14 Best Battery Operated Ice Makers

Battery Operated Ice Makers come in pretty handy when you need ice on the go. These easy-to-use and portable ice makers can be taken pretty much anywhere you need ice – whether you are chilling in your patio or tailgating at a ball game.

14 Best Selling Portable Ice Makers

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Top 14 Battery Operated Ice Makers

Silonn Ice Makers Countertop Of Bullet Ice For Home Kitchen Office Bar Party
Product Highlights:
  • fast ice maker: the silonn ice maker only takes 6 minutes to make 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes. fill 2l of water into the water tank, maximum ice capacity can reach 26 pounds in 24 hours.
  • two sizes of ice cubes: you can make two different sizes of ice cubes. small ice cubes can chill seafood and beer keeping it fresh and cold. large ice cubes are more suitable for beverages to achieve a rapid cooling effect.
  • quiet and user friendly: when making ice cubes, the noise is lower than 35db, similar to a working refrigerator. the transparent lid allows you to monitor the ice capacity. the sensor automatically detects when ice is full and stops producing to prevent overflowing.
  • easy to control: the control panel is very easy to operate. fill the ice maker with water, press the on button, select the size of the ice cubes and that’s it. when the water is insufficient or the ice basket is full, the indicator light will turn on.
  • self-cleaning & portable: silonn ice maker machine is portable and efficient with size of 12.3 x 8.7 x 12.5 inches. press the on/off button for 5 seconds to start the self-cleaning process.
FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189Silver Compact Ice Silver Packaging May Vary
Product Highlights:
  • modern design: ice maker with a large transparent window so you can always see your ice being made and the level.
  • compact & easy: ‎frigidaire's countertop portable ice maker offers a wide range of uses with a compact dimension of 15 x 11 x 14.5 inches. our countertop ice maker is portable and compact, making it simple to transport and use.
  • efficiency: each 5-6 minute cycle produces 9 ice cubes, with a total capacity of 26lbs in 24 hours. when unused ice melts, the machines recycle the water to produce a fresh batch of ice. at any time, you may enjoy fresh ice.
  • functionality: when the basket is full, our ice maker indicators will remind you to take out the ice cubes, and when the ice maker is low on water, it will alert you to add more.
  • versatile: choice of bullet ice in two different sizes; and counter-top design enables easy portability
AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker 6-8 Mins With Ice Scoop And Basket Black
Product Highlights:
  • ice makers countertop and wide applications : aglucky countertop ice maker has wide applications with compact size 12.3(d)*8.7(w)*12.6(h) inch.with portable and compact design,our countertop ice maker is easy to carry and operate. it have wide applications,whenever and wherever you are, ice is can use it for bar, tea shop, ktv, kitchen and office.
  • efficient and quiet ice making : our ice machine produces 9 ice cubes within only 6-8 even can produce up to 26.5 pounds of ice per day, which enables you to have fresh ice every day.also, this is not a noisy,our ice makers countertop are equipped with a quick and quiet cooling system. this not only helps you save energy, but it also keeps nugget ice machine cool and ensures a quiet environment.
  • multiple functions with ice scoop and basket: indicators of our ice machine maker countertop will remind you to take out the ice cubes when the basket is full and inform you to add the water when the ice maker lacks of water.
  • bullet—shaped ice cubes : our portable ice maker has two sizes (small & large) of ice cubes available to be selected, which are always used to cool drinks and food.and it produce the round and smooth bullet-shaped ice,it will not hurt your hands,which are always used to cool drinks and food.
  • healthy ice cube to use : aglucky ice maker is different from others, the top cover with transparent window ,you can see directly through it. it can produce more pure ice it can offer healthy ice cubes for you, ensuring your eating safety.
Ice Maker Machine For Scoop & Basket For Home Use/Party/Camping Black
Product Highlights:
  • new upgrated ice maker machine:with new upgrated compressor, model hzb-12/c ice maker only takes 5-8 minutes to make 9 pieces of ice cubes, produce 26.5lbs. ice cubes in 24 hours, this ice maker will be a perfect substitute for the old refrigerator in your home.
  • ultra quiet & durable: this ice maker operates at a decibel level of less than 45db, allowing you to enjoy ice making in a comfortable and quiet environment all the time; equipped with a quiet cooling fan, quickly dissipate heat to the compressor for long-term use.
  • self-cleaning function:ice maker countertop with self-cleaning function, just press on/off button for 5s to start self-cleaning mode, which allows you not to spend time cleaning it basically. it would be better to add a small amount of lemonade and soda for cleaning.
  • bullet shape & available ice size: 2 ice sizes optional. popular bullet-shaped ice, not easy to melt and stick together. large translucent window for easy observation. great for cooling drinks or small water bottle openings and food in hot summer.
  • portable & compact ice maker: the lightweight and portable design of the countertop ice maker machine makes it easy to store or carry; widely used in home, kitchen, office and bar. please buy and use with confidence. don't hesitate to reach us if you have any concerns.
KITCHEN BASICS 101 241798224 Refrigerators 241642511 241798201 241798231
Product Highlights:
  • 241798224 ice maker replaces 241798201, 5304456671, 241642501, 241642503a, 241798211, 241798231, 241642511, 241798209, 3206327, 3206329, 5303320545, 5304445222, 5304456669, ps10057209, ap6332951 b011p1oodq, 5304456672. 241798220, 75304445222, 75304456669, 75304456671, 75304456672
  • compatible with the following refrigerator brands: electrolux, frigidaire, gibson, kelvinator, westinghouse, and others.
  • premium quality - the replacement part is made from durable high quality material and well-tested by the manufacturer.
  • non original aftermarket part. fits oem standards! guaranteed to exceed oem requirements!
  • money back guarantee - for any reason you're not completely satisfied, you can ask for a replacement or full refund, no questions asked. warranty- all parts sold by innovativesupply come with a 1 year, no questions asked, no hassle warranty.
Thereye Countertop Nugget Ice Stainless Steel Finish Ice Machine For Home Office Bar Party
Product Highlights:
  • chewable nugget ice: compared with traditional hard cubes, crunchable and softer nugget ice is made from compacted ice flakes; optimal melting speed can considerately retain the original flavor of your ice-cold drinks like cocktails and other beverages
  • fast ice making: 3qt water reservoir and a powerful compressor effortlessly allow up to 30lbs of ice per day. making ice within 15 minutes only
  • 2 ways water refill: auto/manual refill water switchable; you can connect the included 10ft inlet hose for easy water filling, hassle free; meanwhile, you can also add water manually, accessible to outdoor activities like parties, camping; (it is better to make ice with pure water)
  • self-cleaning feature: just press the 'clean' button for 3s to start cleaning cycle before ice making, ensure you can enjoy healthy and fresh nugget ice at any time
  • worry-free after-sales service: nugget ice maker has 30 days of free replacement, 7*24-hour customer service and 12 months after-sale service; please feel free to contact us if you have any questions
Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Ice Scoop And Basket. For Home/Kitchen/Office.Silver
Product Highlights:
  • euhomy - give you the best ice - have you experienced a new type of bullet ice cube? euhomy's newly designed bullet-type countertop ice maker machine brings you a brand new ice cube experience. ice machine countertop can produce about 26 lbs of ice per day. only 8 minutes can produce 9 pcs delicious ice cubes, you can do it anytime you want. chewable ice cubes are perfect for drinks/food/seafood/smoothies.
  • super ice-making capacity - euhomy's counter ice maker machine is equipped with a highly efficient compressor, which is not only excellent in refrigeration, but also does not make too much noise during ice-making. all this allows you to enjoy ice cubes and drinks in a quiet environment. not only the characteristics of the ice cube machine compressor make the ice maker consume little energy, but the tabletop ice maker machine has a recirculating water tank, which will not cause water waste.
  • self-cleaning & easy use- euhomy ice maker machine countertop is user-friendly, so you don't need to install it. the silver stainless steel surface is not only very beautiful but also very easy to clean. ice. hold the power key for 5 seconds to enter cleaning mode. always clean the ice maker before first use. you can place the portable ice maker countertop top rated prime anywhere, perfect for any countertop/kitchen/living room/bedroom/office/party.
  • control panel- compact ice maker has two optional ice cube size buttons, you can choose different sizes of ice cubes according to your needs. small ice machine has the most advanced infrared sensor technology. when the ice basket is full, home ice maker will stop the ice making to prevent ice from overflowing. you can view the ice making process through the transparent window. when the water level in the water tank is insufficient, the indicator light will remind you to replenish water in time.
  • everything we do is to satisfy you - whether you are a single/student/family member, you all need to live an exquisite life. euhomy provides a one-year warranty service. if you have any issues, please contect us to solve the problems. note: if the ice maker you got is blue/green, that’s the protective film.
Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Steel Ice Machine For Home Office Bar Party
Product Highlights:
  • never run out of ice! –high efficient as it is, this portable ice maker can produce 24pcs ice in as little as 13 min. with an output of 45lbs ice daily, furthermore, this ice maker can easily sustain the house, kids, and outdoor parties. you will never have to run out to stores for ice again!
  • convenient solution-two ways to fill the ice maker. use a water bucket (not included) within a capacity of 5l/1.32gal or do it manually. the basket can hold 2.6lbs ice and once the basket is full, the weight sensor will stop the ice-making immediately. if the ice melts, the water will be collected at the base for recycling.
  • self-cleaning function-what could possibly cause you more headache other than cleaning a daily-used electric device? as a modern home device, this countertop ice maker is equipped with a self-cleaning function, one press on the panel and 20 min is all it takes to get a thorough self-cleaning.
  • simple to use-an lcd screen will display the current mode. with one panel you got this ice machine in control. by changing the timer, you can have thin, medium or thick ice cubes. when water runs out, the ice maker will automatically alarm for refilling.
  • chilling & pure! -nobody can stand a scorching summer without ice. keeping food fresh, creating cold drinks, chilling beers, and champagne, it all comes true with an ice maker. besides, square ice cubes are featured with slow-melting, fine in shape, and pure in clarity and density.
ZAFRO Ice Maker Countertop Ice Scoop/Basket For Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar, Black
Product Highlights:
  • 【8 mins fast ice making】- our ice maker just takes 8 mins to produce 9 bullet of ice cubes per cycle. and our ice maker countertop produces 26lbs fresh ice in 24hrs, which can meet the demand of ice for your whole family or gathering parties. zafro countertop ice maker is the choice for your family.
  • 【bullet-shaped ice】- our portable ice maker produces fresh, clear, smooth, bullet-shaped ice cubes. and the ice cubes won't stick together and can keep the shape for a long time. the bullet-shaped ice quickly lowers the temperature of the drink, giving you a cool drink on everyday.
  • 【smart & simple operation】- the one-click design is easier for you to get fresh ice. the ice maker indicator will remind you to take out ice when the basket is full and to add water when the ice machine is lack of water. a countertop ice maker makes ice in just two steps, adding water and turning on a switch.
  • 【air cooling system & low noise】- the countertop ice machine is equipped with a new generation of high-efficiency compressor , which achieves low noise level and fast ice making. it will not affect your daily work or entertainment. the air cooling system helps the ice machine to cool down quickly, which extends the life of the machine.
  • 【portable size】- this compact ice maker with size 12.6(d)*8.9(w)*11.8(h) inchs. easy to carry, this countertop ice maker is the ideal choice for kitchen, living room, bedroom, office and party.
Electactic Ice Maker Countertop 26.6Lbs Per Day For Home/Office/Kitchen, Black
Product Highlights:
  • easy to carry: the size of this ice maker is 12.6(d)*8.9(w)*11.8(h) inch and the weight is 17.2 pounds. also the ice storage capacity is 1.5l. this portable ice machine is suitable for many place, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, office and party.
  • high efficient: our product has higher ice efficiency than most ice maker on the market. this maker can produce 10 pieces of ice in at least 10 minutes in different environment; because sometimes the surrounding ambient temperature will affect the ice efficiency of the ice maker.
  • two-step method: our product is more convenient to use than traditional ice maker.this ice maker don't need you to set up a lot of things before making ice. we just need to put water into the machine and then press it to start. that's all.
  • special design: there is visible window on the top of the ice machine, so that we can see the interior of the ice machine. there are three lights on the machine’s front , which are used to indicate that ice maker is making ice, ice is full and lack water. also, there is a free plastic spoon in the ice machine to make it easier for buyers to use the machine.
  • shape of ice cube: according to research, round ice cubes are less likely to melt than square ice cubes. therefor, we have redesigned the shape of ice cubes to allow ice cubes to touch the liquid more widely, so that the liquid can cool down quickly.
Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Basket And Scoop, For Home/Kitchen/Camping/RV. Black
Product Highlights:
  • 6 mins fastest ice-making & bullet ice: meet your new nice-looking friend: euhomy ice maker. only takes 6-8 mins, you’ll enjoy the first batch of fresh ice. the portable ice maker easily makes up to 26lbs ice per day and comes with a 1.3lbs basket. what's more, our countertop ice maker produce the most popular bullet-shaped smooth ice cubes, which won't stick together easily or hurt your hands or mouth even are perfect for whisky, cold drinks, frozen seafood or iced coffee.
  • insulation layer & portable handle: still bothered by ice melting too quickly? the heat insulation layer is made of thickened non-fluorine foam, which partially blocks heat and store ice temporarily. in addition, our countertop ice maker comes with convenient assembled handle, weighs only 14.7lbs and with compact size of 8.7*11.6*11.4in. lightweight feature makes portable countertop ice maker carry easily and perform well on any occasions like home/kitchen/camping/rv/party/holiday.
  • simple led panel & self-cleaning: led touchpad consisting of easy-to-operate buttons and function indicators. furthermore, our ice maker has advanced infrared sensor. the "ice full" indicator flashes when the basket is full. and it'll remind you to add water by flashing "add water". indispensable is the ice makers countertop has a one-touch auto-cleaning function. press the “on/off” for 5s after adding water to run automatic mode for 30mins. free your hands and get a clean ice maker.
  • ultra efficient & quieter & money-saving: our portable ice maker adopts see-through window visualized design, allowing direct viewing of the interior. equipped with a upgraded powerful compressor to complete the ice making fairly quickly but at less than 45db normal noise, ensuring a comfortable and quiet environment to enjoy ice-making, similar to a working freezer. and 0.17kwh energy consumption to save your electricity bills. you'll definitely enjoy using euhomy ice maker!
  • high-grade accessories & warranty promise: include ice basket, scoop, handle, manual. our mission is committed to providing customers with premium euhomy ice maker at reasonable price. and we offer ① 12-month warranty from the original purchase date; ② lifetime technical service support. if you have any questions about using our countertop ice maker. please reach out to us anytime! note: before first use, clean the ice maker machine and keep it in an upright position for 24 hours!
Frigidaire Compact Countertop Ice Cubes Per Day, Silver Stainless
Product Highlights:
  • compact - its 1.7 liter reservoir sits below ice basket and produce up to 26 lbs. of ice cubes per day
  • high efficiency - make bullet shaped ice cubes in less than 9 minutes and store up to 1. 7 lbs. at a time
  • easy to use - the user friendly digital control panel let you know when bin is full and when water is empty
  • modern design - stainless steel ice maker with a through-window that will let you watch your ice being made at all times
  • accessories - comes with ice basket and scoop
Hawaiian Shaved Ice KidFriendly Cone Machine, 120V, White
Product Highlights:
  • includes: home-use, kid-friendly electric s700 snow cone machine with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • usage: great for making snow cones, snowballs, slushies, frozen cocktails, and much more
  • simple-to-use: prepare cool treats quickly at sleepovers, small pool parties, birthday parties, and other family and friend get-togethers
  • compact: 6.5” wide, 10.5” diameter, and 10.12” tall – which makes it easy to tuck under the counter or in a cabinet
  • instructions: always remember to read and follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for use and operation
AGLUCKY Ice Makers CountertopProtable Cubes Ready In 8 Mins, For Home/Office/Kitchen Black
Product Highlights:
  • efficient ice making: equipped with the r600a high-quality compressor, this tabletop ice maker could produce approximately 9 ice cubes in 6-13 minutes and is capable of producing approximately 26 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours. with this low noise countertop ice maker, you could get the fresh ice whenever you want.
  • portable machine: our compact ice maker only weight 14.74 pounds and comes with a carrying handle, you could lift it to anywhere you want by yourself. also, aglucky ice machine is ideal for many places with the compact design: 8.7*11.6*11.4inch
  • self-cleaning: aglucky portable ice maker comes with an advanced self-cleaning function, just press the "on/off" button for five seconds after adding water to operate the self-cleaning mode.periodic cleaning machine helps to remove the harmful substances and prolong the service life of the machine.
  • bullet-shaped ice cubes: stylish and beautiful bullet-shaped ice cubes won't stick together easily and are perfect for whisky, cold drinks, frozen food or first aid. meanwhile, this one-button start compat ice maker is more convenient to use.
  • transparent cover& indicator: a transparent lid is mounted on top of the ice machine maker, which allows you to see the ice-making process at all times. our countertop ice machine with a simple and clean control panel for faster and easier operation could provide you fresh ice cubes for you and your family timely.

Benefits Of Having Ice Makers

1.  Space Saver

These battery-operated ice makers are allowing you to enjoy unlimited ice without taking too much space in your kitchen. Not only it can save space but also you can place them anywhere you want with their built-in battery making them worth the investment.

2. Easier and Hussle-free

These ice makers are a good investment for those who need ice on a regular basis especially for those who have businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, or bars because they can produce ice in a short period of time, making your life easier and hassle-free.

3. Unlimited Ice

Having an ice maker can provide a large quantity of ice quickly and continuously, that making it perfect for those who love to host parties at home where a lot of ice is needed. These ice makers can make sure that the ice is fresh on hand and clean. 

4. Saves You Time & Money

We all know that ice is the number one in demand when it comes to parties and also in the food business. That is why investing in an ice maker is worth the money because that only means that you will no longer need to order ice or go to the convenience store just to buy some ice that will surely melt easily. 

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What To Look For When Buying Ice Makers

1. Types

There are different types of ice makers and it always depends on your taste and space.

Countertop Portable Ice Maker

These ice makers are perfect for those who use ice moderately. It is convenient and doesn’t take too much space, which only means that it can only hold a minimal amount of ice. 

Most of the portable ice makers don’t have a built-in cold storage bin. This only means that they can only make ice but cannot store it. Unused ice will just melt that is why it is best to use it right away or you can transfer it to a cooler. 

Under Counter Portable Ice Maker

Under-counter ice makers can produce a large amount of ice and can produce ice continuously until the bin is full. Keeping it frozen is no longer a problem because it has a built cold storage bin that can provide a fresh-made supply of ice. 

With its large production capacity, the built-in bin can store ice up to 500 pounds. These types of ice makers are perfect for those who need a large amount of ice on a daily basis. 

2. Sizes

If you have a small space, countertop ice makers are the perfect product for you. Not only it is small but also it is lightweight so it’s easier to move it anywhere you want. 

With under-counter ice makers, it may be hard to move around but it can offer a greater amount of ice than the countertop, you just have to make sure that you put it in a perfect spot when you purchase one so you don’t need to worry about moving it. 

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