13 Best Atomic Clock Extra Large

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13 Top Rated Atomic Clock Extra Large

La Crosse Technology 5131417ALINT ( Atomic Clock W Outdoor Temp)
Product Highlights:
  • atomic self set time and date with automatic daylight saving time resets (optional on/off)
  • monitors indoor & wireless outdoor temperature (f/c) with trend arrows
  • large 2.125 inch time digits for easy reading
Marathon CL030033SV Commercial Grade ( Batteries Included, Color-Brushed Silver.)
Product Highlights:
  • large display - easy to read 4" high display
  • self-setting/adjusting - using radio frequencies broadcast from nist's colorado atomic clock (atomic feature only functions in north america)
  • multiple display modes - 12 or 24 hour display formats with indoor temperature display in celsius or fahrenheit
La Crosse Technology 16 ( White Dial 16" Metal Frame)
Product Highlights:
  • automatically sets to exact time
  • accurate to the second
  • automatically updates for daylight saving time (on/off option)
La Crosse Technology WS8117UITAL ( Indoor/Outdoor Temperature)
Product Highlights:
  • wirelessly monitors indoor/outdoor temperature
  • 12 moon phase icons
  • atomic time & date. transmission range: up to 330 feet . outdoor temperature range: -39.8°f to 139.8 °f (-39.8°c to 59.8 °c)
La Crosse Technology WT3143AINT ( Atomic Wall Clock, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • sets automatically by radio signal to atomic clock for accuracy
  • reports in hours, minutes, seconds; select from 4 u.s. time zones
  • automatically adjusts for daylight savings time
The Ultimate Wall Clock ( Battery Operated, Easy To Read)
Product Highlights:
  • the modern wall clock has been perfected. great for any room at home, work or classroom. the classic black frame with satin finish and modern design compliments any room's decor. the simple, elegant and versatile style is perfect for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, meeting room or dining room.
  • large and easy to read - measuring at a full 14" round, our big wall clock is easier to read from long distances, day or night. razor sharp, dense black ink on pure white paper provides the perfect contrast for maximum readability.
  • perfect for indoor and outdoor use - our custom designed exterior battery cover combined with polycarbonate case and lens makes the ultimate wall clock tough enough to handle the elements and prevent damage from falls.
La Crosse Technology WT3129B ( Analog Wall Clock, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • automatically sets to exact time
  • accurate to the second
  • automatically updates for daylight saving time (on/off option)
WallarGe LCD Digital Wall ( Time, Date, Day Of The Week And Temperature.)
Product Highlights:
  • atomic self-setting clocks with temperature (no backlight) - using radio frequencies broadcast from nist's colorado atomic clock, the clock will automatically set to the correct time. automatically adjusts to daylight savings time while set the dst on. four time zone pst, mst, cst, est selectable for your location.
  • multiple display modes - 12 or 24 hours display formats with clear display about hours, minutes and seconds; 4 time zones to choose between pst, mst, cst, est with option to turn dst on or off; indoor temperature display in celsius or fahrenheit, allow you to keep abreast of changes in indoor temperature.
  • battery operated clock with alarm- turn on the alarm button before going to bed, and you can sleep peacefully at night, it will wake you up in the morning. it required 3 "aa" long life batteries (included) for operation, no redundant wires, easy to use.
La Crosse Technology 4041235UASS ( Stainless Steel Wall Clock)
Product Highlights:
  • receives wwvb time signal in buildings, where no other atomic clock can
  • enhanced reception with dual antennas; excellent for schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings
  • world time zone clock - set to any time zone around the world!
La Crosse Technology 5131419BLv4INT ( Digits - Perfect Gift For The Elderly)
Product Highlights:
  • adjustable backlight (hi/low/off) using included ac adapter or battery operated on-demand and adjustable display mode: full weekday; weekday & date; seconds; or indoor temperature (f)
  • extra-large, easy to read 2 inch time digits to assist those suffering from memory loss and/or labor with abbreviated words
  • alarm with 10 minute snooze
La Crosse Technology WT8005US ( Indoor Temperature, Silver)
Product Highlights:
  • atomic all clock with self-setting time and date, indoor temp, alarm. please note: product has only indoor temperature, not outdoor temperature.
  • automatically updates for seasonal time changes where applicable
  • clock with alarm and snooze; time with seconds.works well with good alkaline aa batteries .
La Crosse Technology Atomic ( Clock, 10", Silver)
Product Highlights:
  • atomic time with manual setting
  • automatically sets to exact time
  • accurate to the second
La Crosse Technology 4041946INT ( Plastic Pewter Atomic Analog Clock)
Product Highlights:
  • plastic pewter color frame and weather resistant to be used outdoors
  • temperature (f/c) and hygrometer (%rh) gauges
  • atomic self setting time (within 4 us time zone settings) with automatic daylight savings time reset (on/off option)

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