7 Best Airplane Foot Hammock

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“It makes Faith think of a hammock in their yard, a web of rope that she thought would unravel the first time she leaned back on it, but that managed to support her all the same.”
― Jodi Picoult, Keeping Faith

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Top 7 Airplane Foot Hammock

Airplane Foot Hammock Memory ( Hammock, Travel Foot Rest, Comfy Foot Hanger Airplane)
Product Highlights:
  • ✈️ fly comfortably - long flights can be uncomfortable for many reasons. we’re here to solve at least one of them. with our travel-sized airplane foot hammock, you can give your feet and lower-back the vacation they deserve. who needs 1st class anyways? with our memory foam-padded airplane foot hammock, you can kick your feet up and relax wherever you go.
  • ✅ easy to use - your new airplane footrest is very easy to use. with an extra long strap, travelers of any height can find comfort with our foot hammock. simply wrap your foot hammock around the seat tray in front of you, and adjust the strap to your desired length. place your feet in your new comfy airplane foot hammock, relax and settle in!
  • 👍 the right length - beware of other foot hammocks on the market. many are too short, even for a small child. we’ve done our research, testing and development. we specifically designed our airplane foot hammock strap to be longer than competitors and provide a realistic experience for travelers of all sizes. our airplane footrest is guaranteed to provide you with comfort, whether you’re 4ft or 7ft tall - or your money back.
Sleepy Ride Airplane ( Soreness - Provides Relaxation And Comfort (Jet Black))
Product Highlights:
  • travel comfort - our airplane footrest is crafted with high-quality, thick memory foam to greatly enhance your travel experience. it’s like sitting in a recliner with your feet resting on pillows.
  • leg & lower back support – enjoy a hammock like experience as your legs gently sway with the motion of the plane. helps prevent lower back pain, stiffness and leg swelling suffered during long flights. arrive feeling refreshed, energized and ready to go!
  • easy to use – simply hang it on the arms of the tray table and place your feet in footrest. enjoy it with the tray table up or down. the adjustable straps allows for the perfect length to provide the necessary support. highly recommended for those 5' 8" or shorter, especially if your feet do not reach the floor when seated.
Foot Rest Airplane Travel ( Accessories Adjustable Height For Plane, Train, Office)
Product Highlights:
  • comfortable as lying in bed - this footrest hammock not only allows you to stretch out nicely and promote blood circulation to prevent leg from getting cramps but also helps you get relaxed in a perfect sleeping position. its padded with thick and softmemoryfoam which makes you feel as comfortable as lying in the bed.
  • adjustable length based on the height of tray table and office desk - the length of adjustable strap was extended into 32inches, providing great flexibility to your individual needs. all you need to do is just hang the footrest on the tray table or office desk and you will never suffer from knee, hip, and back pain any more.
  • potable & lightweight - weight: only 0.19lb, folded size 7.55 inch, flat size: 197 inch. it comes with a drawstring bag for convenient storage and potable carrying. you can take it with you in the pocket, briefcase, travel bag etc...
Upgraded Airplane Footrest ( Travel Foot Rest Make Your Long Trip More Comfortable)
Product Highlights:
  • upgraded the space memory foam: most of the footrests on the market are made of ordinary sponges. our footrest upgrade the best memory foam and fabric of angemay brand, which are soft, breathable and pressure-free, providing you with more comfortable hammock legs when you travel or sit.
  • enhanced breathability: most foot hammock on the market are made of impermeable fabrics our airplane foot hammock with memory foam-covered air holes contribute to the emission of human body's hot air. combined with room temperature, they provide comfortable softness and hardness, so that your feet can rest and relax and enjoy a long flight without back pain or leg pain.
  • upgrade large size: upgraded the size of the traditional foot hammock, the flat size 17*11 inche, so that your foot can be put in more free space, keep your legs on a soft mat so they stay comfortable throughout the journey.
Airplane Footrest Foot ( For Traveling In Plane, Reduce Swelling & Soreness)
Product Highlights:
  • versatility: fareeceek airplane foot rest is for long flights, car, train, subway, school, office or home; portable footrest provides foot support while working on the desk
  • material: airplane footrest hammock made with memory foam, nylon, inner suede fabric, and sponge, this leg hammock provides comfort while you travel or sit for eventually
  • comfort footrest: our foot rest airplane is like pillow provides ultimate comfort and relieve fatigue; prevent stiffness and swelling during the long journey
Airplane Footrest Memory Foam ( Home - Reduce Swelling And Soreness By Angemay)
Product Highlights:
  • angemay advantage : angemay airplane footrest use three nails and two straps to form a triangle,more sturdy and durables.we have lengthened the staps length extra 25.6 inch for the customers' advice, and we also added a lock to reinforce the strap.
  • adjustable strap designed to suit exactly your height, the min length 17 to the max length 32 (appr.) the travel footrest suitable for different people, whether you are men,women, kids, adult or child.
  • please hook the string part of the footrest onto sides of any desk and place your feet in footrest.you're free to adjust the length of the rope to keep your feet in the most comfortable position. swing your legs to relieve fatigue.
Airplane Footrest Travel ( Provides Relaxation And Comfortable For Long Flight)
Product Highlights:
  • support leg & lower back - have you ever suffered from discomfort or even pain in your lower back or leg as you travel by plane, bus or coach? then this airplane footrest is a must have addition on all of your trips. enjoy long haul flights with no lower back or leg pain stiffness or swelling suffered during long periods of time sat down during the journey. the airplane travel accessories with the highest quality nails and straps, airplane foot sling has no problem for any weight person.
  • no foot & ankles clashing - thanks to the flat and stable wide foot hammock design, our airplane foot rest offer stability on the base which means no more feet or ankles clashing together! whats more, crafted with the only highest quality fabric materials and premium memory foam you'll greatly enhance your travel experience on every ride. the straps was also added extra inches so you can use this travel foot rest anywhere.
  • adjustable straps & easy to use - the airplane foot hammock with adjustable straps will always suit exactly your height for the best comfort. you can even use the airplane footrest for travel with the tray table up as well as down. suitable for all heights especially recommended if your feet do not reach the floor when seated. plus, the plane leg rest is a breeze to use. just hang the straps on the arms over the tray table in front of your seat and place your feet in the footrest.


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