8 Best Battery Operated Fountain

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8 Top Rated Battery Operated Fountain

HoneyGuaridan Pet Fountain Battery ( 84oz/2.5L Water Dispenser For Cats And Small & Medium Dogs)
Product Highlights:
  • dual power support: when you are out, are you still worry about your pet have no water when lost power? honeyguaridan battery support & dc adapter pet water fountain keep you away from the trouble. (18650 battery is not include)
  • smart working mode choice: press the power button to change the working mode. in infrared induction mode (blue light), the water fountain will dispense water when it detect object within 0.5 meters in front of 60 degree area; in continues mode (green light), the water fountain keeps dispensing water. to save energy, only run smart mode when using battery.
  • integrated water pump: through different structural designs, honeyguaridan integrated water pump can avoid the fur, dirt and food particles get into the pump. avoid impeller deformation, expand the lifiespan of the pump. no need any tools to disassemble and clean it. just rinse under the water.
HoMedics Silver Springs Indoor ( Waterfall, Automatic Pump)
Product Highlights:
  • decorative tabletop fountain: showcase envirascapes silver springs relaxation fountain on display to bring a calming, zen feel to any room; it is just the right size to add a decorative accent to any tabletop, bathroom sink, and vanity or office desk; it features a 3 tiered waterfall, natural stones, and a large basin; the tiers create several streams of water creating a gentle soothing sound of water; the water flow replicates the sights and sounds of a tranquil spring
  • convenient automatic pump & on/off switch: the illuminated water fountain was designed with a quiet built in submersible pump; simply fill the basin to the water fill line and enjoy the soothing effects of this fountain; the pump circulates the water, keeping it clean and free of algae build up; unlike other fountains, homedics relaxation fountain has an on/off switch; plug the power cord into an outlet and turn your fountain on; when you want to shut it off, just flip the switch
  • innovative artistic design : this asian inspired fountain features 3 tiered leaves that water streams down; its extra deep, open styled basin allows for the serene sounds of cascading waters to fill your home; it was designed with a unique lighting feature that creates a soft reflection of the natural flow of fresh running water; the illuminating glow creates a romantic ambiance; add the natural river rocks to any of the 3 tiers, or into the basin
Petmate Fresh Flow Rain ( Cats And Dogs, 75 Oz)
Product Highlights:
  • keep cat or dog hydrated with fresh water-circulates water for your pet to keep water fresh and not stagnant. holds up to 75 ounces of water to ensure your pet has enough water
  • battery operated – first fully battery-operated fountain in the market. no cords, outlets or limitations on where to place the fountain.
  • multiple drinking points –it pulls the water from the bowl up to the top and the water cascades down into the water receptacle. gravity takes over and the water collected in the receptacle will flow through the hole in the bottom, back in to the water bowl. pets can drink from the bowl, from the top and from the water flow out of the receptacle
Newport Coast Collections 11 ( Natural River Rocks With Adapter)
Product Highlights:
  • 10 inch high, 6 inch long, 4 inch wide
  • elegantly crafted of resin in an artistic 4 cup endless waterfall design and includes a pump and 71 in long power cord
  • red, tan and grey textured finish that gives it the look of pottery and natural stone gently lit by an led in each cup
Valentinyii 11 Inches High ( Small Rock Waterfall For Office And Home Dcor)
Product Highlights:
  • unique appearance: designed with simulated stone, build-in led lights. 5-step simulated rock waterfalls - water flowing down from rock step - accompanied by soothing and relaxing running water sounds.
  • small and refined emulated rock falls: 6.7 inches wide x 5.5 inches deep x 11 inches high. includes a long power cord. can let you place it wherever you want it. visually attractive home decor.
  • durable construction: made of lightweight poly-resin with fiberglass. more sturdy and durable for longer lasting use. and easy to move.
Bethlehem Lighting GKI AQUAFLAME ( Flameless Candle/Fountain)
Product Highlights:
  • made from real wax
  • water fountain and flameless candle all in one
  • can be plugged in or used with batteries
BBabe Staggered Rock Cascading ( With LED Lights For Home Office Decor)
Product Highlights:
  • made from sturdy poly resin, this rock like waterfall fountain is lightweight and durable for lasting long. easy to set up, all you need to do is assemble, add the water into the basin and plug into standard indoor electrical outlet.
  • this indoor table fountain designed to be like realistic stones with waterfall, it enables you to enjoy the natural beauty even when being at home.
  • water gently cascading over rock tiers to create a tranquil atmosphere.this stone table fountain features led lights that help to illuminate the desktop fountain and reflect off the flowing water for extra appeal.

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