airflow coverage., It is very versatile as well, with voltage sensing abilities, and can cater to either 12 volts or 24-volt power supply. 

This fan offers three speeds with four different time settings. It has a very efficient motor and is ultra-quiet. It comes with a two-year limited warranty. 

4. Hopkins Go Gear Oscillating Fan

Go Gear SP570804 12 Oscillating Fan
Product Highlights:
  • powers from any standard vehicle 12 volt (dc) outlet
  • oscillates 90 degrees to cool the entire vehicle
  • includes clamp and screws for easy attachment to either the console or dash
  • can be removed and installed quick and easily
  • built with durable, high quality materials

This is one of the most highly rated fans for your camper van. This fan can be plugged into any 12-volt outlet and can also be rewired to fit your needs. 

It can oscillate up to 90 degrees which allow for more coverage inside the van. The fan comes with a clamp and the necessary screws which allows for easier attachment to your van. 

Installation and removal can be done quickly. This fan is very powerful yet very energy efficient and is built with durable materials. 

5. XOOL Electric Car Fans

Car Fan XOOL Electric With Stepless Speed Regulation For SUV, RV, Vehicles
Product Highlights:
  • ❄【feel cool】 with 2 rotatable fan heads, 12v electric car fans blow hot air out of parking car efficiently. xool car fan can provide strong wind to cool down rear seat passengers and pets at back seat immediately when car air conditioner is weak or no air conditioner at all. the car fan allows rear seat passengers or pets to feel cool and comfortable in the car. xool car fan will not disturb the passengers who are at rest for its low noise.
  • ❄【adjustable car fan】 xool car fan can be rotated by 360 degree, and fan base is also rotatable, which can bring coolness to the passengers or pets in every corner in the backseat of car. you just need to adjust by yourself. with a big speed controller, you can change wind speed easily and effortlessly according to your feeling. stepless speed regulation which has no specific wind speed setting limit maximizes your comfort.
  • ❄【air circulation】 xool car fan is perfect for removing off moisture of interior windshield on cold rainy days and reducing unwanted hot air, cigarettes smoke or dust. it also can eliminate pet odor which makes you feel uncomfortable. the car fan features sturdy and high quality grip that can be installed tightly in your car seat. xool car fans comes with some black clamps to keep the wire clean. the wire length 5.87ft.
  • ❄【compatibility】 xool car fans fit all mini small compact or medium large full size sedans suv van truck rv atv with 12v dc cigarette lighter socket (not for 24v trucks). xool car fan is easy to use. just plug into 12v cigarette lighter power socket and use. you need to screw the swivel nut at bottom when you install or remove the car fan from the grip. the installment can be done easily by hand without any extra tools.
  • ❄【wonderful gift】 xool car fan is an amazing gift for car owners. the car fan is energy saving and takes up very little space in car. you can order the durable car fans as a gift for your family and friends. they must be impressed by this wonderful gift.

XOOL gestures 2 fan heads that you can rotate in any direction. This 12v electric fan is powerful enough to provide comfort during warm days. 

Both fans can be rotated 360 degrees and its base can be rotated as well. The speed can also be controlled to maximize air circulation inside the van. 

Installation is very easy as well. It can be plugged into any 12v power outlet and you can easily screw the swivel nut at the bast of the fan without the use of extra tools. 

Buying Guide

1. Energy Efficiency and Power Supply

Efficiency is essential to tools like these when you are out camping. You do not want to run out of battery as well which may result in further problems for your van.  Choose the ones that are powerful yet very efficient in terms of wattage. 

Most fans are plug and play operated which means you can easily plug them into your van’s lighter outlet. Some do offer other alternative power supplies as well. You can route this to an extra battery to make sure that your main battery does not run out of power.

2. Fan Speed

Many fans come with different speeds. This is better because you can increase the efficiency based on the power output of the fan. 

3. Ease of Installation

Most fans come with suction cups, other with clips. Some need to be bolted to a flat surface during installation. 

Choose the item that you can easily mount inside your van. Normally these come with long power cables so you do not have to worry about the power source. 

4. Size

The size of the fan will depend on your needs and if your van allows it as well. Some are quite big and are more efficient in terms of output. 

If your van allows it, then you must maximize this especially when your van does not have a built-in airconditioning system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many amps does a 12v fan use?

Most fans that use 12-volt plugs have an average usage of .5 to 2 amps.

Do I need a fan in my van?

Fan’s are very convenient to use especially during emergencies. Regardless if you are using a luxury or budget camper, either way, having a fan might come in handy once your air conditioner breaks down or if you do not have an outside power source for your van. 

Are DC fans better than AC?

DC fans are more efficient when it comes to power consumption when compared to AC fans. It can amount to 70% lesser power consumption on average. 

Are 3 or 4 blades better?

Having 4 blades is less noisy compared to those of lesser blades but they do move the air slower. 

Can a DC fan run on AC?

It can if its circuitry allows it. But most fans would need a converter to operate. 


There are many alternatives when you don’t have the convenience of having an outside power source. One is having a generator. But, generators are quite loud and when you are out camping, you do not want to be noisy in the great outdoors. That is why having a 12V fan for a camper van is a very essential tool when camping.

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