12 Best Bearings Zealous

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Top 12 Bearings Zealous

Zealous Bearings For Skateboards ( Longboards (Steel))
Product Highlights:
  • precision 8mm axle holes
  • 0.5mm built in speedrings
  • green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing
Daddies Ceramic Built In ( Skateboard Bearings)
Product Highlights:
  • set of 8, removable ceramic skateboard ceramic ball bearings
  • precision fit spacers, speed rings
  • custom daddies bearing shields, pre-lubricated
Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings ( Bearings 8 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • bestselling skate bearing brand in the usa - bones know interludes the skate rated sticker on most of there packaging to help prove authenticity of the bearings received. if your bearings do not come with this sticker contact bones directly for help.
  • single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction; high speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed
  • pre-lubricated with speed cream racing lubricant
Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings ( Inline Rollerblades Or Scooter Wheels)
Product Highlights:
  • smoother ride: set of 8 oldboy ceramic bearings are heavily lubricated to resist drag. break them with a few gnarly rides, then experience a new level of smooth.
  • extended life: super hard ceramic balls (7) are pre-lubricated to reduce friction and prevent wear and tears. perfect for slalom skating, bombing hills, or long-distance cruising.
  • better than steel: don't settle for metal bearings that promise a long spin time right out of the box, but are prone to rusting and are easily scratched by dirt. oldboy ceramics are made with indestructible polished glass balls. no worry about rust or damage from dirt with ceramic balls.
Heady Shake Pro Skateboard ( Roller Skates, 8-Pack (Jackpot Set + Speed Oil))
Product Highlights:
  • ultra smooth, ultra-fast - these precision skateboard bearings are pre-lubricated with special lubricant to make the fastest, smoothest bearings out.
  • unmatched precision design - heady shake bearings for skateboards offer a quiet rotation, high-spinning speed, and long-lasting durability for more efficient support.
  • blazing speeds for all your gear - these top-quality bearings can be used for a variety of skates, including inline and roller skates, longboards, skateboards and kick scooters.
RADECKAL Black Mamba ABEC ( Precision Rating, Long Lasting, 608 RS (1 Set Of 8)...)
Product Highlights:
  • 1 set of 8 high speed and high performance abec 9 bearings: these black mamba abec 9 bearings can be used with skateboards, inline skates, electric skateboards, scooters etc. they are high precision and high speed bearings so that you can reach top speeds whether you're bombing hills, skating around town, or racing your homies to the skate park.
  • smooth and fast pre lubricated bearings: mamba abec 9 bearings contain a super fast, high speed lube that reduces friction to give riders a super smooth and fast ride. if you're tired of bearings that aren't smooth and give you a rough ride, switch to these amazing black mambas and you won't be disappointed!
  • skater tested: we always test our bearings and these bearings have been tested by our skate team to ensure that they are the best bearings on the market!
Zealous Following Jesus With ( Guidance From St. Paul)
Product Highlights:
  • mark hart, christopher cuddy
  • servant books
  • kindle edition
Amphetamine Integra Ceramic Bearings ( Bearings Set Of 8)
Product Highlights:
  • patented design
  • built in spacer and washer system
  • reduced friction = more speed
Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings ( Spinners (608 Bearing) Race 16-Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • 🔥 beast guarantee - dragon bearings are fully backed by the fireball beast guarantee which promises 100% satisfaction on all fireball products.
  • 🔥 race lubricant - light oil is applied in the race for high speed. please note, these bearings will require a short 'break in' period before optimal performance can be reached
  • 🔥 dual labyrinth shields - dragons come standard with two shields on either side of the bearing for maximum protection from the elements. install and forget. dragons are designed to last.
Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard ( And Spacers, Black Mamba (Pack Of 8))
Product Highlights:
  • brand new yellow jacket stingers: created using the highest precision german manufacturing techniques to be the most precise bearing in the world
  • premium steel: the steel used for yellow jacket stingers is the highest end steel available in the world. the precision and smoothness of their spin can not be matched by any other bearing.
  • yellow jackets unique color seals: as always the stingers come with 7 different color seals for customization and protection from dirt, rocks, dust, to lengthen the life of the bearing and maintain precision
Atlas Truck Co Blackout ( Interior Spacer For Skateboards, Longboards)
Product Highlights:
  • simplify & streamline: staying loyal to the innovative history of the brand, atlas blackout bearings aren't your average built-in bearing. blackout bearings are built to simplify your entire setup eliminating the need for bearings spacers & speedrings
  • faster & longer lasting: a flared spacer built into the bearing increases the surface area of the load bearing foot between the 2 bearings, providing support & preventing compression of the spacer for a more precise ride, faster roll & long lasting life
  • reduce slop: when axle nuts are tightened down the result is often compression of the interior bearing spacer. this puts stress on your bearings & introduces slop into your setup, detracting from the precision that a bearing spacer is intended to provide
Luxe BuiltIn Skateboard Bearings (Skateboard Bearings)
Product Highlights:
  • brand new
  • abec 7 rating
  • built in spacers and speed rings

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