10 Best iPhone 7 Cases

The following are the top 10 iPhone 7 cases currently available in the market.

 1. Apple iPhone 7 Ringke FUSION Crystal Clear Case

The first one on the top 10 list of iPhone 7 cases in the market is the Ringke FUSION Crystal Clear Case.

The best thing about this case is that it perfectly fits on the all new iPhone 7 so it can display its natural design. It has an ultra slim design itself with transparent TPU bumper that can protect the phone’s rounded edges so you don’t need to worry about having those loose edges.

Its back panel is crystal clear and of high quality that is designed to absorb shocks and provide a tight grip on all sides of the phone that gives even better protection for your phone. One of the reasons that make this case the perfect one is that it offers certified military grade protection. The phone survived when it was put through a drop test, where it was dropped 26 times from a height of 4 feet on surface.

Other features include anti scratch, enhanced dual coating and active touch button technology. Also, one cool thing about this case that I personally like is that you can customize it as well. The Ringke’s Design It Yourself allows you to completely personalize the case for yourself. It’s currently on sale for around $9.


2. iPhone 7 Case by Spigen (crystal clear)

The next on the list is by the very famous case makers, Spigen. This iPhone 7 Case by Spigen  offers a super crystal clear look with its very light and slim design. This case is guaranteed to give that clear look for at least 3 – 4 months while other cases start to get dull in under 1 or 2 months. This case is not really that hard or soft either, it’s absolutely comfortable to hold and the pronounced buttons are very easy to press.

It comes with a TPU bumper that provides tight grip and its transparency displays the super cool design of your iPhone 7. You don’t need to worry about the fitting of the case at all as it perfectly fits on your phone. Also, it offers an air cushion feel and protection against bumps and impacts.

One of the frequently asked question about this case is that does it come with a screen protector. Well, the answer is, unfortunately no it doesn’t come with a screen protector. Also it has no anti-scratches on hard buttons and raised lids won’t really help scratches.

All in all, this case is definitely one of the most durable ones in the market and has an amazing lightweight design that make it sit at number 2 in the top 10 list.


3. iPhone 7 Case by Caseology, Parallax Series

I must say, Caseology is creating some of the coolest and awesome looking cases in the market. The honeycomb design of this case will help you add that unique modern touch to your phone.

It’s designed to provide a comfortable and tight grip with a textured finish and it absolutely fits the phone and covers the edges of the phone. Also, the chance of an accidental drop or slip is minimized, thanks to this very design of the case. In addition to a slim, lightweight and amazing looking design, the case comes with polycarbonate layers that offer protection and impact-resistant TPU as well.

The Caseology Parallax case is available for around $15.

The case has an excellent quality coating done to give a nice grip and prevent from discoloration. This case is one from the Parallax series by Caseology. There are different colors available in this series.

The case has survived the drop test and it is ideal for having your phone protected from drops and scratches as well.

One of the best things I loved about this case was that it was so easy to insert my phone in it and it fit perfectly. The case does not come with a screen protector but that’s not an issue as people prefer using those separate glass screen protectors for their phones.


4. iPhone 7 Case by Caseology,The Skyfall Series

This one is another case made by Caseology. It is the rose gold version from the skyfall series. It gives a very elegant yet cool look to your iPhone 7. The Skyfall Series Case is also pretty slim and lightweight offering a nice tight and comfortable grip. One might think the case is delicate but it does provide high levels of protection.

The skyfall series cases have heat-treated layers of TPU and polycarbonate that make them extremely protective. In addition to that, these high quality materials make the case really durable so you don’t need to worry about changing or buying a new case for the next coming months.

It’s available for around $14.

The features include a scratch-resistant coating with raised bezel protection as well that allows easy access to the buttons. The raised edges protect the back camera and the front screen as well. This case has an extremely slim design of only 6.9 mm and the bigger ports have raised edges as well.

There literally isn’t any downside of this case by Caseology, certainly one of the best options in the market. If you’re looking for a stylish and protective case for your iPhone 7, The Skyfall will certainly be one of the ideal choices.

5. iPhone 7 Case by Spigen (Rugged Armor, Black)

Another one in the top list of iPhone cases by Spigen is the black rugged armor version. This one has a solid glossy and a carbon fiber texture that makes it look absolute beauty. It also has a flexible TPU having a spider web pattern inside and a raised lip to increase protection for the screen.

This case is considered to be one of the lightest ones as it weighs only 2.4 ounces. It has a very soft touch and it definitely has a very cool look with solid matte black color. One other cool thing about this case by Spigen is that carbon fiber is used around the bottom and top of the back panel.

It’s available for around $11.

This rugged armor case  offers a comfortable grip and one can straight away feel that the material used is of high quality and the phone is protected. Yes, maybe it’s the brand name, Spigen does make amazing cases but this one actually is one of the best ones.

Other features include air cushion technology for absorbing shocks, tactile buttons for a quick feedback and a comfortable feel. All the cutout holes are excellently cut, giving easy access to the volume buttons, silent switch and the camera as well.


6. Yousave Accessories iPhone 7 Case

This iPhone 7 case is one of the slimmest and lightest ones in the market. It basically an ultra slim transparent silicone TPU gel case for the phone. The material used in this case makes it not just slim and light but pretty protective as well. This has a very clear look and again, very slim and fits perfectly on your phone displaying the natural design of your iPhone 7. 

It’s extremely easy to insert your phone in the case, just slot it around the back and that’s it. The rubberized texture offers excellent protection from accidental drops, slips, dents and scratches.

It’s available for around $8.

The case might appear to have white edges in the pictures but it has absolutely transparent edges and it has no problem fitting with a glass screen protector on your phone. Also, the case is raised enough to keep the back camera protected.

It is more of a classic protective case as it won’t really add any looks to your phone but displays the true design of the iPhone 7. With its slim design and just 0.6 ounces of weight, it is actually hard to even notice the case.

Yes, the case does provide all the features but it can come just a bit short when put in comparison with other cases in the market. So, if you’re looking for an affordable option to have a nice protection for your iPhone, Yousave Accessories iPhone 7 Case will be perfect.


7. Liquid Skin iPhone 7 Case by Maxboost

Liquid Skin iPhone 7 case is considered to be the thinnest in the market right now. It’s a transparent case so it also accentuates the natural design of your phone. It has a soft texture and a flexible design that gives protection against scrapes, scratches and marks.

You can put your phone in your pocket with keys or even in your handbag with other cosmetics and they won’t do any harm to the phone’s body, thanks to the anti-scratch coating. This case also has a very nice and firm fit for the iPhone 7 with precision cutouts for the silent switch, back camera, ports and volume buttons.

There is one downside to using this case by Maxboost though. It does not have the drop test certification so you’ve actually got to be careful there. Yes, the material is really good and it doesn’t really seem slippery but still, one can’t risk dropping a phone like an iPhone 7.

It is however super lightweight and its one of the ideal choices for people who want to keep their phones protected, but also, want to see the phone. No color or other pattern or design, this case offers a classic clear and slim design. Liquid Skin   is available for around $11.


8. iPhone 7 Case by Trainium, the Clarium Series

Next on the list is the iPhone 7 Case by Trainium from their Clarium series. This case actually features two layers of high quality materials. One provides protection against scrapes and bumps while the other one is a frame that absorbs shock so your phone will be protected if dropped.

The case is crystal clear and has a very slim and classic design that will perfectly fit on your phone. This case also features anti-scratch technology because of special TPU bumper and a hard plastic back panel. Yes, the back panel is plastic while the sides are of a softer TPU material so that one can easily insert the phone. It offers a very comfortable grip and feel.

The cutouts are absolutely excellent, the back camera is well protected and all the buttons are easily accessible. The case has button covers on each side for volume and power button. In addition to that, yes, this case also comes with raised bezel protection to keep your phone’s screen and camera safe.

One has to do a little bit of an effort to insert and remove the phone from the case, but I think it’s not really an issue as the phone is held firm in the case which is a good thing against accidental drops. It’s available for around $10.

All in all, the Clarium Series iPhone 7 case certainly is one of the top 10 cases in the market.


9. iPhone 7 Case by Spigen, Thin Premium Matte, Black

Yet another iPhone 7 case by Spigen makes it into the list of top 10 iPhone 7 cases. This Thin Premium Matte case  case has a top-notch matte finish and is available in black only. It, similar to the other cases by Spigen has a neat design with a perfect fit for your phone. The matte black color actually gives the iPhone 7 a more natural look, if of course, you own the black iPhone 7.

The case is made from high quality hard polycarbonate and the design is slim and pretty elegant. People don’t really like cases that are bulky and make their phone heavier, and that is one of the reasons I really like this case as it is pretty lightweight.

The cutouts for camera and buttons are flawless for easy accessibility. This Matte case is super thin which might make it a little less protective against drops but the material quality is really excellent and you’d feel pretty comfortable using your phone in this case.

Do remember one thing though, the case covers the whole back panel of your phone including the Apple logo as well. There’s just one opening for the camera and flash. This isn’t really an issue but people do actually love to have that Apple logo at the back of their phone. It’s available for around $10.


10. iPhone 7 Case (Protective Kit) by SaharaCase

The last but certainly not the least is the iPhone 7 Case (Protective Kit) made by SaharaCase. This protective kit is designed by professional phone repairing engineers. The kit includes an awesome looking case that offers protection against drops and a ZeroDamange glass screen protector as well to protect the screen. The glass protector works perfectly without affecting the touch performance of your phone. It is not built into the case, you have to install the case and the protector separately.

The case is pretty slim and the phone doesn’t feel bulky with the case at all. Hard plastic and high quality rubberized material are used in the case to offer shock absorbing feature as well. You get reinforced bumper and a raised bezel protection for camera and screen too. The buttons have very convenient access as the cutouts are pretty precise.

Yes, the case is a bit expensive (it costs around $20) as compared to the other options but it definitely is worth that amount as it gives an amazing look to your phone and provides high level protection as well.

Also, one can easily put their phones in their back pockets and not worry about the phone slipping out as the case prevents slipping because of a nice firm grip.


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