10 Best Camping Apps

Camping is an activity that can let you free your mind from the things that stress you out on a daily basis and reconnect with nature. Often, it’s best done without your gadgets like your phone or your iPad, since these are the things that bug you with notifications almost every minute and prevent you from clearing your head. But you know, these gadgets can also be very helpful when camping, if only you use the right apps and block notifications from those stressful ones. 

10 Best-Selling Camping Apps

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Camping Apps

1. Google Keep

Google Keep

Camping itself is undoubtedly a fun activity, but in order for the actual event to be enjoyable, you have to make sure to prepare for it. Our brains can only hold a certain amount of information and considering the fact that we live in a busy, bustling world, it doesn’t take long before mental notes we make for ourselves end up being forgotten. 

Good thing an app like Google Keep exists. Google Keep can keep literally just about anything for you, from notes, checklists, images, and even audio. You can even set a different color or add a label for each note for organization. 

2. Offline Survival Manual

Offline Survival Manual

For some people, life skills that are essential while camping such as building a shelter, finding food, treating insect bites and making fire comes second nature to them, but if you are not one of those people, fret not, because this app can help you out! This manual covers topics like survival with plants, dangerous animals, survival in the desert as well as tropical and cold areas, and even direction finding. 

This survival manual can be used even without internet connection, so it will definitely be very helpful even if you are in a highly remote location. It is also free. 

3. Allstays Camp and RV

Allstays Camp and RV

One of the apps that you must install if you are going to go camping is the Allstays Camp and RV app. It is very helpful if you’re the one assigned to plan the trip and you can’t quite decide where to camp or RV. It shows a great number of possible locations for your trip, even those that you can’t usually find online. It also has links to relevant websites in case you want to dig deeper into the locations you are interested in. 

You need to pay about 10 bucks once for this app, but any updates that you get after that are free. You can also use this app offline, since data is stored in the app. 

4. AllTrails 


Maybe you have been going on the same trail for years and you want a change of scenery or maybe you just have no idea where to go. If you can relate to either of those two statements, don’t worry, because this app’s got your back. 

AllTrails is an app that allows you to view trail maps for just about any outdoor activity you want to do on your day off, from camping to mountain biking. If you are worried about the lack of internet connection in remote places, this app allows you to download offline maps so you can access them even if there is no service. This app also has helpful filters in case you want to search for trails that are pet friendly or wheelchair friendly. 

5. HuntStand


Hunting may be challenging if you don’t know the right hunting spots in a certain camping location. If you need some help, try out this app, which is considered the “#1 hunting app in the world.” 

HuntStand allows you to view different types of maps, all of which have really good image quality as long as you have good signal. You can even view Hunt Areas in 3D. If you’re worried that you might not have service in the woods, you can save the Hunt Area so that you can access them later even without cell phone coverage. 

HuntStand is free. 

6. Icon Torch

Icon Torch

Most smartphones these days come with a built-in flashlight feature, but if for some reason, the one you have does not, then better install this app. There are many flashlight apps available out there, but often, even though they are free, they come with really annoying ads. Luckily, this one doesn’t. It’s also completely free. 

This app doesn’t have settings or even interface. It is basically just an icon that sits in your home screen. All you have to do is tap it and just like that, you get to turn on the LED flash on your phone. Turn it off simply by tapping the icon once again. 

This app is really helpful if you don’t want to bring more lamps with you on your camping trip. 

7. Compass by PixelProse SARL

A compass is essential for both survival and direction if you’re going to be out in the woods. If you forgot to bring a compass, you can simply install this app on your phone. For utmost accuracy, this app makes use of GPS or network location. 

What makes this app better than the traditional one is that you can save locations and make lists of your favorite spots. 

8. CampFinder


Look for the right camping spot out of all the 19,000 locations that this app’s database holds. Those 19,00 locations include national parks and forests, state parks, and even privately owned areas, just to name a few. 

CampFinder contains necessary information about each location such as rates, amenities, contact details, and reviews to help you decide the location of your upcoming trip. 

9. Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder 

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder

This is one of the apps that can help you prepare for your trip, or if you want to explore a different spot aside from the one where you are currently in. 

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder allows you to see which parks are closest to your location. Spots that are included in the database of this app are national and state parks, historic sites, national forests, and even US Army Corps recreation areas. You can also make a search based on 20 different outdoor activities you might want to do such as bird watching, hunting and fishing. If you want to know more about a certain location, this app has the necessary phone numbers and websites you can call or check out. 

10. NightSky

There are many fun activities that you can do while camping and one of them is stargazing. However, you may just end up becoming disappointed if you do this activity at the wrong time. To avoid such things from happening, try out this app, which presents weather reports as well as the best time for stargazing and upcoming astronomical events to watch out for. To use this app, simply direct your phone skyward and it will show you a 3D map of the sky, including the constellations and other heavenly bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are camping apps free? 

Not all camping apps are free. Some charge a certain amount, but usually, they don’t really cost much. 

Can camping apps be used offline? 

There are camping apps that can be used offline, but some need an internet connection. 

Can camping apps be used in both Android and iOS? 

It really depends. Some apps are exclusively available for iOS users, some are available only for Android users. 


Camping is a good opportunity to be off the grid and keep yourself from using your phone or your iPad, but note that these gadgets can also be very useful when camping, as long as you use them properly (like by using them strictly for essential camping apps) and keep them from bugging you with work-related notifications while you are hanging out with your family and friends. 

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