12 Best Bean Bag Ashtrays For Cigarettes

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Top 12 Bean Bag Ashtrays For Cigarettes

Red Plaid Sandbag Cigarette ( Cigarette Ashtray)
Product Highlights:
  • red and green striped plaid sandbag bottom
  • wipe clean
Fujima A114 Bean Bag ( Ashtray, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • faux leather bean bag with metal ashtray attached
  • beanbag spreads well
  • includes 3 slots for holding cigarettes
Set Of 4 Assorted ( Tabletop Ash Tray By Escest)
Product Highlights:
  • set of 4 - round melamine cigarette ashtray
  • colors - black, blue, green, red.
  • made of melamine, 7-inch ashtray
Flameer Stainless Steel Windproof ( Cigarette Ash Holder, Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • material: stainless steel + cloth
  • max diameter: approx. 103 mm / 4.1 inch
  • height: approx. 50 mm/ 2 inch
Amarinemade Stainless Windproof Bean ( Ashtray, Blue Or Red (Red))
Product Highlights:
  • stable, non-sliding bean bag base with stainless steel wind proof cover is ideal for any boat, auto, or rv.
  • it is 4 1/8" in diameter.
  • with stainless steel wind proof cover
Eclipse New Unique Blue ( W/Black Accent, ASH11-BB)
Product Highlights:
  • eclipse new beanbag ashtray
  • featuring blue plaid design
  • black inside rim!
Beanbag Ashtray In BLUE ( Plaid Material)
Product Highlights:
  • blue plaid material
  • supportive and sturdy
  • unique design
Five Oceans Beanbag Ashtrays ( (Pair) FO-99-M2)
Product Highlights:
  • color: red / diameter 4 1/8" (101mm)
  • material: stainless steel guard / weight: 0.25 oz
  • program: blue. multi-pack saving program
BEANBAG Ashtray In GREEN ( Plaid. 1ct Per Order)
Product Highlights:
  • beanbag ashtray
  • in blue or green plaid
  • supportive and sturdy
Prime Products 146005 RV ( Living Bean Bag Ashtray)
Product Highlights:
  • ash tray; for picnic tables/ lawn chairs and around the campfire; round; bean bag style; without lid; polished chrome; with plaid fabric base
  • classic bean bag ashtray resists sliding or tipping
  • polished chrome ashtray with plod fabric base
Beanbag Ashtray In GREEN ( Plaid Material)
Product Highlights:
  • green plaid material
  • supportive and sturdy
  • unique design
Marine City 304 Stainless ( Style Ashtray (Blue))
Product Highlights:
  • blue color
  • 50.02") height
  • 10.0 (4") width

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