5 Best Baby Camping Cot

Want to bring your baby while camping? Then you better need a baby cot that’s suitable for camping. Struggling to find which one you should opt for?

Your search ends here!

Brands such as Regalo, Munchkin Brica, and Nahbou Baby offer high-quality camping cots without compromise. 

But it doesn’t end there. Because we will explore more brands in this article, they say that the more, the merrier. And it feels like you could use some more when it comes to shopping for baby camping cots. That said, let’s have a look at them!

5 Best-Selling Baby Camping Cot

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Baby Camping Cot

1. Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Camping Cot

Munchkin Brica Fold N Bassinet, Grey
Product Highlights:
  • updated design with mesh panels, breathable fabric, and a locking frame provides both comfort and peace of mind
  • four-point safe-t-lock system for safety and security. machine washable
  • double locking tubular steel frame is strong and durable.care & cleaning: spot or wipe clean, machine wash

Durability at an affordable price? You can never go wrong with Munchkin Brica’s Fold N’ Go Camping Cot. This one has double-locking tubular steel frames on each side for extra durability. What’s best is that even with its steel frame, the cot is still lightweight. Making it easy to carry for your convenience. 

The Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Camping Cot has breathable fabric for extra comfort. There are also mesh panels at the top that act as protection and improved airflow. So rest assured that no amount of mosquitos will hinder your little one’s much-needed sleep. 

When it comes to portability, this baby cot can be folded easily and comes with a handle in the middle. Now you can carry it like a bag anywhere you want to camp. The stock mattress and fitted sheet are also replaceable, too, for added customizability. 

2. Regalo My Cot Portable Bed 

Regalo My Cot Extra Includes Fitted Sheet, Gray
Product Highlights:
  • extra long: this cot has a large 54”l x 28”w x 12”h sleep surface
  • convenient: no set up required. this cot’s simple fold and go system is quick and easy to use
  • durable: made with an all steel frame that is light-weight and will hold up to 75 pounds

Are you looking for a cot with minimal setup required? Then say hello to Regalo’s My Cot Portable Bed. This one has a ‘fold-and-go’ mechanism so that you can set it up in less than five seconds. For durability, it has a premium-grade steel frame at the bottom that holds the cot into place.

What’s best is that it is suitable for children ages two to eight years old and can carry up to 75 lbs of weight. A fitted sheet is also included in the package for an added layer of comfort. 

3. Nahbou Baby Crib Tent Pack n Play

Nahbou Baby Crib Tent Crib Cover Protects Against Mosquito Bites & Toddlers
Product Highlights:
  • this crib cover to keep baby from climbing out is secure during sleep or play and packed with safety
  • see through 360º mesh for a full, wide angle view of your baby's crib, day and night.
  • auto lock zippers ensure your infant's security while in the canopy keeping away cat and mosquito.

Babies sometimes play too much. That’s why you need to buy a camping cot that protects them from harm. And this is what the Nahbou Baby Crib Tent Pack n Play is made for. Although a bit pricey compared to the first two above, the benefits you’ll get is worth every dime, you paid for.

The cot is a full-blown crib with a nested canopy that comes with auto-lock zippers for extra protection. And since it is designed as a portable crib, you can assure that your baby is safe without worrying about them climbing out. 

The entire crib is made from durable plastic. And yes, you won’t find any kind of steel framing in this one. But it does come with wheels on each side for a more convenient mobility experience.

4. Lotus Travel Crib

Lotus Travel Crib Comfortable Mattress - Certified Baby Safe
Product Highlights:
  • worry-free airport travel - designed to be easy to fly with the compact, light backpack carrying case. set up is simple in 15 seconds and only weighs 13 lbs packed.
  • certified safe & non-toxic - the only playard with greenguard gold non-toxic certification (low voc & no lead, phthalates, pvc, heavy metals, etc). full-height mesh guarantees best, breathable airflow.
  • quiet side zipper door - nurse or cuddle your little one to sleep, then just zip the lockable access door. easier on your back, and when it’s time to play & crawl, more fun!

Yes, we know that $200 price tag might be a bit of a shock. But there are plenty of things to love about the Lotus Travel Crib despite its hefty pricing. Because this one is made with camping in mind. Included in the package is a compact and lightweight backpack where you can put the crib inside. 

It’s rare to see a travel crib with a carrying case in other brands. So we are glad to see that Lotus has included one in this. The best part? It can act not just as a crib but also as a mini-tent for your baby too. There’s also a side-zipper door for extra convenience as well. 

The Lotus Travel Crib shines when it comes to comfortability. Using only premium-quality fabric, this crib is the only one in the market that is GreenGuard Gold approved by Guava. This means the crib’s entirety doesn’t contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, and other harmful chemicals. 

5. SnoozeShade Pack N Play Crib

SnoozeShade Pack N Play 94% Of Light | Award-Winning British Design
Product Highlights:
  • need to share a room with your baby. worried none of you will get any sleep. let snoozeshade make it easy. keep the lights on without worrying about waking your little one.
  • invented by a british mom, it creates a comfortable darkened environment to help babies switch off and sleep in strange surroundings. designed for hotels, road trips, family visits, camping, cruises or any time you need baby to nap in the pack and play.
  • an essential play yard accessory. a simple canopy netting cover that helps babies and toddlers to sleep easier in the play pen. so simple to use, just pop it over the playard, attach the bottom straps and you’re done.

And of course, not everything should be expensive when it comes to camping cots. So if you are a bit tight on budget but still looking for a full-blown camping crib, then say hello to SnoozeShade Pack N Play Crib. This one only weighs 2lbs thanks to its all-plastic build, making it more convenient for camping.

It is also specifically designed to make your baby fall asleep faster. The whole crib is made from a special fabric that can block 94% of light. So whenever you’re in the mood for a jam session over a campfire, no amount of campfire light can prevent your little one from sleeping. 

The installation process is also a breeze too. No need to attach poles and extra wiring that takes minutes to complete. This makes it more convenient if you are planning to explore different campsites during the trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are baby camping cots washable?

Most baby camping cots are suitable for washing. But keep in mind that this also depends on the fabric that was used as well. So before you wash the cot, make sure to check its wash compatibility, whether it’s suitable for hand wash, machine wash, or both. 

Regarding crib-like camping cots, are they soundproof? 

This depends on the thickness of the fabric that was used. Although some brands may use a particular fabric as a sort of lite soundproofing, it doesn’t act as a full soundproof wall barrier in most cases.

My baby accidentally damaged the camping cot, what do I do?

Check the manufacturer’s manual and see if the warranty covers the damage. Do keep in mind that this depends on the type of damage too. If there’s only lite damage, then there’s a high chance that you can request a replacement. 

What do I do when my baby starts itching when using the camping cot?

Thoroughly wash the camping cot from top to bottom. If the itching continues, then it’s better to buy another one that is made from premium fabric. 

Are baby camping cot parts replaceable?

This will depend on the manufacturer you bought it from. If they allow part replacement, you can contact them via email or hotline number.

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