10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases

The following are the 10 best iPhone 7 Plus cases out in the market.

Other Top Rated iPhone 7 Plus Cases

1. iPhone 7 Plus Case by Caseology, Skyfall Series

Caseology Skyfall For Apple Clear Back & Slim Fit - Rose Gold
Product Highlights:
  • ultra clear transparent cover offers long lasting clarity with scratch resistant protection and shows off & protects the all glass back panel
  • protective frame is designed to perfectly match the color of your phone and provides durable corner cushion protection against drops
  • slim lightweight design combines dual layers of tpu and pc material without adding bulk to your phone

The first one on the list is the iPhone 7 Plus Case by Caseology.  They have produced some of the best cases for the older versions of Apple iPhone as well and they are certainly one of the best in the market. If you’re looking for a case that will showcase the beauty of your phone’s design and also protect it at the same time, this case from the Skyfall series will be ideal for you.

This Skyfall Series Case by Caseoology is available for around $16.

It is available in different colors with crystal clear back panel. It has a very stylish and a sleek design. One thing I personally consider before buying a case for my phone is the weight, most cases increase the weight of your phone and it can actually be a little uncomfortable to carry around and use. However, you absolutely don’t have to worry about that with this case by Caseology. It weighs only 2.4 ounces, it really is lightweight and super cool looking.

High quality polycarbonate and TPU material is used in this case that makes it durable and ideal for protecting your phone. It fits perfectly on the iPhone 7 Plus and the buttons and camera are easily accessible, thanks to the perfect cutouts.

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2. iPhone 7 Plus Case by Spigen, Black Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed IPhone 7 Plus Case 2016 - Black
Product Highlights:
  • new look features glossy, carbon fiber textures for the premium look
  • exact fit ensures protection and shock-absorption all around & mil-grade protection with air cushion technology for all corners
  • flexible tpu layer keeps itself fingerprint-resistant with hassle-free application

The second one on the list is the iPhone 7 Plus case by the famous case manufacturing company named, Spigen. This case is the rugged armor version (black in color). It has a very nice glossy look and a cool carbon fiber texture at the top and bottom on the back panel.

Its features include the air cushion and shock absorbing technology, flexible TPU material and a  perfect fit for your iPhone 7 Plus. The case has a solid black look with a lightweight slim design, and one of the cool things is the cutout at the back panel for the Apple logo on the phone.

The Rugged Armor case has a spiderweb pattern inside and the air cushion feature makes sure that all the edges of the phone are safe from accidental drops and impacts. This case is absolutely worth the money, you won’t have to worry about scratches and other damage to your phone’s body. In addition to all that, the case gives a very nice, firm and comfortable feeling while using the phone.

Also, the silent switch, volume and power buttons are accessible and well, that all features make this case one of the best ones, there literally isn’t any downside to buying and using this case for your iPhone 7 plus.

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3. iPhone 7 Plus Case by Spigen, Black Liquid Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor IPhone 7 Plus Case 2016 - Black
Product Highlights:
  • flexible and durable tpu layer that is lightweight and modern
  • form-fitted to maintain a slim profile and pocket-friendliness
  • precise cutouts and tactile buttons ensure quick access and feedback

The next on the list is another case made by Spigen. This one is the liquid armor version, it is also available in solid black color. This case has a very simple and slim yet excellent design.

Don’t let its design fool you though, this case by Spigen has all the features a modern phone case should have. The case offers a firm grip with fingerprint free and scratchless body. The features include a military grade protection, air cushion and shock absorption technology as well.

The material used in the case makes it pretty flexible and the case itself is extremely lightweight, so that’s definitely a plus point. The best thing I like about its rubbery texture is that it gives you surety that it won’t just fall off your pocket or just slip out of your hands.

The liquid armor  case is absolutely amazing, it fits perfectly on the iPhone 7 plus, it does not however, show the original Apple logo on the back as it completely covers the back panel. All in all, if you’re looking for a classic looking case with all the advanced features, this case by Spigen will be perfect choice for you.

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4. iPhone 7 Plus Case by Caseology, Parallax Series

Caseology Parallax For Apple Award Winning Design - Black/Deep Blue
Product Highlights:
  • best-selling geometric design with textured cover offers a secure non slip grip and increased shock absorption
  • protective frame provides additional grip on the sides and durable corner cushion protection against drops
  • slim dual layer design combines tpu and pc material into a thin non bulky cover and adds minimal bulk

Another iPhone 7 Plus case in the list is the case by Caseology, this time from their famous Parallax series. The case is available in different colors, all having an amazing slim design giving your phone a modern look. This design offers a comfortable feel with a nice textured finish and a perfect fit for the iPhone 7 Plus.

This case has also been made with high quality materials such as TPU and polycarbonate to increase the durability of the case and provide high level protection to the phone. You absolutely don’t have to worry about accidental drops and slips as the material offers a very good and firm grip.

One other good thing about the design is the raised edges around the screen and both cameras to keep them safe.

A lot of people have asked if it includes a glass screen protector too, well, the answer is no. It is a one piece case mainly to protect the back, side panel and the edges of your phone. You can however install a screen protector pretty easily with the case as well.

The case from the Parallax series cover the back completely. Also, the cutouts for buttons and cameras are pretty neat.

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5. Trianium iPhone 7 Plus Case

IPhone 8 Plus 7 Cushion+Scratch Resistant Hybrid Rigid Clear Back-Clear
Product Highlights:
  • [compatible with apple iphone 7 plus 2016 and iphone 8 plus] premium protection - featuring two layers of protection: a shock-absorbing frame that protects against drops, and a solid body that protects against scrapes, bumps and more.
  • shock absorbing + scratch resistant - premium tpu bumper + hard back polycarbonate panel provides long-lasting protection from scratches and scrapes, easy grip and slim profile.
  • ultra-clear - slim, transparent protective bumper case body reveals and enhances the original color and design of the iphone 7 plus 2016 and iphone 8 plus.

If you’re looking for a classic transparent design case for your iPhone 7 Plus that won’t increase the weight of your phone, that will protect the phone from scratches and accidental drops, yet is pretty affordable as well, this case by Trianium will be just perfect for you.

This Trianium case combines the shock absorption technology in the frame with a robust back panel that will protect your phone from almost every kind of damage. One of the coolest things about this case is that it will not lose its crystal clear look. There are many cases that get yellowish after a couple months use, but you don’t have to worry about that with this case.

The transparent slim design of this case enhances the original design of your phone. Also, it fits perfectly on the iPhone 7 Plus and the buttons and camera cutouts are neat as well, you’d feel really comfortable using this case with your phone.

The case itself is not really that soft or hard either, it’s basically flexible plastic so it offers a pretty nice grip as well. Also, you can actually feel that the material used in the case is of high quality and so, the case will last longer than other cheap cases in the market.

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6. Matone iPhone 7 Plus Case

Matone For IPhone 7 IPhone 7 Plus 2016/iPhone 8 Plus 2017 - Clear
Product Highlights:
  • [compatible with apple iphone 7/8 plus]: this matone clear case perfectly fits your iphone 7 plus/8 plus with precision cutouts for all buttons and ports. while featuring raised bezel to lift screen and camera off flat surface.
  • [ultra clear hybrid case]: clear tpu case is thin and lightweight for flexible durability. clear view design of your iphone 7/8 plus to preserve the natural, naked look.
  • [shock absorption tpu bumper cushion]: corner bumpers protection for drops. soft tpu materials offer maximum protection from bumps and hard-hits for the back and sides of your iphone 7 plus & iphone 8 plus.

The next on top 10 list of iPhone 7 cases is the Crystal Clear case by Matone. It is the cheapest one in the list but it certainly is not less than any other case out in the market. It is solid case with a classic crystal clear back panel design. It enhances the design and color of your iPhone 7 Plus and gives it a high level protection from bumps, drops and scratches as well.

Like any other top-notch cases, the Matone case fits firmly on the iPhone 7 Plus, the back camera cutout, volume buttons and the power key cutouts are absolutely clean and perfect. Thanks to its extreme lightweight and slim design, you would feel pretty comfortable using your phone with this case. Also, the material used in this case is flexible TPU, it has a rubbery texture and it is really easy to install and remove the case from your Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Its features include the traditional shock absorption technology and a bumper cushion as well to increase protection.

All in all, the Matone is an awesome case and is pretty cheap as compared to other top cases in the market. Despite the low cost, it does include all the advanced features so it definitely is one of the best options out there.

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7. iPhone 7 Plus Case by Supcase

The so called Unicorn Beetle Style case by SUPCASE for the iPhone 7 Plus is the next on the list. It has a very nice and smooth look as the side panel is solid black and the back panel is transparent. It looks absolutely amazing on the black iPhone 7 Plus.

The dual color design of the SUPCASE features a shock absorbing frame that gives your phone protection from scratches, dents and etc. It also adds an elegant look to the phone’s natural design. The case itself is pretty lightweight as it weighs only 3 ounces and it is extremely slim as well.

You would know right away after unboxing this case that it is made with high quality materials such as PC and TPU. These materials not only give the case durability and a nice textured look but also provide protection with style. The case can be installed very easily, it will fit nicely on your phone and all the buttons will be easily accessible to you.

In addition to all that, one other cool feature included in this case is the elevated bezel design that protects the back camera and screen from cracks and other damage, if dropped.

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8. Spigen, Crystal Clear iPhone 7 Plus Case

There is one more iPhone 7 Plus case made by Spigen in the top 10 list. This company surely has produced some of the best cases in the past and is doing exactly that with the cases for new iPhone 7 and 7 plus as well.

This crystal clear case by Spigen has a very traditional and a classic design that enhances the beauty and color of the iPhone 7 Plus. The best thing about this case is that it does not lose its original color over time. Also, this ultra hybrid design by Spigen provides a military grade protection for your phone with all protective features including shock absorption, raised bezel and air cushion technology as well.

One feature that I personally love about this case is the weight of the case. It is an ultra lightweight case, as it weighs only 0.6 ounces. Yes, just 0.6 ounces.

All in all, you get a complete package with this case. You get an amazing slim designed case, your phone’s beauty won’t be hidden as it has a nice transparent back panel, your phone will be protected and it won’t really cost you that much.

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9. Heavy Duty iPhone 7 Plus Case by i-Blason

The heavy duty iPhone 7 Plus case by I-Blason is one of the ideal choices for people who want to give their phones a completely different and cool look. The back panel looks absolutely awesome, one can tell by just looking at the case that it is of high quality and it will provide the highest level of protection to the phone.

The best thing about the design is that it is actually pretty slim and lightweight despite the fact that it seems the opposite. What makes this case different from the other ones in the market is that it not only protects the back and side panel of the phone, but actually protects the whole body. It includes a built in protector that keeps the screen safe from scratches and other damages as well.

The case has a very nice textured look and it feels pretty comfortable to use the phone. The cutouts for speaker, microphone and cameras are absolutely perfect while the buttons are covered, yet easily accessible.

In addition to all that, one other cool feature this case has is the holster case and a rotatable belt clip. The clip fixes firmly on the phone and you can carry it around anywhere while working or playing.

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10. Maxboost iPhone 7 Plus Case

The iPhone 7 Plus case by Maxboost is considered as the slimmest one out in the market. The case really is extremely thin and has a nice transparent and classic design. Despite the fact that the case might seem a little weak as compared to other cases because of its slim design, it does however, offer all the protective features and can protect the phone from every kind of damage.

The case has a soft bendable body so it is really easy to install and remove it. Also, one cool feature included in this case is the anti-scratch coating on the sides and the back panel as well. Thanks to the material and this coating the case remains clear and doesn’t lose its color over time.

The Maxboost fits perfectly on the iPhone 7 Plus with no loose ends. The cutouts are perfect as well. The back panel offers a crystal clear look that can show off the original design and color of your iPhone.

If you’re looking for a protective case that won’t make your phone feel bulky and won’t affect your phone’s design either, this case will definitely be the perfect one for you.

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How to Select the Perfect Case for Your iPhone 7 Plus?

There are hundreds of different cases available in the market for the iPhone 7 Plus. All of them offer different styles, colors and protective features. But the question is, how do you choose the best case for your iPhone 7 Plus?

The following are a couple of things you should consider before buying a case for your iPhone 7 Plus.

Your Lifestyle

Yes, the first and the foremost thing is to look at your own lifestyle. If you’re an outgoing person, or live in a rainy area, or you play a lot of sports, travel and hike a lot and etc, you’ll need a much tougher, rugged and water resistant case. The phone itself can be water resistant but you do need to protect it at all costs. It’s really important for you to look for such rugged case that will have a nice textured finish, perfect fit and a firm grip.


The second thing is of course the aesthetics of the case. This includes the design, color, pattern and etc. Everyone wants their phones to look classy or cool or really stylish. A lot of people choose cases for their phones just because they were visually pleasing to them. There are a million designs and colors available in the market, also you can now customize the cases and have your very own preferred image printed on them.

Protective Features

The next thing, certainly one of the most important ones is the protective features. People buy cases for two reasons; one to give their phone a stylish look, and second to keep their phone protected. So, it is extremely important that you look for the following protective features before you buy it:

  • Perfect fit with no loose ends
  • Shock absorbing technology
  • Air cushion technology
  • Raised bezel protection
  • Material used (durability)

Other Features

Some of the other things you need to consider are the following:

  • Weight
  • Button, Speaker and Microphone Cutouts
  • Camera Cutouts
  • Easy installation and removal of case


Our #1 pick for the best iPhone 7 Plus Case currently available in the market is  the Skyfall Series Case by Caseoology.

If, for some reason the Skyfall Series Case is not exactly what you want, in this article, we have reviewed several other top rated iPhone 7 Plus cases – from simple, affordable cases to cases that have all the bells and whistles you might need. The information and reviews presented in this guide should help you analyze different models and their features to make the right choice for your iPhone 7 Plus. Enjoy your phone and keep it safe.


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