8 Best Air Compressor Jumper Hose

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Top 8 Air Compressor Jumper Hose

Milton 27803LH 3 Foot ( Rubber Leader Hose)
Product Highlights:
  • connect: rigid air piping to other devices (such as hose reels, air compressors, and more).
  • 3' epdm performance hose: stays flexible in cold conditions. resists cracks, abrasions & chemicals.
  • easy installation or high flow application: with less system noise/vibration than hard connections.
TEKTON 46362 12Inch ID ( With 1/2-Inch NPT Male Ends)
Product Highlights:
  • makes a flexible connection from rigid supply line to hose reel to isolate vibrations
  • flexible rubber stays soft and easy to work with even at -40 degrees f
  • spiral yarn reinforcement prevents wall failures at temperatures up to 190 degrees f
Flexzilla Swivel Whip Air ( Lightweight, Hybrid, ZillaGreen - HFZ1204YW4S)
Product Highlights:
  • extreme all-weather flexibility, even in subzero temperatures! (-40° to 140°f)
  • superior bend radius - won't kink under pressure
  • lays flat - no memory
Rapidair F0215 Compressor Jumper ( Hose, 3/4 X 3-Feet)
Product Highlights:
  • 3/4" npt male x female swivel brass fittings
  • 3 ft. length
  • 200 psi rated
New Flexible Metal Hose ( Stainless Steel Braided)
Product Highlights:
  • 3/4" male npt x 3/4" male npt flexible metal hose 18" total length
  • free shipping
  • stainless steel braided hose allows for a flexible connections and overcomes piping misalignments
Goodyear 12709 Red Rubber ( X 50-Feet 250 PSI)
Product Highlights:
  • 250 psi max. operating pressure
  • 1070 psi burst pressure
  • temperature range is -40deg f-190deg f
DeWalt DXCM0120226 12 X ( Hybrid Lead-In Hose)
Product Highlights:
  • flexible in cold weather - temperature range: -40°f +175°f
  • oil and kink resistant
  • 4: 1 safety factor (burst pressure vs. working pressure)
PneumaticPlus RED EPDM Synthetic ( 1/2" NPT Swivel Male Fitting Connections (3 FT))
Product Highlights:
  • air, water & multipurpose hose is designed to meet these need using epdm synthetic rubber technology
  • creates a flexible connection from rigid supply line to hose reel to isolate vibrations
  • red hose: lenght: 3 feet, 1/2" id x 0.84" od hose with 1/2" male npt swivel connector

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