Bellawood Hardwood Floor Cleaner vs Bona

When you compare Bellawood hardwood floor cleaner against Bona, based on our analysis, Bona is a clear winner.

However, there are many different options, some of them much better than Bellawood or Bona. 

13 Best Selling Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Buying Guide

1. Efficiency

Before buying a cleaner you have to make sure if it does the job well or not. You don’t want to spend too much time cleaning your wooden floors that is why the best cleaner must have a high concentration to remove residue quickly.

2. Eco-friendly

There are things you must consider if you want to know if the cleaner is safe to use. First, your cleaner must not contain any chemical that can harm your skin. Lastly, it must not contain any harmful toxins smell that leaves behind and may disrupt the environment of your home.

3. Pricing

Cleaning your wooden floors shouldn’t mean you need to invest in expensive products. There are lots of cleaners in the market that offer a good diversity and can work on different surfaces of your home at a low price.

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors (Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money) Clean My Space

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13 Top Rated Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes MultiSurface Lime Blossom, 80 Count Pack Of 4​
Product Highlights:
  • disinfecting wipes kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria: lysol disinfecting wipes are tested and proven to clean and kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including 8 cold and flu viruses* (when used as directed)​.​
  • kills covid-19 virus: tested and proven to kill covid-19 virus** (**kills sars-cov-2 on hard, non-porous surfaces in 15 seconds), epa reg no.777-114​.
  • multi-purpose cleaning wipes 3x stronger than a paper towel: these disinfecting cleaning wipes are 3x stronger than a paper towel.
  • use on multiple surfaces: germs and messes occur on more than kitchen and bathroom surfaces; conveniently tackle any tough surface including remotes, tablets, and smartphones with these multi-surface cleaning wipes.​
  • disinfecting wipes for cleaning: disinfect and deodorize with the fresh smell of lemon and lime blossom lysol disinfecting wipes. safely wipe down spills and remove allergens, including pet dander, dust mites, and pollen​.​
Rocco Roxie Stain Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer - Carpet Cleaner Spray
Product Highlights:
  • certified gentle and safe chlorine free and color safe. safe to use around pets and children. no hazardous propellants, no residue left behind. so gentle it’s been certified safe for all carpets, earning the seal of approval by the trusted carpet and rug institute (cri)
  • eliminates stains, odors and residue if it’s gross, it’s gone. not just the stain, but the stink. from stinky yellow pet urine and feces to vomit and other organic spills, our professional strength formula tackles them all.
  • every surface, every time for use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, litter boxes, kennels, carriers, all pet living and sleeping areas—anywhere stains happen.
  • enzyme activated the key is getting to the problem deep-down. this spray contains natural enzymes that are activated on contact with odors and stains, feeding on ammonia crystals and organic matter until they are completely eliminated.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed an amazon best seller—for a reason. if your stains and odors aren’t gone, neither is your money. we’ll refund it in full.
Windex Glass And Window Plastic, Original Blue, 23 Fl Oz
Product Highlights:
  • recycled plastic bottle body made of 100% ocean bound plastic* in partnership with plastic bank
  • windex glass cleaner leaves an unbeatable streak-free shine
  • starts working on smudges and fingerprints even before you wipe
  • lightens and brightens your home, leaving it sparkling clean
  • this glass cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass, windows, mirrors and more
Swiffer WetJet MultiPurpose Floor Comfort Scent, 1.25 Liter Pack Of 2
Product Highlights:
  • safe* & fast drying formula*do not use on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive.
  • pre-mixed cleaning solution dissolves dirt and tough, sticky messes.surfaces not recommended: leather.avoid contact with skin
  • reveals the natural beauty of your floors
  • for best end results on your floor, use with swiffer wetjet mopping pads.
  • there's the perfect swiffer wetjet solution for any cleaning need! scents available in: open window fresh with the power of dawn, febreze lavender comfort, gain, sweet citrus & zest, and wood edition
ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Outdoor Floors - 24 Fluid Ounces - Puppy Supplies
Product Highlights:
  • powerful - a little goes a long way with the angry orange pet odor eliminator for home use. it’s a carpet deodorizer that targets strong, lingering smells at the source and destroys them.
  • citrus scent - derived from fresh orange peels, our carpet cleaner for pets smells like heaven and works like hell on stubborn odors.
  • ready to use - this bottle of urine odor eliminator can be used directly on cat pee or dog waste. no mixing required!
  • convenient - for best results, remove pets from area, clean excess mess, shake well & spray, let dry completely. do not apply product directly to your pet or use in a diffuser. cats & birds may be sensitive to concentrated levels of certain ingredients.
  • multipurpose - this pet carpet cleaner can also be used to eliminate odors from tile, couch upholstery, garbage cans, car interiors, and more.
Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Multi Surface, 24 Count
Product Highlights:
  • absorb + lock strip helps trap dirt & grime deep in pad so it doesn't get pushed around.
  • for best end results on your hardwood floor, use with swiffer wetjet solutions. there's a perfect solution for any cleaning need
  • safe on all finished floors**do not use on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive.
  • also try swiffer wetjet heavy duty! contains an extra scrubbing strip with the power of magic eraser
OCedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Floor Cleaning System, Grey
Product Highlights:
  • continuously clean water: o-cedar's easywring rinseclean microfiber spin mop & bucket floor cleaning system highlights our patented dual-chamber bucket technology which features separated clean and dirty water tanks, making it easy to continuously mop with clean water! it is safe on all hard floor surfaces, including finished hardwood, wood, laminate, tile, vinyl and more.
  • removes 99% of bacteria with just water: our microfiber mops provide deep-cleaning solution for all your home and floor cleaning needs by effectively removing dirt, grime and 99% of bacteria with just water!
  • hands-free wringing: the foot-activated spinning wringer allows for hands-free wringing and controlled water release. no more bending over or wet hands!
  • washable & reusable refills: the easywring rinseclean microfiber mop head can be machine washed and reused, saving you cleaning time and money! keep an extra refill handy for the next mess.
  • reaches in corners: triangular mop head allows for better corner cleaning in addition to its 360 degree rotation which helps for mopping underneath furniture.
Swiffer Sweeper 2in1 Mops Kit, Includes 1 Mop + 19 Refills, 20 Piece Set
Product Highlights:
  • this 2-in-1 tool is both a sweeper and a mop. yep, you can add versatility to your cleaning routine by using the sweeper with either dry or wet cloths
  • 90% more refills vs standard sweeper starter kit pack
  • assembling your sweeper is easy. simply click the poles together. wrap the cloth under the sweeper head and poke the flaps into each corner gripper to keep it in place. after cleaning, you just remove the dirty cloth and toss it. ta-dah.
  • safe on all floor types, so you can use it on tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring. note: do not use swiffer sweeper wet mopping cloths on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive
  • who’s got time to move furniture. sweeper’s swivel head easily gets into tight corners, under furniture and behind bathroom fixtures
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Free, Ocean Fresh Scent, 24oz
Product Highlights:
  • kills 99.9% of bathroom bacteria: lysol 0% bleach toilet cleaner is tested and proven to clean and kill 99.9% of bathroom bacteria* (when used as directed). epa reg #777-123
  • hydrogen peroxide based formula, 0% bleach: hydrogen peroxide based formula still powers through the toughest toilet stains, but without the harshness of bleach
  • powerful stain removal: this cleaner powers through tough stains and toilet bowl rings to leave your toilet bowl sparkling clean. the angled bottle makes it easy to reach tough stains in tricky areas
  • eliminates odor causing bacteria: the thick clinging gel coats the entire toilet bowl and rim; powering through tough toilet stains and bowl rings and eliminating odor causing bacteria
  • leaders in disinfection: looking for some of our other best disinfectant products? try our lysol disinfecting wipes, lysol disinfectant sprays and lysol all purpose cleaners
MRSIGA Microfiber Cleaning ClothPack 12,Size:12.6" X 12.6"
Product Highlights:
  • ultra soft material & scratch free - ultra soft and highly absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths, great for cleaning windows, kitchenware, car or other delicate surfaces.
  • absorbent & lint free - made of 85% polyester, 15% nylon. these non-abrasive cleaning rags can soak up water from the countertop and tables instantly and without lint or streaks left behind. clean with or without water, from worktops, appliances to kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors etc, they will make your house sparkling.
  • tackle versatile cleaning jobs - these premium microfiber towels are also perfect dish rags which don't smell, removes grease and particles from microwave oven, plates, pots or pans effortlessly. not only that, you will be amazed they are also terrific duster that removes fingertips from silverware and glasses easily and leaves your kitchen spotless.
  • reusable & long lasting - these microfiber towels feature high quality stitching with reinforced edges, they are durable and made to last hundreds of washings. they are lightweight, super absorbent and dry quickly, use them everyday to enjoy your cleaning.
  • mr.siga's mission: make your housework easier, and make the world cleaner. should you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. we are here for support and advice!
Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, 128 Fl Oz
Product Highlights:
  • ready-to-use economy size refill
  • splashless technology ensures a smoother pour
  • waterbased cleaning formula dries fast, is residue-free, and safer for people, pets and the planet
  • safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane finished wood floors
  • meets the u.s. epa product standards and is safer choice certified for containing ingredients that are safer for people, pets, and the planet
Uproot Cleaner Pro Reusable Remover For Couch, Pet Towers & Rugs - Gets Every Hair!
Product Highlights:
  • reaches deep for the most embedded hairs - whether on your couch, pet tower, carpet, car or coat, the uproot cleaner pro saves you time and energy without cutting corners. the lint remover for pet hair reaches even the most attached follicles, hair and lint in a quick swipe.
  • special multi-fabric edge design - not all reusable pet fur remover products are made equal. we've improved on the one complaint pet owners shared by designing a pet hair removal tool that keeps the fabric intact! use the carpet hair removal tool on anything non-knitted. even your cat!
  • infinitely reusable - the uproot clean pro pet fur remover utilizes no consumables like batteries, sticky rolls, or vacuum bags, reducing your environmental footprint. the carpet scraper for pet hair could be used as reusable lint scraper which is also budget-friendly. buy once - enjoy for life.
  • an easy, satisfying time-saver - using the uproot lint cleaner is easy and satisfying. just take the fuzz remover and pull it across the affected area. when done using the carpet lint scraper, just throw away the collected "treasures". also it's great as a pet hair remover for car upholstery!
  • dedicated to making pet-loving lives easier - the uproot lint tool makes every pet owner's life easier. gone are the days of disposable lint rollers, sticky tape and frustration. the reusable, sustainable and effective cat & dog remover tool saves you time and energy, while getting the job done well.
Windex MultiSurface Cleaner And Citrus Fresh, 23 Fl Oz Pack Of 1
Product Highlights:
  • windex disinfectant cleaner multi-surface citrus fresh kills 99.9% of germs*
  • staphylococcus aureus, salmonella enterica, pseudomonas aeruginosa, streptococcus pyogenes, rhinovirus type 37 (common cold), influenza a2/hong kong (influenza) (h3n2) (flu) (virus), influenza b
  • this disinfectant spray quickly lifts dirt and smudges for a fast and effective clean
  • this kitchen and glass cleaner cleans, disinfects and shines, without leaving residue behind
  • easy to use cleaner: just spray, wait* and wipe; *use as directed

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