8 Best Art Hanging Kit

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Top 8 Art Hanging Kit

Picture Hangers Quality Picture ( Eyes, D Ring And Sawtooth For Wall Mounting)
Product Highlights:
  • 【more heavy duty hangers】:our picture hangers kit contains more large load capacity hooks than others: besides 50lb., 100lb., we specially offer unique 80lb. and 120lb.,they are stronger, you can even use just 2 hangers for heavy items
  • 【better quality and more stable】: using thicker material, even small picture hangers are difficultly bent by hands, which ensures higher strength and security. and with better stability, they can hang heavy stuffs for a longer time
  • 【much more wires and useful gradienter】:total 3pcs durable 10ft steel wires to meet what you need. when using our picture hangers, the mini gradienter will perfectly level frames and pictures on wall
8 Hanging Components STAS ( Public Space (4 Rails 8 Hooks And Cords, White Rails))
Product Highlights:
  • includes 4 cliprail pro rails 59", 8 perlon cords, 8 zipper hooks, 4 end caps, 2 rail connectors, installation hardware
  • heavy-duty cliprail pro rail holds 99 lbs per linear yard
  • hang your pictures quickly and easily on every wall type- use in homes, offices, galleries, government institutions, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, museums
EAONE Picture Hanging Kit ( Hangers With 70 Silver Padded Screws)
Product Highlights:
  • package includes: 1 bundle of 100 feet picture frame wire rope, 70 pieces of d-ring picture hanger, 70 silver padded screws .
  • product size: the hanging wire is 100 feet (30.5m) in length, 1mm in width, and number 4 in specification. d-ring picture hanger is 3.3 x 1.6cm, while the screw is 0.3 x 1.4cm.
  • durable: owing to the winding structure - 7 tiny single wires, which are of high quality, are twisted together to form a strand - the hanging wire rope is more sturdy and durable. because of the stainless steel material, the d-ring picture hanger and screw are not easy to damp and rust.
Picture Hangers Coologin 120 ( For Wall Mounting, Holds 10-100 Lbs,Golden)
Product Highlights:
  • the picture hangers are easy to nail to the wall and hold the pictures.supports:100lbs 50lbs 30lbs 20lbs 10lbs)
  • versatile painting hangers in size and type to meet your need in small pictures or heavier paintings(about 100 lbs).
  • 120 pieces hangers with a variety of weight ratings. ideal for sheetrock, plaster, wood, and drywall surfaces.
Picture Hanging Kit With ( Hangers, Screw Eyes, And Wire)
Product Highlights:
  • versatile: this boxed set of multipurpose tools includes a variety of picture-hanging supplies. wall fastening equipment can be secured to any wall in your office, home, or workplace. tinkerers and home decorators love qualihome's kit because it can handle heavy-duty projects, without losing the ease of a boxed set.
  • convenient storage: this kit comes with a transparent case to store all 80 pieces of your hanging hardware, complete with dividers to keep each item separate. the convenient size of this small box is ideal for storage and transportation.
  • essential for any toolbox: professionals will appreciate this 80-piece set of hanging hardware. it offers sturdy hanging, using lightweight pieces that are durable, strong, and effective. our high-quality hardware pieces include stable anchors for bulkier items, like framed paintings and mirrors.
Picture Hanging Kit Includes ( Frames,and Picture Hanging Wire 200pcs)
Product Highlights:
  • [kit includes and application]: package included 200pcs assorted picture hangers. hang up to 80 frames, artwork, picture, and more on your wall with our picture hanging kit.
  • [perfect for any items]: our heavy duty picture hangers are rated at 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 50lbs and 100lbs. their hardened steel core, angled nail design and notched hooks give them strength and security.
  • [solve the problem of wall damage]: our picture hanging kit have very small nails, nailed to the wall will not damage the wall. almost no trace of the outside, the wall is also very small damage.
Command Picture Hanging Kit ( No Nail/Hook Damage| Easy Hanging (30 Pairs & Level))
Product Highlights:
  • a complete picture hanging kit: enjoy everything you need to get your favorite pictures up on your wall in a single pack: 30 pairs of our 3m hanging strips that can hang anything from small to large & heavy pictures, and a leveler to make sure everything is perfectly straight.
  • keep your walls damage-free: command's picture hanging strips allow you to effortlessly put up any picture on the wall, with zero damage. a perfect choice for properly treated tiled surfaces, drywalls or any type of wooden wall- our strips are easily and cleanly removable, without any damage done like traditional nails and hooks.
  • heavy-duty capacity for larger frames: command strips are exactly what you need to hang both large-heavy pictures as well as smaller sizes of frames. with a weight capacity of up to 16lbs (7.2kg) with 4 strips, 8lbs with 2 strips and 4lbs with 1 strip- they will fulfill all your needs, for frames up to 24"x36".
Picture Hanging Kit 450 ( Hangers, Heavy Duty Hooks | Comes With Transparent Solid Box)
Product Highlights:
  • hang over 150 wall fixtures - whatever project you have, we got the perfect tools! use our kit to hang your photos, clocks, mirrors and artwork. perfect for all surfaces like drywall, concrete or wood. personalize your home or office using our heavy-duty kit.
  • high value assortment- 450 piece kit of hooks, nails, screws, picture hangers, d-rings, sawtooth, eye-screw, triangle hangers and wires. comes in a handy plastic organizer case for easy storage. compact size set that fits neatly in a drawer.
  • heavy duty, steel construction - gives all the pieces amazing strength and security for easy installation. can handle 10 to 100lb.

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