12 Best Bean Bag Heating Pad Microwavable

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Top 12 Bean Bag Heating Pad Microwavable

My Heating Pad Microwavable ( Weighted Heat Compress Pillow | Hot Cold Therapy - Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • ideal for hot therapy! a rectangular shaped multi-purpose pack that can be used for every body part- relieves pain and discomfort as well as promotes body relaxation!
  • it weighs about 2.5 pounds which helps to keep a gentle pressure on sore muscles, achy joints, injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, stress, tension, the list goes on. product dimensions are approximately 11 inches in length and 6 inches wide.
  • simply heat in the microwave for soothing heat therapy. reusable, 100% natural, handmade in usa, eco friendly, and pet safe.
Microwavable Heating Pad ( Pains, Cramps, And Arthritis)
Product Highlights:
  • not made with rice that can spoil, mold, or smell. the beady heat microwavable heating pad is made of a compound specifically designed to not have an odor or ruin.
  • targeted size 10 in (l) x 5 in (w) x 2 in (h) - perfect size for those targeted areas!
  • quick and easy place in the microwave and heat to desired heat. lasts quite a long time!
My Heating Pad Microwavable ( Compress Therapy For Sore Muscles And Aches - Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • optimal and easy to use microwave heating pad for aches and sore muscles
  • handle on each end for soothing and comfortable application over shoulders, neck, back, stomach, knees, and more...
  • works great for hot and moist heat therapy because rice & flax seed are excellent natural ingredients for holding heat and staying warm.
Heating Pad Hot ( (Fleece/Cotton- UNSCENTED))
Product Highlights:
  • hot therapy- for stress relief, neck ache, cramps, sinus pressure, ear ache, knees, & more!
  • unscented - for those with sensitivities to herbal aromas
  • organic flaxseed - retains moist heat for sore muscles and stiffness
Premium Reusable Microwaveable Natural ( Cherry Seed Pad/Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • superior heat retention: our cherry seeds hold temperatures better than rice or flax. excellent for hot and cold physical therapies.
  • all-natural: organic cotton linen and dry cherry seeds, absolutely no chemicals.
  • reusable and washable: outer shell that is machine washable for continually fresh pack. beautiful cotton linen looks and feels great.
Microwavable Corn Filled Heating ( Cover (7.5"Wx11"L, Blue Stream))
Product Highlights:
  • specially made for therapeutic use - hot or cold! perfect for muscle aches, cramps, headaches, arthritis, pains, sports injuries, warming up the bed covers at night, or letting the kids snuggle with one as they fall asleep!
  • the original caylee's creations corn bags are handcrafted in the usa with triple-stitched seams for durability.
  • amazing designs with removable, machine washable 100% cotton outer cover.
Natures Approach Aromatherapy Basic ( Pack, Celestial Indigo)
Product Highlights:
  • hot/cold relief with aromatherapy - microwave or freeze
  • made with all natural organic materials, 100% safe for people, pets and the environment
  • a soothing aromatic blend of nature's finest herbs for easing aches and pains
Microwavable Heating Pad For ( Headache, Migraine Relief, Anxiety And Stress Relief)
Product Highlights:
  • pain relief: this neck heating pad delivers heat to your neck, shoulder and upper back to help relieve headaches, aches, migraines, tension and stress.
  • heat and cold therapy: our microwavable therapeutic neck and shoulder wrap is filled with heat-absorbing clay beads and flax seeds that warm and soothe your neck, back, and shoulders with just a few moments in the microwave. cold therapy: alternatively, the neck wrap may be chilled in the freezer for a cool, refreshing experience.
  • herbal aromatherapy: subtle lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and chamomile scents are released every time you heat the neck pad, providing you with soothing and refreshing aromatherapy while your muscles are relaxed by the heat.
Basic Herb Heating Pad ( Nature Creation (Blue Marble Unscented))
Product Highlights:
  • ideal unscented hot/cold therapy! a rectangular multi-purpose pack that can be used for every body part- relieve pain and discomfort as well as promote body relaxation! simply heat in the microwave for heat therapy or chill in the freezer for cold therapy.
  • target sore muscles, achy joints, injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, stress, tension, and the list goes on. also, use it to keep warm and cozy during a cold winter.
  • the concept of hot & cold therapy gives you an added value over a regular heat pack! the pack contains a mixture of flax seed and wheat which helps to retain heat longer. the hot & cold works on pain or discomfort, and relieves stress or tension to promote overall relaxation.
Carex Bed Buddy Heat ( Cold Wrap Pack For Aches And Pain)
Product Highlights:
  • contains (1) carex bed buddy heat wrap / cold wrap. a microwave heating pad that provides moist heat. a flexible neck heating pad with a form-fitting design and a fabric cover. filled with 100% organic material for neck pain & back pain relief.
  • the wrap is a heating pad for neck and shoulders as well as a cold pack for relieving aches and pains in muscles and joints. wrap is a moist heating pad as recommended by doctors, a natural alternative or complement to otc drugs.
  • the flexible form-fitting hot cold pack easily conforms to the shape of your body even when cold. wrap the reusable wrap around sore joints or muscles for targeted therapeutic effect with the warming or cooling relief similar to electric heating pads.
Huggaroo Neck Wrap And ( Or Cold Compress | One Size Fits All, Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • delivers deep, penetrating heat wherever applied. ideal for neck and shoulder pain relief.
  • also great for migraine relief, stress relief, back pain relief, and menstrual cramps relief.
  • enjoy soothing lavender aromatherapy while your muscles are relaxed by the heat.
Sunny Bay HandsFree Neck ( Muscle Pain Relief - Personal, Reusable, Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • pain relief: release muscle tension and pain in neck and shoulders in the office, car, or at home
  • therapeutic: easy to heat in the microwave, our ergonomic soft pillows stay put hands-free
  • comfortable: flax seeds fill and soft fleece cover hold heat for up to 30 minutes for pain relief

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