Top 7 50 Grit Metal Sanding Disc For Angle Grinder

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7 Best 50 Grit Metal Sanding Disc For Angle Grinder

Sungold Abrasives 16904 412Inch ( Fiber Disc, 25-Pack, 50 Grit)
Product Highlights:
  • for use with right angle die grinders and backing plate
  • general purpose stock removal, deburring, weld removal, blending, paint removal, rust removal, metalworking
  • aluminum oxide grain
Amoolo 4 12 Flap ( Grinding Wheel (7/8 Inch Arbor Size))
Product Highlights:
  • 10 pcs x 60 grit & fit for 18,000 max rpm grinderthis premium angle grinder sanding disc set includes 10pcs x 60 grit 4-1/2diameter with 7/8" arbor size. compatible with most angle grinders at maximum speed of 18,000 rpm ( vs average only 13,000 max rpm).
  • premium zirconia alumina flap discmade of industrial grade abrasive material, featuring high toughness and good abrasion resistance, lasts longer than standard aluminum oxide abrasive material. offer you extreme durability and value.
  • highly versatileour 60 grit flap discs have great performance for heavy rust removal, deburring, weld grinding, blending and finishing on both contoured and flat surfaces. good on metals, alloyed and unalloyed steels, composites, plastics, and wood not for concrete or stone grinding.
Amoolo 4 12 Flap ( Abrasive Grinding Wheel (7/8 Inch Arbor Size))
Product Highlights:
  • ideal combo setthis premium angle grinder sanding disc set includes a total 20 pack of 40 grit x 10 pcs, 60 grit x 5 pcs, 80 grit x 3 pcs and 120 grit x 2pcs with 7/8" arbor size; compatible with most angle grinders at maximum speed of 18,000 rpm ( vs average only 13,000 max rpm).
  • wide applicationsassorted 4-1/2 inch flap discs for grinding, stock removal, beveling, weld blending, deburring/deflashing, rust removal, blending, cleaning and finishing on both contoured and flat surfaces; suitable for materials including rust, paint, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics.
  • practical & cost effectivemade of most widely-used aluminum oxide abrasive grain in sand blast finishing and surface preparation which is harder than other commonly used blasting material. ideal for professionals as well as household and diy projects.
Nisorpa Premium Zirconia Oxide ( Steel Sanding Discs For Wood Metal Polishing)
Product Highlights:
  • premium zirconia flap disc:an excellent blend of zirconia and aluminum oxide grain which provides a very good cut rate to cost ratio. this is a very good choice on carbon/mild steel applications.
  • a zirconia flap disc continually produces new sharp points, creating faster cutting and a longer lifespan than aluminum oxide varieties.
  • flap discs consist of sanding strips adhered to a strong fiberglass backing plate in an overlapping circluar pattern.
Elitexion Aluminum Oxide Resin ( Diameter X 7/8 Inch Arbor Hole, Pack Of 20)
Product Highlights:
  • fiber discs was designed to be used with an angle grinder and to be used with backing pad and nut.
  • ideal to strip, grind, weld removal, deburr, rust removal, blending, and paint removal.
  • also polish ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and fiberglass.
ABN Aluminum Oxide Roloc ( For Surface Prep And Finishing)
Product Highlights:
  • premium sanding disc set: use the abn 50 pack aluminum oxide roloc sanding disc 2 inch grinding disc set, 60 grit, to prep, finish, and polish various materials; high-speed sanding grinds particles and removes target coating and scratches to leave you with a smooth, uniformed surface; 2 inch sanding disc provides the perfect size for tightly-contoured sections or large surface areas
  • easily remove rust, paint, and other coatings: whether you are using these round sandpaper discs to clean and deburr or to blend, finish, and polish, they will get the job done; these roll lock metal sanding disc tools will help you remove paint, rust, glue, or other stubborn adhesives and materials
  • built to last: aluminum oxide abrasive orbital sanding discs are known for their low heat retention, superior cut rate, and durability making them ideal for prepping and finishing soft and hardwoods, chip and fiber boards, plastic, rubber, cork, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, painted surfaces, and other building materials; aluminum oxide material is bonded with resin to provide resistance to overload when working
45 Inch Flap Discs ( Aluminum Oxide Abrasives, Type #27)
Product Highlights:
  • 20pcs 40/60/80/120 grit assorted pack, each grit 5pcs, 4-1/2 inch diameter, 7/8 inch arbor, type #27, 13300rpm maximum speed
  • premium resin-bonded aluminum oxide abrasive produces high performance: durable, good abrasion resistance, anti-static and anti-clogging
  • fiberglass backing providing durability and reinforcement

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