14 Best Egg Candlers

14 Top Rated Egg Candlers

Magicfly Bright Cool LED ( Power By Power Supply Only)
Product Highlights:
  • brand new, power by power supply, (not support charging)
  • fast safe extremely easy, high lumens egg candler cool light !
  • long electric cable with american plug, very durable with easy on and off button
Magicfly Battery Operated Egg ( Included) Power - Incubator Warehouse Exclusive)
Product Highlights:
  • upgrape version: this egg candler light comes with a cell box that can be equipped with the 3 aa batteries, also the long electric cable power supply is included, if you are a environmentalist, you can still use the power supply, or if you need to use the egg candler light outside of your house, you can use the battery to power it.
  • easy operated:very durable design with easy on and off button
  • high intensity egg candling lamp for monitoring egg development.
Hblife Bright Cool LED ( Powered By Power Cord Only)
Product Highlights:
  • powered by power cord only - 1.2m long electric cord with us plug,you don't have to worry about having to replace batteries frequently. and it doesn't support charging.
  • two candler covers - come with two rubber candler covers that will cover everything from large duck eggs to tiny quail eggs. you can easily check the viability of your eggs and monitor the growth of embryos.
  • no heat damage to eggs - one of the most exciting parts of incubating eggs is being able to watch the embryo progress during the various development stages. being able to see the different stages of development from embryo to a full grown chick moving in its shell, is both fun and educational. our egg candler provide cool and strong light, no heat damage to embryo. provides the fragile life the best care possible.
Titan Incubators High Intensity ( Candler/Tester – Battery Powered)
Product Highlights:
  • our high intensity egg candler is designed to enable you to view the embryo inside your egg, so that you can monitor your eggs throughout the incubation period and improve hatching success.
  • battery powered for convenience and uses high-output, high-efficiency cold led illumination - no need to worry about overheating the eggs during the inspection.
  • easy to operate - position your egg on top of the black ring shoulder fitting and activate the light with the push of a button.
IncuBright Ultra Bright LED ( Developing & Non-Developing Eggs, Hatching Eggs, 1102)
Product Highlights:
  • super bright and easy to use
  • 250 lumens ultra bright cree led bulb
  • low temperature light - will not harm eggs
Brinsea Products Candling Lamp ( Of The Embryo Within The Egg)
Product Highlights:
  • bright, high efficiency led light
  • no bulbs to replace
  • no heat damage to embryos
Brinseas OvaScope HIGH Intensity ( Suitable For Darker, Mottled Or Thicker-shelled Eggs)
Product Highlights:
  • now with the ovascope high intensity you can watch the live embryo develop inside even very dark or mottled eggs.
  • the ovascope high intensity has a higher light output from a higher spec led than the standard ovascope.
  • the scope greatly improves the clarity of the image by blocking out ambient light, magnifying the image of the egg, and allowing the viewer to rotate the egg smoothly as it is observed - without touching the egg.
Flexzion Egg Candler Tester ( Flashlight Incubator W/Charger Adapter, And Power Cell Box)
Product Highlights:
  • this egg candler light kit comes with a cell box which can be equipped with the 3 aa batteries; thus, you can conveniently use both inside or outside of your house.
  • cold light led lighting: the traditional light bulbs will overheat eggs during the inspection process. this professional egg candling light kit is better protection of the hatching life of eggs.
  • easy operated: durable with easy on and off button. high-intensity egg candling lamp for monitoring egg development. the better effect when worked in the darkness.
Brinsea Products Egg Scope ( The Embryo Within The Egg)
Product Highlights:
  • bright, high efficiency led light
  • no bulbs to replace
  • no heat damage to embryos
Fdit 4 Colors Battery ( Tester Lamp Incubator New (Red))
Product Highlights:
  • the shell of our egg lamp is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which makes it sturdy and durable to use
  • the egg light candler adopts high-grade led light source with cool light, so it is very helpful for you to watch the growth of the fertilized eggs, and you can check about once or twice a week to make sure that they were still growing
  • very simple to use by pressing the button in the bottom of egg candler, the plastic cover is for placing eggs on it conveniently, and the included hand strap is for carrying and storing easily, you could hang the light on somewhere when it is not in use

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