9 Best Massage Guns for Lower Back Pain

Who doesn’t love massage guns? These portable massagers are making waves in both local and online stores as of late.

And if you’re looking for which one to buy to ease that never-ending lower back pain, then you have come to the right place.

Below is a curated list of the best massage guns that you can purchase today. So get your wallets ready, and let’s take a look at them! 

9 Best-Selling Massage Guns for Lower Back Pain

Reviews of 9 Top Rated Massage Guns for Lower Back Pain

1. Hypervolt by Hyperice

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Not all massage guns are pricey. And the Hyperices’ Hypervolt massage gun is living proof for that. This massage gun comes with five interchangeable massage heads included in the package. So you don’t need to buy separately just like other brands. It’s equipped with what the company calls “Quiet Glide Technologythat prevents the massage gun from emitting any sounds when used.

Now you can get that much-needed percussion therapy to ward off that lower back pain away. The Hypervolt is also equipped with three different massage speed settings at up to 3200 percussions per minute. Although not as much, this is pretty normal, considering it is an affordable massage gun. 

2. Deep Tissue Massager by BOB and BRAD

Massage Gun Bob And Professional Athletes Home Gym Workout Recovery Pain Relief
Product Highlights:
  • lightweight & portable design- bob and brad massage gun is only 1.5lbs, easy to carry anywhere and easy to pack into any gym bag in the home gym office. bring your own case to increase the portability of the massager. it’s easy to hold with its ergonomic silicone handle design. carry the massager with you and use it anytime.
  • powerful performance - brushless motor, super blocking torque energy output without interruptionand dual shaft drive structure offers stable operation. the max speed up to 3200rpm can help muscle recover faster, reduce muscle pain, muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up, encourage blood flow, improve range of motion and flexibility, help with muscle stiffness and more. because of the stronger percussion of this massage gun, more suitable for professional athletes.
  • 5 massage heads and speeds - 5 massage heads and 5 speeds are suitable for different parts of the body and can meet different needs. massage heads in different shapes can be used on different muscle groups and provide targeted therapy for fast recovery.

If you’re looking for a much cheaper one, then say hello to Bob and Brad’s Deep Tissue Massager gun. However, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s the wrong product. This massage gun comes with a free bag along with five different massage heads when purchased.

The Deep Tissue Massager uses a brushless motor for a smoother and optimal massage experience. What’s best is that it comes with five different speed settings. Thus, giving you more options at a much lower price. It also uses Type-C cable, giving you fast charging speeds that only take about half an hour.

3. Theragun Prime by Theragun

Theragun Prime AllNew Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun
Product Highlights:
  • qx65 motor with quietforce technology - proprietary brushless motor delivers powerful deep muscle treatment quieter than the average massage device
  • 120 min. battery life - internal lithium-ion battery offers double the battery life of previous generations for 2 hours of continuous use
  • 5 speed range & led screen - monitor current speed on the led screen, use with therabody app

Theragun is a brand that already made a name for itself in the industry. So there’s no doubt that people, maybe including you, know this brand already. The Theragun prime might be a bit pricey, but the features you get are worth every dime you spent on it. This massage gun features a revolutionary ‘Quiet Force Technology,’ making it more silent than other brands.

It has an ergonomic triangular design for a comfortable grip without the gun slipping from your hands. What’s best is that it also has smartphone integration, too, via an app. All you need is to download the official Theragun app on your smartphone’s app store. Once done, you can connect the massage gun via Bluetooth, giving you wellness tips for optimal usage. 

4. Muscle Massage Gun by Pretihom

Muscle Massage Gun OCONN With 6 Adjustable Speed And 8 Interchangeable Heads
Product Highlights:
  • powerful professional massage gun -- this multifunctional percussion massage gun relaxes deep muscles after exercise with a powerful message, effectively relieving your fatigue and soreness, reducing muscle stiffness, promoting blood circulation and relieving lactic acid, preventing inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles, waking up your mind and body vitality and keeping optimal condition.
  • 8 replaceable massage heads -- this fascial gun comes with 8 heads. forkhead: for the spine and neck; flathead: for any parts of the body; bullethead: for joints; roundhead: for a large muscle group; cushioned head: slowing vibration, for older people; shovel-shaped head: for relaxing the peripheral muscles of the back, cervical spine and waist; thumb head: for impact deep tissue, such as meridian, palm, foot bottom; cone head: small contact area for precision massage of pain points.
  • 6 adjustable speed & ultra-silent -- 6 speed levels provide a relaxing massage for each muscle, adjustable to different massage areas, and achieves a professional beat with varying speeds for a long time. equipped with a high-quality brushless silent motor, tens of thousands of times speeds provide a constant source of power for massages, less than 45db low noise design, provides you a comfortable sense of use, is very quiet.

Why go for five replaceable heads only when you can go all the way to eight? This is what the Muscle Massage Gun by Pretihom is made for. It’s rare to find a massage gun that comes with eight replaceable heads on the package at an affordable price. 

So if you are looking for a massage gun that is a bang for your buck, then this is the one. It has a sleek and modern design that doesn’t feel too cheap in the aesthetics department. The best part? It’s lightweight!

5. Professional Massage Gun by TaoTronics

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A massage gun that has a long battery life? Then say hello to TaoTronics Professional Massage Gun. This massage gun has six swappable heads included in the package and a durable mini-suit.

What’s more, it also has ten adjustable speed settings at a price that won’t hurt your wallet. Its speeds can go from 1400 to 3200 rpm for that optimum percussion massage experience. 

6. Deep Tissue Massager by ChiroGun

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Are you looking for an ultimate package? You can never go wrong with the Deep Tissue Massager by ChiroGun. Not only has a total of fifteen heads included, but it also provides massage balls too. And for the cherry on top, it is priced for only less than $100. 

Just when you thought you’d seen enough, it has thirty adjustable speeds that can go up to 3200 rpm. It is powered by a 2250maH battery that can last up to six hours of continuous usage. This is the most power-packed and cheap massage gun you can get. 

7. Theragun Elite (4th gen) by Theragun

Theragun Elite AllNew Muscle Treatment Massage Gun…
Product Highlights:
  • qx65 motor with quietforce technology - proprietary brushless motor & advanced sound insulation delivers powerful deep muscle treatment quieter than the average massage device
  • 120-min. battery life - internal lithium-ion battery offers double the battery life of previous generations for up to 2 hours of continuous use
  • customizable speed range & oled screen - monitor current speed and force on oled screen, access any speed between 1750-2400 ppms via therabody app

Theragun never fails to deliver when it comes to massage guns. And the Theragun Elite 4th gen edition is a worthy addition to their vast array of products. Just like its siblings, this massage gun feels premium from any angle.

It has different speed settings, smartphone integration, and an upgraded, ergonomic design for a much better grip. All the things you love in previous Theraguns are all present here, but better.

8. Percussion Massage Gun by Colixpet

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New to massage guns? Then you might want to try something cheaper but also has the essentials. And for that, say hello to Colixpet’s Percussion Massage Gun. This below $60 massage gun has a built-in smart AI chip for a more convenient and optimal performance.

What’s best is it’s equipped with a 2500maH battery that can last up to five to six hours of usage, which is very rare for a price such as this one. Though the design may be simple, it is still easy to hold and navigate with less slipping.

9. Muscle Massager by Annbrist

Annbrist Massage Gun Muscle Motor Digital Screen For Workout Pain Relief Black
Product Highlights:
  • 【any intensity available】 it is an innovation that there is no limit for you to choose any intensity you want when you use our massage gun, not like others have only 3 - 6 speed choice. this is to say, not only does it suits young people or professional athlete, but also good for children or elder. you don't need to worry if intensity is too strong for children or elder.
  • 【digital display】 current rotating speed and remaining battery indicator. when you turn on this massage gun, screen shows remaining battery; then press button at the center and it start to work, at the same time, screen shows current percussions per minute(600 - 3300 r/min). according to different members of your family, it is convenient for you to remember which percussion is the most comfortable intensity for them.
  • 【brushless motor & quiet when use】we adopt high quality brushless motor so that it has longer life and delivers powerful high-penetration; besides, high quality motor make it quieter when using, the sound only reaches 45db even at max 3300rpm.

You are looking for a massage gun that has a digital display? Annbrist’s Muscle Massager is the one you’re looking for. It’s not just like any other massage gun, thanks to its separate digital display. What it does is it shows the speed and battery percentage of the massage gun in real-time.

The package also comes with five swappable massage heads, just like the previous ones we mentioned above. Although the battery might be small, it’s not a deal-breaker for a price tag like this.

Massage Guns Buying Guide

1. Battery Life

What’s best about massage guns is their portability. They are battery-powered, so you don’t need to find an electrical outlet if you want to use them.

However, not all massage guns have a long battery life, especially those affordable variants. So make sure to opt for one that lasts long for those extreme massage sessions.

2. Speed and Vibration

When choosing a massage gun, make sure that it comes with different speed and vibration settings for you to tinker.

If you’re buying it locally, test it first if the store owner allows you to do so. Buying online? Read the reviews and see what previous buyers have to say about the speed and vibration. 

3. Size and Portability

Different massage gun brands come at different sizes. And if you are a travel-savvy person, then choose a massage gun that can fit in your bag without taking too much space and weight.

Some massage guns weigh around two to three kilos. So you might consider getting one that weighs less for extra portability. 

4. Design

Massage guns are all about aesthetics. And since most massage guns are pricey, why not go all the way and opt for one that is pleasing to the eyes. Some look simple, but others come with handles combined with extra buttons here and there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are massage guns safe to use?

Massage guns are perfectly safe to use as long as you rub it gently on your muscles. Avoid putting pressure on your hands to avoid accidental injury.

How many hours do you need to charge a massage gun?

It will take about three to four hours. But this also depends on the battery capacity of your massage gun. The bigger the battery, the longer it charges.

How hard should I press the massage gun on my muscles?

Massage guns already have pressure in their massage heads alone. Which means you don’t have to use force from your hands

Spine Mobilization with the Hypervolt

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