14 Best 12v Inverter Dewalt

# Preview Product Rating
1 DEWALT DXAEPI140 Power Inverter 140W Car Converter: 12V DC to 120V AC Power Outlet with Dual 3.1A USB Ports DEWALT DXAEPI140 Power
Dewalt Dxaepi140 Power Inverter 140w Car Converter: 12v Dc To 120v Ac Power Outlet With Dual 3.1a Usb Ports
2 DEWALT DXAEPS2 Professional Power Station Jump Starter: 2800 Peak/1400 Instant Amps, 1000W Inverter, 120 PSI Air Compressor, Battery Clamps DEWALT DXAEPS2 Professional Instant
Dewalt Dxaeps2 Professional Power Station Jump Starter: 2800 Peak/1400 Instant Amps, 1000w Inverter, 120 Psi Air Compressor, Battery Clamps
3 DEWALT 12V/20V MAX USB Charger, Tool Only (DCB090) DEWALT 12V/20V MAX (DCB090)
Dewalt 12v/20v Max Usb Charger, Tool Only (dcb090)
4 DEWALT DXAEPI1000 Power Inverter 1000W Car Converter with LCD Display: Dual 120V AC Outlets, 3.1A USB Ports, Battery Clamps DEWALT DXAEPI1000 Power Display:
Dewalt Dxaepi1000 Power Inverter 1000w Car Converter With Lcd Display: Dual 120v Ac Outlets, 3.1a Usb Ports, Battery Clamps
5 DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Amp Bench Battery Charger: 80 Amp Engine Start, 2 Amp Maintainer, 120V AC Outlet, 3.1A USB Port, Battery Clamps DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Bench
Dewalt Dxaec80 30 Amp Bench Battery Charger: 80 Amp Engine Start, 2 Amp Maintainer, 120v Ac Outlet, 3.1a Usb Port, Battery Clamps
6 DEWALT DCE511B 20V MAX 11' Corded/Cordless Jobsite Fan (Tool Only) DEWALT DCE511B 20V
Dewalt Dce511b 20v Max 11" Corded/cordless Jobsite Fan (tool Only)
7 DEWALT DXAEJ14 Power Station Jump Starter: 1400 Peak/700 Instant Amps, 120 PSI Digital Air Compressor, 3.1A USB Ports, and Battery Clamps DEWALT DXAEJ14 Power Instant
Dewalt Dxaej14 Power Station Jump Starter: 1400 Peak/700 Instant Amps, 120 Psi Digital Air Compressor, 3.1a Usb Ports, And Battery Clamps
8 DEWALT DCB103 Combination Dual Port Fast Charger - Yellow DEWALT DCB103 Combination
Dewalt Dcb103 Combination Dual Port Fast Charger - Yellow
9 DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon
Dewalt D55140 1-gallon 135 Psi Max Trim Compressor

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Top 14 12v Inverter Dewalt

Product Highlights:
  • 140 watt power inverter delivers power you can transport using a single 120 volt ac outlet and dual 3.1 amp usb charging ports
  • plug into your vehicle's dc plug (cigarette lighter) and plug your devices into the power inverter; perfect for charging small electronics such as a cell phone, tablet computer, and other electronic devices
  • features a fan free, silent running design and low voltage with automatic shut-off; will not drain your vehicle battery, leaving you stranded
DEWALT DXAEPS2 Professional Station
Product Highlights:
  • delivers jump-starting power with 2800 peak amps and 1400 instant starting amps
  • reverse polarity alarm alerts when there is an improper connection; connect the powder coated metal clamps to the battery, turn on the switch and start your vehicle
  • features a 120 psi air compressor with autostop and surefit nozzle to help inflate tires with low pressure; high-powered led and lcd screen readout with real time information to aid work in the dark
Product Highlights:
  • durable enough to withstand jobsite abuse
  • charges up to 2 small usb-compatible electronic devices on/at the jobsite off 12v or 20v max batteries when ac power is not available
  • allows user to work with all dewalt slide-style battery packs
DEWALT DXAEPI1000 Power Display
Product Highlights:
  • 1000 watt power inverter delivers serious power you can transport using dual 120 volt ac outlets and 3, 3.1 amp usb charging ports
  • perfect for charging electronics such as laptops, power tools, and other electronic devices on the job site
  • features an lcd screen showing real-time information on status of power consumption, battery status, and any fault issues
DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Battery
Product Highlights:
  • 30 amp bench battery charger maintains and charges any agm, gel, or wet automotive or marine 12v battery
  • fully automatic high frequency charging delivers 3 stage charging, automatically switching from fast charge, to top-off, to trickle charge; equipped with reverse polarity protection
  • dual battery capability is available with two charging banks and one touch buttons that allow you to charge two 12 volt batteries simultaneously (extra cables sold separately)
DEWALT DCE511B 20V CordedCordless
Product Highlights:
  • corded or cordless operation (extension cord sold separately)
  • multiple hanging options freestanding, hang hooks, and wall mount
  • variable speed control wide range so you control the speed you want; airflow 500
DEWALT DXAEJ14 Power Starter
Product Highlights:
  • 1400 peak amp, 700 instant starting amps; patented alternator check function
  • 120 psi digital compressor with auto stop and and a surefit nozzle
  • built-in usb port provides portable power for electronic devices
DEWALT DCB103 Combination Port
Product Highlights:
  • compatible with 14.4 and 18 volt systems and new 12 volt max and 20 volt max systems.
  • charger is convenient solution for users to maintain battery power on the jobsite
  • enables contractors to move quickly from one task to the next with tools that are ready for the job
DEWALT D55140 1Gallon
Product Highlights:
  • heavy-duty 1-gallon trim compressor with protective roll cage
  • 135 psi maximum, durable oil-free pump, low 71 db rating, low 2.6 amp motor
  • includes 1 compressor; hose & nailer not included

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