8 Best Aa Solar Battery Charger

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Top 8 Aa Solar Battery Charger

Samyo Solar Battery Charger ( And NI-CD Green Power)
Product Highlights:
  • solar panel capacity 1w/2.5v,solar panel output 2.5v/400ma.
  • this product is only suitable for aa/aaa ni-mh and ni-cd batteries, it can only charge four batteries at most each time.
  • put the batteries in this product and make sure that the anode(+) and the cathode(-) are right.
Energizer Rechargeable AA And ( Auto-Safety Feature, Over-charge Protection)
Product Highlights:
  • charges 2 or 4 aa or aaa nimh rechargeable batteries at once (4 aa batteries included)
  • state of the art charge status indicator system visually and audibly alerts on your batteries' charge levels
  • get a full charge in 4 hours with the rapid charging power of recharge pro (times may vary by nimh battery)
Solar AA AAA ( Ni-CD Of Solar Powered Lights And Household Battery)
Product Highlights:
  • [7-bay battery charger]--this solar charger can trickle charge 6pcs 1.2v aa/aaa rechargeable batteries and 1pcs 9volt battery together.applicable batteries include:1.2volt aa size, aaa size, and 9 vot battery. this range of household batteries are used in most electronic devices in our daily life, such as disc player,remote control, radios, shavers,toys, torches,digital cameras,outdoor solar landscape lights,solar walkway light,solar security lights.
  • [charging led indicators]--built-in with led indicators.the red indicator goes on when the solar panel is charging the battery. the green light indicator goes on when the battery is fully charged.when there is no battery in the solar battery charger while it is placed under sunlight. the "battery full" led will go on.
  • [retractable handle]--this solar battery charger has a retractable handle, which can be pull out for convenient carrying. the handle can also be folded as a support to tilt the solar battery charger, which help to get more power from the sunlight. for optimal power, ensure the solar panel (solar cell up) is directly facing the sun.
POWEROWL 8 Bay Charger ( Charger With USB Port(No Adapter))
Product Highlights:
  • powerowl smart charger passed ul certification comes with chip control, when the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging, and with led indicator
  • scientific and reasonable battery charging position design, high quality materials effectively protect the battery from normal charging
  • charge any number of aa aaa rechargeable batteries to make your charging easier
Energizer PowerKeep Portable Rugged ( Solar Panel (AA Rechargeable Battery))
Product Highlights:
  • long lasting power! includes 4 energizer rechargeable aa batteries, battery charger, 4-fold 6w solar panel, aaa battery adapter, integrated led light, micro-usb cable.
  • battery capacity: 12wh, 9200mah; solar power: 6w regulated. charge phones, speakers, camera, or any usb device! our lightweight, rugged and flexible solar panel is unlike conventional solar panels and is made in the usa.
  • removable aa batteries: use aas for headlamps, remotes, etc. includes aaa adapter. works with other rechargeable nimh batteries.
Solar 11in1 Battery Charger (Battery Charger)
Product Highlights:
  • solar battery charger. recharge batteries with the sun!
  • charges 11 different nicd and nimh battery sizes (aaa, aa, c, d, and 7 gum sizes) never be without power again!
  • charges 2 pcs of nimh or nicad "d"/"c"/"aa"/"aaa" size rechargeable batteries
Solar AA AAA Battery ( Charger For AA And AAA Batteries Black)
Product Highlights:
  • this solar panel charger is specialize for aa and aaa battery.
  • portable and lightweight, easy to carry.
  • solar panel charging, give you a convenient using experience.
Goal Zero 21005 Guide ( AA & AAA Battery, Solar Ready)
Product Highlights:
  • recharge your cell phone 1-3 times per charge
  • charges ipads, kindles, tablets as well; amount of charge, depends on the device
  • built-in led flashlight that runs 20+ hours per charge

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