8 Best Amp Wiring Kits

Top 8 Amp Wiring Kits

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BOSS Audio Systems KIT2 ( Brings Power To Your Radio, Subwoofers And Speakers)
Product Highlights:
  • 20 foot / 8 gauge red power cable, high quality competition fuse holder
  • 3 foot - 8 gauge black ground cable
  • 16 foot / 18 gauge blue turn-on wire, 30 foot / 16 gauge speaker wire
SoundBox Connected 4 Gauge ( Ga Installation Cables 2200W)
Product Highlights:
  • 4 gauge red cca (copper clad aluminum) power wire: 17 feet / 4 gauge black cca (copper clad aluminum) ground wire: 3 feet
  • black/white triple shielded twisted pair rca interconnect: 17 feet
  • 16 gauge brown/silver speaker wire: 17 feet / 18 gauge blue remote wire: 18 feet
InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete ( Installation Wiring Wire)
Product Highlights:
  • 17ft red soft touch 4 gauge cca power cable
  • 3ft black soft touch 4 gauge cca ground cable
  • 17ft soft touch 2-channel rca cable
Rockville RWK4CU 4 AWG ( Installation Wire Kit OFC)
Product Highlights:
  • looking for a wire kit that has 100% true specifications? a wire kit that uses 100% copper 4-gauge cable? then look no further than the rockville true-spec rwk4-cu 4 gauge amplifier wiring installation kit.
  • the power and ground cables aptly named mega power cable is a no compromise power cable. rockvilles engineering team over-built and designed the cables using thousands of strands of only true 100% oxygen-free, silver-tinned copper strands.
  • the use of a proprietary special twisting process reduces surface skin impedance loss so that mega power cables have zero signal and power loss, delivering full power from your battery system to your amplifier even at lengths of 20 feet!
Pyle Car Stereo Wiring ( Installation Cables (4 Gauge))
Product Highlights:
  • car audio wiring: universal car stereo audio system cable and wire kit. includes all necessary pieces to set up your amplifier and subwoofer speakers
  • included audio cables: 20 ft. 4 gauge red power wire, 4 ft. 4 gauge black ground wire, 20 ft. 16 gauge blue remote turn-on, 20 ft. 12 gauge stereo speaker wire
  • more audio connection: 20 ft. stereo rca audio cable, 6 ft. black split loom cable conduit - enables connection for amplifier and subwoofer speakers
SoundBox 4 Gauge Amp ( 20 Ft Power Cable, 3500W)
Product Highlights:
  • 20 ft.- 4 gauge strand superflex green power wire/ 3 ft.- 4 gauge 840 strand superflex black ground wire
  • 18 ft.- 14 gauge green superflex speaker wire/ 18 ft.- 18 gauge black remote turn-on wire
  • 18 ft.- green triple shielded rca interconnect cable/ 4 gauge black wire loom
Gravity BGRKIT4BPK22000W4CH Complete 2000W ( Hobbyist-Perfect For Car/Truck/Motorcycle/RV/ATV)
Product Highlights:
  • high quality thick 17 feet ft 4 gauge ga power cable
  • premium 3 feet ft 4 gauge ga ground cable / inline agu fuse holder & 80a fuse included!
  • true sound 17 feet ft double shielded rca cable
4 Gauge Amplfier Power ( Complete RCA Cable RED 2800W)
Product Highlights:
  • 17' 4 gauge red power wire
  • 3' 4 gauge black power wire
  • 17' rca cable

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