10 Best Camper Trailers for Family

Usually, when we think of camping, the thought of tents and sleeping bags come to mind. You should be grateful if you have enough money to spend on such things for your camping trip, but there’s no question that these things could be quite uncomfortable. Camping also means that you’re going to spend a few days away from home without your own bathroom and chances are, you would also have to build a fire from sticks and stones to cook. 

These are just a few of the issues that you might face while camping–or rather, things about camping that you might not like–but luckily, if you have some cash, you can bring your own house (well, a mini version of it, to be more precise) right to your camping site in the form of a camper trailer to keep you and your family comfortable the whole time. 

1. Airstream Classic Travel Trailer

Airstream is a brand known for making some of the best camper trailers out there and one of their best products is the Airstream Classic Travel Trailer. This line includes trailers with lengths ranging from 30 to 33 feet. These trailers come with different floor plans, but basically, each one has a living and lounging area, bathroom, kitchen, and of course, a bedroom. 

 Airstream Classic Travel Trailer
Image Credits: Airstream

Camping trips aren’t often seen as a luxurious activity, but with this camper trailer, you can ditch your tents and sleeping bags and stay comfortable even if you’re in the forest or in the mountains. 

2. Jayco Jay Flight 28BHBE

The Jay Flight trailer is probably one of the best-selling family camper trailers in the country. That’s not very surprising, considering its quality and its luxurious appearance. Jay Flight trailers have tons of space for the entire family, and it comes with a bedroom, a lounge area, a kitchen, and of course a bathroom so that you won’t have to use public bathrooms in camping sites. 

Jayco Jay Flight 28BHBE
Image Credits: Jayco

If you’re concerned about storage, then this camper trailer has exactly that. This one has lots of storage, particularly in the bedroom area. Because of its size, this camper trailer can probably accommodate around 6 people.

3. Dutchmen Astoria Travel Trailer

The Dutchmen Astoria Travel Trailer looks really sleek and cozy that you’ll probably forget you’re away from home while you are inside it. And it is not just aesthetically pleasing–it also has everything you want in a camper trailer. It has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living area. In some trailers under the Astoria line, there’s even a kitchen island and a small dining area. 

Dutchmen Astoria Travel Trailer
Image Credits: rvtrader

Astoria Travel Trailers come in different lengths, with the longest being 42 feet. Trailers under this line can fit up to 8 people, depending on the floor plan. 

4. Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

The Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer looks really good and it’s probably one of the largest ones you can get, too. Right from the entrance, you’ll know right away that this trailer is built to last. 

Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer
Image Credits: granddesignrv

The stairs are made of aluminum so that you can be certain that it won’t easily rust even if it gets soaked in the rain. The trailer has Congoleum flooring, large windows, and lots of storage for all your valuables and camping gear. With this trailer, you also get to have a gourmet kitchen, complete with a high-quality stainless sink, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a small recreational area where you can watch TV. Some units have a small dining space. 

5. Keystone Outback Travel Trailer

Each Keystone Outback Travel Trailer has a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It feels really luxurious, thanks to its high quality water-resistant flooring, large windows, skylights, and fully functional bathroom. The floors of Outback Travel Trailers are water-resistant. There’s also a built-in pet kennel storage, in case you want to bring your beloved pets along with you to your camping trip. 

Keystone Outback Travel Trailer
Image Credits: rvtrader

If you want something that is going to last a long time, then go for this high-quality travel trailer. 

6. Shasta Oasis 18BH Travel Trailer

This camping trailer is not as roomy as the previous ones, but despite that, it has everything you need. It has a bed area that can fit a queen-sized bed and which also features lots of storage and ports for charging your electronics.

Shasta Oasis 18BH Travel Trailer
Image Credits: shastarving

It also has a kitchen area, a dinette, and a bathroom area. There’s also a bunk bed in this trailer, which is perfect if you have kids. 

7. Forest River Salem 31KQBTS

This camper trailer looks small, but don’t underestimate it because it’s definitely more spacious than you might think. 

Forest River Salem 31KQBTS
Image Credits: rvtrader

Next to the entryway, you will see the bedroom, which can fit a large bed. The bedroom has lots of storage area for your clothes and other valuables. Inside the trailer, you will also find a kitchen area with a refrigerator, a living area (with a fireplace!), a dinette, a small bathroom, and a room with two bunk beds and more closet space. 

8. Starcraft Super Lite Travel Trailer 

If you pick this travel trailer, you can choose from different floor plans, which can sleep, several people. Some floor plans can fit up to four people, while there are others that can fit up to 10. Larger floor plans feature a bedroom, a dinette, a room with bunk beds, a kitchen, a small living area, and of course a bathroom. 

Starcraft Super Lite Travel Trailer
Image Credits: Starcraft

This travel trailer is spacious and easy to clean. 

9. Heartland RV North Trail 22CRB Travel Trailer

The size of this travel trailer is perfect for a family. It has a bedroom with lots of storage and windows, it has a dinette that can also be used as a lounge area, a kitchen area with a stove and a sink, and a bathroom with a water closet, a shower area, and a sink.

Heartland RV North Trail 22CRB Travel Trailer
Image Credits: rvtrader

The interiors look really beautiful and there’s plenty of storage so you don’t have to worry about where to keep your stuff. 

10. Oliver Legacy Elite II Camper Trailer

The Legacy Elite II is Oliver’s most famous camping trailer. It is almost 24 feet long, and since it’s made of double-hulled fiberglass shell, it surely can survive just about any season or weather. 

Oliver Legacy Elite II Camper Trailer
Image Credits: olivertraveltrailers

It features include lots of storage, a bathroom complete with everything that you need including an exhaust fan, a dinette that can fit two people, a kitchen, and two beds with overhead lighting. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there such a thing as a small camper trailer? 

Yes. Not all camper trailers are huge. There are smaller ones that are lighter and more affordable. You can definitely get smaller camper trailers if they’re enough for you. 

How much do camper trailers cost? 

Around 10,000 to 300,000 USD. 

Do I need a license for my camper trailer? 

Yes, there are states wherein trailers must be titled and registered. 

Are secondhand camper trailers good? 

There are people out there selling used camper trailers and yes, you might be in for a good deal particularly if it has been taken care of very well. 


We often think that camping means we have to sacrifice the comfort we usually only experience in our own homes, but no. With a camper trailer, you and your family can be just as comfortable in the woods as you all are at home. 

Camper trailers are undoubtedly more costly than probably all of your camping gear combined, but if your family is a fan of camping and if you want to be really comfortable even when you’re in the middle of the woods, then investing in one would be really worth it. 

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